Cadaverine Magazine: open to writers under 25

The Cadaverine is a new Arts Council funded magazine based in Leeds. We believe the U.K. is blessed with a talented generation of young writers. Yet, talented as they are, much of their work is left unseen and unattainable. We believe this region benefits from an active,young and eager readership.

Our purpose is to unite these isolated groups — to bring together a new readership with emerging authors. This month we have exclusive interviews with The Raw Shark Texts author Steven Hall; poet Ian McMillan; novelist Ray French and New Ventures winner, Nicholas Hogg. As well as new fiction and poetry from our region’s most exciting writers.

The Cadaverine is making links with writing magazines, the Arts Council, Universities and the digital community. We want to develop creative partnerships; to bring young writing to a wider audience. We believe literature is news that stays news. We believe our writers are its authors.”

It’s Open To You.

Following our recent success in the Yorkshire region, we’re extending our submission criteria to those under 25 living in the U.K.

Source of message: The Cadaverine via EMIT Writers News (September).

One Response to “Cadaverine Magazine: open to writers under 25”
  1. Ami says:

    I hope you are able to extend your submission to those in the Commonwealth (including South Africa) very soon!

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