November 2007: Top Posts

The following Leicester Review of Books posts recorded the highest number of hits in November 2007:

  1. [Interview] Chris d’Lacey, Author of Fire Star.
  2. Penknife Press Short Story Writing Contest.
  3. Major New Playwriting Competition: The Yale Drama Series.
  4. Karl Stuart Kline, author of ‘Poison Pearls’
  5. PublishAmerica responds.
  6. [Interview] Playwright and Novelist Lucy Caldwell, Author of Where They Were Missed.
  7. Blog Novels: the definitive list.
  8. Jacqueline Wilson, author of ‘Double Act’.
  9. [Interview] Sheila Roberts, author of ‘On Strike for Christmas’.
  10. [Interview] Dr Susan Shumsky, Author of Miracle Prayer: Nine Steps to Creating Prayers that Get Results.

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