Flight Paths: A Networked Novel

The car park of Sainsbury’s supermarket in Richmond, southwest London, lies directly beneath one of the main flight paths into Heathrow Airport. Over the last decade, on at least five separate occasions, the bodies of young men have fallen from the sky and landed on or near this car park. All these men were stowaways on flights from the Indian subcontinent who had believed that they could find a way into the cargo hold of an airplane by climbing up into the airplane wheel shaft. No one can survive this journey.

Flight Paths: a networked novel seeks to explore what happens when lives collide — an airplane stowaway and the woman who witnesses his fall to earth. This project will tell their stories; it will be a work of digital fiction, a networked book, created on and through the internet. Writers Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph encourage you to contribute stories, images, sounds, memories, and ideas to this project.

Visit www.flightpaths.net to participate in a new kind of writing project that explores the themes of asylum and immigration, open to everyone, online.

Source of Message:
EMIT Writers News.

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One Response to “Flight Paths: A Networked Novel”
  1. What a fascinating concept. Thank you for posting about it.

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