[Poem] To be honest

A breathe of floral skirts and sweet magnolia
Soft against the skin
A world of white ear pieces
Trying to find quite solace in a crazy
Colourful city.
A collection of inner monologues
Waiting to escape
Surrounded by open arms
And jaded judgements.
A grey conducive sky, Leaky wiry rainy tears.
Art filled footpaths of wonder and love.
Escapism alley’s
Protruding baselines
Coffee seduced kisses
Caffeine based decisions
Black boots, dark bars
Red wine lust.
Soft lips
Crazy city, Turning.
Leaf after leaf,
Endless moments of laughter.
Held in fears,
Solidly crying
Artistic allergies to
Solemn paper cuts.
Small steps towards a bigger dream.
Sandalwood hugs,
Badly rolled cigarettes,
Virtual communication.
Asleep at the opera,
Champagne in the street,
Tears on the full moon
One million questions to follow.
Self doubt in creation (love on the boundaries)
Confusion amongst friendships
Hands slowly falling
At the wayside
Cheeks glowing,
warm hearts.
Sometimes wishing too much for quite.
Open fire dreaming
Full love.
And I’m leaving now.

(c) Shelley Blake, 2008

About the author

Australian poet and freelance writer, Shelley Blake has been writing from a very early age. Some of her work has been published in magazines that include The Program Melbourne; Inpress Magazine; The Skinny; and, The Ranfurly Review.

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