Literature Matters: The Cambridge Seminar issue

The latest issue of the British Council’s Literature Matters newsletter is now available to read online.

This issue focuses on the 30th Cambridge Seminar on Contemporary Literature, which was held in July. It includes articles about and by writers who were guests at the event, as well as the points of view of the delegates who attended.

The articles are as follows:

  • Roger McGough: Pop poetry in the ‘60s. In conversation with the British Council’s Jonathan Barker, one of the UK’s best-loved poets, Roger remembered the decade when his career kicked off, Top of the Pops beckoned and an exciting new poetry scene was born.
  • Maureen Freely: Thoughts on translation. One of the event’s chairs, John Lanchester, chatted with Maureen about fascinating topics such as her background and views on freedom of expression. Here she tells Literature Matters about her personal joys and the challenges of translation.
  • Sarah Dunant: How The Birth of Venus was born. Writer and broadcaster Sarah spoke effusively about a wide range of topics including the state of British television and her own take on the thriller genre. Here’s how she described the inspiration for her move into historical prose.
  • Damian Grant: The Cambridge Seminar, 1975 — 2007. As co-chair of the Cambridge Seminar for many years, Damian concocts an imaginary event where eminent guest speakers from the past and present come together for one very unique literary experience.

The delegates’ point of view. Delegates came from all around the globe to participate in this year’s seminar. Find out what they said about the writers they listened to, their experience of staying in Downing College , the atmosphere, the food and that farewell party.

News from the Literature Department. Read about what the Literature Department has been up to since the last issue of Literature Matters. This includes information about our newest projects, recent events, author tours, websites and much more.

Source of message:

Macey Marini
Web and Information Officer
British Council
10 Spring Gardens
London SW1A 2BN


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