[Interview] Dyan Garris, author of ‘The Book of Daily Channeled Messages’

the-book-of-daily-channeled-messages.jpgDyan Garris is a clairvoyant, musician and an author.

She has written and produced six music compilations, among them, A Healing Journey: The Voice of the Angels CD; Reflection and Patterns.

Her books include The Book of Daily Channeled Messages; Voice of the Angels Cookbook: Talk to Your Food! Intuitive Cooking and A Healing Journey: Spiritual Journey Cards, which were all published by Journeymakers, Inc. during the course of this year.

In a recent interview, Dyan Garris spoke about the work she is doing.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

Writing has always been an outlet and a way to express the many reflections of what is deep in my soul for as long as I could put pen to paper. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write, draw, or express on paper.

I think I first knew I had a talent for it and a love for it in ninth grade Creative Writing class. When everyone else would cringe at a creative writing assignment, I would be ecstatic. My teacher told me that my imagination seemed limitless. She inspired me to keep writing and I did.

How would you describe your writing?

I write mostly non-fiction, although I just wrote a short fiction book, Fish Tale of Woe: Lost at Sea.

I am a spiritual teacher so what I write always has the spiritual element and the goal is always to teach and help people get more in touch with themselves on more than just the physical level. For example, my cookbook, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, teaches a way to use one’s intuition and innate creativity while preparing food. It isn’t just a cookbook with recipes to blindly follow. It is about opening up and putting the whole self into the cooking process, thus opening up other avenues for energy to flow in one’s life.

My next book is a book on manifesting and money and the energy of money and how to open channels to money flow and work effectively with it. This is about applying universal principles (the law of attraction, for example) to the energy of money. If you try to force the opposing sides of two magnets together you won’t ever get them to stick together no matter how hard you try. They repel. Turn one of them over and suddenly they stick. In this new book I teach people how to turn the other one over so they can attract what they desire.

I can’t really pinpoint exactly what motivated me to begin writing in this genre. I just let it flow. It’s in my soul and what I write is just a reflection of that.

Who is your target audience?

My audience is anyone who really wants to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of their lives. I write for people who want a change and people who want to bring their lives into focus and balance.

The key is to bring all layers of who you are, mind, body and spirit, into harmony with each other. This is where we find life becoming synchronous. This is where we are able to manifest our desires.

Who would you say has influenced you the most?

My ninth grade English teacher had so much influence. She inspired me to constantly create and my style has always been to wrap up the deeper meaning of things into my stories. I remember wanting to inspire her too. She was really my only audience at the time. I loved having a basic parameter and being able to expand more fully into that.

My mother also influenced me at a very early age by reading to us every evening and by teaching me to read at age three. By the time I got to first grade I had already read all of the stories they presented us with.

My real love of books came when my mother took me to my first book fair at age four. I still remember the thrill and excitement of seeing all of those books laid out on the tables. I was fascinated. She told me I could pick out any book I wanted.

I chose The Blue Fairy. I still have it.

What are your main concerns as a writer?

My main concern as a writer is being able to effectively convey higher concepts to the readers in such a way that they can integrate them into their lives. My motivation is to help those that want to improve their quality of life be able to do that.

Sometimes I see the concept of what I am trying to bring forth in a more multi-dimensional way and it can be challenging to get that down in a manner that is simple to grasp and then implement in a practical way.

I like to look at challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.

I find one of my biggest challenges to be that I seem to thrive on doing several things at once. For me this is like composing a song. I don’t just want to write two or three notes. I want to write the whole melody and then fill it in with the harmonies and other layers. And then I want to get all of those integrated so I can hear the whole song.

I try to enjoy the process and stay in the moment, knowing that ultimately each note and nuance is what makes the finished product or song so completely enjoyable.

How many books have you written so far?

Voice of the Angels: A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards is a deck of thirty cards to be used for spiritual growth and divination. Each card has an uplifting channeled message in verse. For example, The Dolphins card has this verse: “Your friends are near and very dear, helping you on this day. This is the thing that you must trust as they guide you on your way.”

The deck comes with a 67 page instruction book detailing how to use the cards as tools for transformation and there is also a journal for recording progress, which is available separately. The instruction book contains a Transformational Healing Exercise, healing affirmations, and more.

