[Poem] Axe across my heart, by Winnie J. Panicker

It’s like the axe piercing into my heart
When it sways to and fro the trees body
Those ancestors alive since years thousands
The mere existence for survival of human life on earth
With their wide arms spread to
Protect the species on earth
They live because they want us to live
They breathe to give us the oxygen we need

Alas! They are no more here…
The kingly pride which was there to take us along
They were cut and cut and cut
By the mere people who are not even their son old!
Leaving just sand and dust
Dust that blinds the vision of man
Now its all parched and dry
There is no life in the paths we walk

Now I can see some wires and iron bars
Which are the embryos of industrialization
When its all taking a new life
No one ever thinks of the trees which once lived there…
And they say…cut down a tree and
Plant two…
But may I ask! Who will pay for the time that he needs to grow?

(c) Winnie J. Panicker, 2008

About the author

Winnie J. Panicker‘s first collection of poems, Loveliness of Dawn (MaluBen Publications, 2004), was published when she was 17 years old. The volume was followed by Flowers on the Violin which is due out shortly from Bluemango Books.

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