FantasyCon 2009

FantasyCon is part of British Fantasy Society’s (BFS) calendar, and has been held since the 1970s; from 2007 it has taken place in the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham. This year FantasyCon is scheduled for the 18-20 September, once again in the Britannia Hotel.

FantasyCon is an event that celebrates the literature of fantasy and science fiction, with a series of talks, interviews and panel discussions. There will be also be an artshow, dealers’ room, and a film programme, to cater for all interests in the field. In addition to all of this, the British Fantasy Awards, the annual awards for fantasy, are to be presented at the FantasyCon Banquet on Saturday evening.

This year, the Guests of Honour are Jasper Fforde, top selling author of the Thursday Next book series; Brian Clemens, the man behind top TV shows such as show The Avengers and The Professionals; and American author Gail Z Martin. Holding all of this together is the Master of Ceremonies, the renowned British SF writer Ian Watson.

Along with our main guests the convention also attracts a large number of professional writers (including Ramsey Campbell, Juliet McKenna, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Pinborough, Guy Adams), artists (including Les Edwards, Edward Miller, Vincent Chong) and editors (Stephen Jones, Jo Fletcher, David Howe) amongst the readers and fans; and many of these will also be appearing on the discussion panels over the weekend.

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Peter Coleborn
FantasyCon 2009

2 Responses to “FantasyCon 2009”
  1. Sounds fascinating.
    If you’re interested in what goes on behind the words and pages, visit my blog: THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AUTHOR

  2. FantasyCon is pleased to announce that SEBASTIAN PEAKE will be attending the convention as our Special Guest, where he will speak about his father, MERVYN PEAKE, artist, poet and author of the magnificent Gormenghast trilogy.

    Sebastian is the eldest of Mervyn and Maeve Peake’s children. He has worked in the wine trade, has travelled widely, and became a leading modern jazz drummer, playing with several bands in London, Stockholm and Berlin.

    Sebastian speaks regularly at literary festivals, schools and universities both at home and abroad. He is the author of A Child of Bliss: Growing Up With Mervyn Peake, published in 1989, which was reissued in a companion volume with his mother’s memoir, Mervyn Peake: Two Lives.

    Sebastian has published three collections of poetry and also writes about Mervyn and other things on

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