I drew and developed these cards in 1993.

The artwork on the cards are all scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy, which is a guided meditation I wrote and developed into a music and meditation CD.

When you put all the verses of the cards in order, they form the story of A Healing Journey.

Although these are not books, I also write guided visualizations/journeys and put them to music, which I compose and perform. Some of my music can be heard on Music Choice’s Soundscapes cable TV channel. This is my series of music and meditation for self-healing, relaxation, chakra balancing, help in sleeping, and vibrational attunement of mind, body and soul. There are six of these in this series and the titles are: A Healing Journey:The Voice of the Angels CD; Moment by Moment: Music for the Soul CD; Reflection CD; Patterns CD; Illusions CD and Connections CD.

Each CD has seven or eight tracks of soothing, instrumental relaxation music and a guided meditation as the last track. Each CD is for a different and specific purpose. A Healing Journey is for healing, meeting guardian angels, chakra balancing and more. Moment by Moment is for breathing and discovering one’s power symbol. Reflection is for manifesting heart’s desires. Patterns is for overcoming obstacles and learning forgiven. Illusions is for recovering lost personal power while Connections is for releasing whatever keeps us tied up in endless repetitive cycles. They were all published by Journeymakers, Inc. I began this series in 2005 and completed it in 2006.

Voice of the Angels: Meditation Journal explains how and why to meditate, and includes “How to Create a Sanctuary” and “Grounding and Centering.” It teaches different breathing techniques and provides a place to record one’s ‘journeys.’ It was published by Journeymakers, Inc. in October 2007.

Voice of the Angels: Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking was published by Journeymakers, Inc. in August 2007. The book is an adventure in opening one’s creative centers and listening to one’s inner voice about what truly nourishes not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. It includes twelve food-related channeled messages and several “Intuitively Speaking” paragraphs which explain how to prepare the recipe using one’s own unique creativity.

The Book of Daily Channeled Messages contains 180 angelic messages from the past year. Messages such as: Magic, Release, Power, The Future, No Regrets, Transformation, Transition, and Miracles, uplift and soothe the mind and spirit and provide comfort and direction. There is more than one way to use this book. One can read it straight through or seek out messages on a particular topic, such as manifesting. Another way is to employ the techniques of Bibliomancy or Libromancy to derive guidance for the day. The book was published by Journeymakers, Inc. in October 2007.

Fish Tale of Woe: Lost at Sea is a fictional story about how to “save” oneself from patterns of entitlement, manipulation, and victimhood. It is currently at the printer and will be available in November 2007.

Do you write everyday?

I do write every day. I publish the Daily Channeled Message on my website. This is a free and inspirational daily message for my website visitors.

I don’t spend a specific amount of time on writing. Sometimes it just completely flows and other times I will know the theme of what I am to write about. But it takes a little longer to figure out how to say it in such a way that the reader will be able to identify with.

I find all of my projects to be great fun to write and produce. Each one is similar to watching a child grow and mature. What was challenging about the cookbook was deciding which recipes would photograph well and then actually preparing all of those and plating them up for their big day. There are sixty color photographs. So it took me awhile. I think I took over one-thousand photographs to get the ones I wanted to put in the book. It was like food on an endless photo-shoot!

The thing that I found the most difficult was actually translating the recipe to paper. I never measure anything, not even when I bake, so trying to explain to the reader that “you just talk to it” was a real challenge. I knew I had to put more in there than just that. I ended up making everything in the book and writing down what the measurements were so I could put those basic guidelines in the recipes.

Which did you enjoy most?

I have a real passion for cooking and entertaining. In the process of making all that food I had a lot of friends over and a big party at the end. That was the frosting on the cake!

The cookbook was a different way to incorporate spiritual concepts into everyday living. I wanted to try to raise the culinary experience to a different level so that readers would begin to feel what they cook and on some level communicate with their food as a way to nourish themselves on every level. I believe that cooking should be fun and inventive, not intimidating. The end result should be a creative exchange rather than a mundane task.

What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?

I’m not sure I’ve achieved anything significant yet. I think it becomes a matter of how we define significant. What is significant to me might not have any significance to someone else.

I am proud of my body of work and I like that it all works together as tools for transformation. I like that it all integrates, inter-relates and works together. Anyone that wants to can now take these tools either individually or as a whole and really make some positive forward movement toward their own life achievements.

