The Artistic and Creative Purity of Glass

Glass: A Journal of Poetry (ISSN 1941-4137) is looking for poems for its second issue.

Take a look at our Submission Guidelines and send us your best poems. Glass wants to see poetry that enacts the artistic and creative purity of glass.

We seek to promote new and established poets by publishing their work. We are not bound by any specific aesthetic; our only mission is to present high quality writing. All styles, forms and schools of poetry are welcome, though easy rhymes and “light” verse are less likely to inspire us. All will be judged on the quality of the content of the poem.

We like poems that show a careful understanding of language, music, passion and creativity and poems that surprise us. We appear three times a year, on the first of March, June, and December. We seek to publish 35 poems in each issue.

Send us your best work when you feel most confident with it.

Although each submission is read closely, we unfortunately cannot give individual comments on each submission. Our staff will try to reply to your submission quickly, but please give us four months before you query as to the status of your work.

Source of message: EMIT Writers News (April).


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