Monday Links: Adelle Laudan; The Asian Writers Project; Anna Porter

  • Adelle Laudan‘s biker novel, Iron Horse Rider is up for Best Comtemporary Romance Ebook for 2007 at Night Owl Romance. Adele says, “If you’ve read my book, I’d appreciate your vote. You can vote once a day and voting closes on October 31, 2007. Good luck to all nominated.”
  • This month, The Asian Writers Project focuses on raising the profile of emerging talent. Farhana Shaikh says, “We’ve featured a selection of submissions received and hope that you will take the time to read the work of these rising stars. As September marks the start of the school term, TAWP catches up with Bali Rai and finds out what he will be getting up to over the academic term and what its really like to write for teenagers. There are also a number of new opportunities and events including a Readers and Writers Day to be held in Birmingham which you may be of interest to you all.”
  • Anna Porter has published a new book, Kazstner’s Train: The True Story of Rezsö Kasztner, Unknown Hero of the Holocaust (Douglas & McIntyre, 2007). The book focuses on the controversial Rezsö Kasztner, who negotiated the escape of thousands of Jews from Nazi Germany.

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