I believe one should take all the ingredients in their refrigerator and make something out of them. That is what I try to do on a daily basis.

The other thing I learned along the way is similar to the message of The Raft card in my deck of spiritual cards: “A raft is here for traveling on to places yet unknown. Surrender now to love and light and see how much you’ve grown.” What I love about this card is that the raft has no oars so you can’t steer it yourself. You have to give up any control issues you may have and just go with the flow and trust. That’s how I get to wherever I am supposed to go. I climb in the raft, gracefully or not, and trust the process.

This article is scheduled to appear on Conversations with Writers.

9 Responses to “[Interview] Dyan Garris, author of ‘The Book of Daily Channeled Messages’”
  1. Dyan Garris says:

    Hello! It’s nice to be here. Thank you for hosting me.

  2. I love your cover. Did you design it?

  3. I loved your interview. It was because of a session with a good friend of mine, a spiritual healer (she calls herself a soul healer), that I decided I wanted to write books when I grew up. I think I would like to buy some of your Voice of Angels Cookbook and a deck of those Angel Cards you mentioned.

  4. johngrant says:


    Very fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  5. ccmal says:

    Great interview! I like this part, “I can’t really pinpoint exactly what motivated me to begin writing in this genre. I just let it flow. It’s in my soul and what I write is just a reflection of that.” I think all writers can relate to that comment.

    Best of luck with the rest of your blog stops this month.

    Cheryl Malandrinos
    Pump Up Your Book Promotion

  6. Dyan Garris says:

    Here is an example of intuitive cooking: Go to the health food store and buy a bag of whole wheat. (Of course one wouldn’t do this if they have wheat allergy or sensitivity). Go home, boil it up until it’s nice and soft. Drain it, put it in a bowl, cool it. Add some ripe pomegranate (in season), some raisins, chopped parsley, a little powdered sugar and give it a toss. Now here is where you intuit what your body wants and needs. If you don’t like or can’t find pomegranate, use cherries or use raspberries or use blueberries if that’s what your body is telling you. If you don’t like raisins, use dates, or none at all or a mixture of both if you want. For seasonings, add cilantro if you like it, omit parsley if you don’t have any. Use brown sugar or raw sugar instead of powdered. Omit sugar if you don’t want it in there. Add this wheat mixture to a bowl of arugula if you’d like and toss with some olive oil. Use what you have. Use what you like. Make your food uniquely you. This is the basis of “intuitive cooking.” So many of us have forgotten how to or are afraid to just be creative. Use everything you have, open up and connect with yourself and your food. This is what nourishes you.

  7. Dyan Garris says:

    Hi Sheila: Actually, the cover that’s showing up here is “The Book of Channeled Messages” which is a compilation of 180 angelic messages from the past year. Yes, I designed it, but my wonderful graphic artist made it come alive. The cookbook cover, which I also designed can be found here: http://www.voiceoftheangels.com/page/65. Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

  8. Dyan Garris says:

    Maureen: Thank you very much. The Voice of the Angels-A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards are a deck of cards that I drew in 1993 before the first deck of angel cards with personal messages came out. I was finally able to bring them to market in 2005. They’re different still because I drew them as opposed to having them computer generated and stylized and also the seven doors I did in 3D with real Swarovski crystals and other elements and then I had them photographed. And the channeled messages on each card are in verse. For example, from The Raft card: “A raft is here for traveling on to places yet unknown. Surrender now to love and light and see how much you’ve grown.” The idea of this particular raft is that it has no oars. If you find yourself in it the message is to trust that you will get to wherever you are supposed to go whenever you’re supposed to get there. One must try to enjoy the journey and relinquish control. The energy of the deck is very different than what’s out there. I would like to think they feel kind of “alive.” You can get a free angel card reading on my main site. All of my work is what is called “vibrational attunement” and teaching people how to transform the base or lower energies into something higher. The idea is that everything we do and encounter is a vibration. One can balance the chakras and aura (etheric body) and one’s physical body using the power of the loving vibration that is part of all of us. So it doesn’t matter if we do this with food, with music, with cards. It’s about tapping into universal life force and remembering who we are. This is the prelude to healing.

  9. Fascinating, Dyan. Good luck with all your projects.


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