Pensions for Artists

With 70% percent of people currently working in the U.K.’s creative sector having no pension it is time for each and all of us to worry — particularly when this figure compares to 44% of the U.K.’s working population as a whole! And when the reasons offered for no pension are most usually given as “I am too young to need to have one” … “pensions are too difficult to understand” … “I’m never in employment long enough” … and … “I can’t afford to save” — then there is real cause for concern.

Government changes to the pension system are underway — but existing arrangements still make saving for a pension one of the most tax efficient opportunities for anyone in work — and for some who are not. So why then, aren’t more people in creative occupations saving for theirs? With these questions in mind Arts Council England, through their Artists Insights programme, are again supporting a second round of free seminars at venues across England.

The first round of seminars was very successful and feedback included: “Highlighted importance of “HERE and NOW”, “I’m 21 and it is something I haven’t considered yet; but I now realise the significance of starting early and I will bring it up @ university”, “Extremely useful. Essential information!”, “Excellent — great lively and honest presenter.”

What is the focus of the Seminars?

To be presented by a consortium of EUCLID, the Customer Management Team and Keith Hackett, this short but intensive seminar will examine your likely retirement needs and the various options for your pension provision — providing the people who attend with simple, basic and useful information to help you understand your pension opportunities — and the consequences for you if you choose not to have a pension as well.

Where are the Seminars?

Lasting only two hours these seminars will take place from Exeter to Newcastle, mainly in Arts Council England offices unless otherwise stated, during September and October 2007.

Dates include:

  • Manchester (ACE NorthWest) — 3 October 10.00-12 noon or 14.00-16.00
  • Newcastle (ACE NorthEast) — 22 October 10.00-12 noon or 14.00-16.00

Sign up to a Seminar now!

The cost of the seminar is free but a deposit of £20 is required to secure you place and this will be refunded to you following your attendance at the seminar.

To register for one of these events, simply send an email with the following information to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or sign up online:

  • In the subject of the email please write ‘Pension Seminar Booking’
  • Chosen location/venue, date and time
  • Name, job title and email address for each delegate
  • Name of organisation if any
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact address

Please note that places are not limited — and number of delegates from the same organisation can attend. Alternatively for the first nine organisation who apporach us, ACE have made the resources available for an additional nine free seminars — each to be hosted by an artist-led organisation or creative industries network. Again, if you wish to host one of these seminars please contact us at Euclid a.s.a.p. You will need to provide the venue and basic catering on the day — and upwards of 20 people from your locality who would wish to attend.

Source of message: EMIT Writers News (September).

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