Libertine Magazine seeks writers and poets

Libertine Magazine is the only publication dedicated solely to poetry and song lyrics.

In every issue we explore a variety of popular and new poetry and lyrics. We talk to poets about music and lyricists about literature, looking at different influences & inspirations that music & poetry have on one another. We aim to free music & poetry from the restrictive confines of stereotype, making Libertine Magazine accessible for poets, songwriters & anyone who likes words and music. By exploring these together we hope to inspire and expand your creativity or even just enhance your pleasure of words & their music for a little while.

We are looking for writers to who are passionate about poetry & music who would like to work with us on features/reviews and other bits of editorial.


Ideas for features are welcome. Please send a summary of up to 200 words outlining your proposal along with examples of your written work. All original ideas focusing on poetry and/or lyrics will be considered.


If you would like to write a review for Libertine Magazine, let us know your area of interest and send some examples of your written work.


Issue Four is OUT NOW and we’re accepting submissions of poetry and/or song lyrics for issue five. Send 3-5 poems and/or song lyrics (40 lines maximum although up to 80 will be considered) along with a brief list of influential poems/songs/films/books/albums etc, we do not want your biography, we want your inspiration!


All work is done on a voluntary basis, although all contributors receive a complimentary copy of the magazine.


Source of message: Libertine Magazine via EMIT Writers News (September).


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