Blog Novels: a call for links

New Writing International (formerly the Leicester Review of Books) is aiming to compile a definitive list of blog novels.

Below are some of the ones we have been able to find, if you know of others, please do send us links and we will include them in the list.

  1. Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman.
  2. Beasts of New York by Jon Evans.
  3. Brutus Weaver by A. Chatfield.
  4. Bull City-in-Wonderland: by Mel & Al.
  5. Colony: Alchibah, a group sci-fi blog novel.
  6. Diary of an Asylum Seeker by Ambrose Musiyiwa.
  7. Frostbite by David Wellington.
  8. High Frequency by Nicole/Bill?.
  9. John John by Sam Smith.
  10. Le Spirale Fantastique by Rohit Gupta.
  11. Love After Marx by Stephen Gow.
  12. Monster Island by David Wellington.
  13. Monster Nation by David Wellington.
  14. Monster Planet by David Wellington.
  15. My Walk by Rob Carr.
  16. Plague Zone by David Wellington.
  17. Privateers by Frank Martin.
  18. Rebirth by Scott McKenzie.
  19. Simon of Space by Cheeseburger Brown.
  20. The Book of the Enemyby David Wildman.
  21. The Circle of Light by Jack Dillon.
  22. The Human Hoax by Mark Alexander.
  23. The Meening of Life by G. R. Klein.
  24. The Tapestries of Oquis Book One: Tangled Threads by Big Mama.
  25. The Satan Maneuver by Mark Alexander.
  26. Thirteen Bullets by David Wellington.

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14 Responses to “Blog Novels: a call for links”
  1. Thanks for the link, this is a nice extensive list, ill have to check them out.

  2. Connor Benjamin says:

    Nice. Just bumped into this and I’m actually one of the co-authors of Alchibah. It’s a sci-fi blog novel that chronicles the birth of the first ex-Earth colony. We’re currently under attack by aliens, so now’s a great time to check it out (lots of action!).

  3. This is a good start, but I was wondering how you could have missed plan b by Diego Doval, which by some accounts is the original blog novel.

  4. Cliff Burns says:

    I find the notion of “blog” novels intriguing…but what’s the talent level? I’ve heard of David Wellington and if I’m not mistaken he’s just signed a book deal but is this a case of amateurs and wannabes proliferating or is there genuine talent there that’s being over-looked? I’ve been a pro writer for over 20 years so I’m obviously interested in new technologies and venues. Looking forward to exploring this matter further…

  5. There’s nothing wrong with being an amateur or a wannabe, especially a talented amateur. Writers have to learn the craft of storytelling somewhere, and there are worse places to start than online with the immediate feedback of an objective audience.

  6. My novel, Gold Medal Murder, is being posted at

    There are several novels at and I have more listed in the sidebar at Blooking Central. If anyone knows of blogged novels which have been published in print, I’d love to hear about them. So far I’ve looked at over 200 blooks (blogs into print) and perhaps half are fiction.

  7. Robert Gould says:

    I’m writing a novel at the moment: A Change In The Weather.

    It’s a modern-day fairy tale for young adults. Based in England and concerning the adventures of a brother and sister as they move to a new place in the country. Never written before, but thought that this form of self-publishing would help me finish it! It gets quite addictive at times…

  8. I’m presently blogging a novel, The Fat White Woman at .

    I’ve turned to blogging my fiction because, after a relatively successful start as an author (good reviews, library purchases, particularly in the US) interest in my work from publishers vanished.

    My published titles are, The Foreign Husband (Marion Boyars, 1989),
    Sachiko’s Wedding (Marion Boyars, 1990, Penguin Books, 1991) and
    Misunderstandings (Marion Boyars, 1993). Misunderstandings was joint-winner of the Macmillan Silver PEN Award in 1994.

  9. Hi

    Thanks for posting a link to my first novel, Rebirth. Any chance you could add a link to the sequel, The Rising?

    Thanks again
    Scott McKenzie

  10. I would appreciate your adding my online novel, Letters To My Mother, to your list of blog novels

    Thank you..

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  1. […] Another novel, this one by Darren Hawkins, titled A Vessel for Offering, is appearing at Wincing at Light. Darren also blogs about the blognovel, theory and form, and links to the “definitive” list of blognovels. […]

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