Word Masala

An annual anthology of selected writing by the non-resident South Asian authors

We are now accepting a submission for this annual anthology in English from any non-resident South Asian writer, poet and illustrator living in a country other than the country of their origin and writing in English. We are very keen to find new writers from this particular Diaspora writing in English, and will nurture them with the help of some of our published writers when possible. The anthologies will have an irregular annual publication. The subscription for the first book magazine is £9.99 While you are not required to subscribe, we need every support we can get for this project.

We are also canvassing for sponsors to promote the writers published in each anthology. Selected authors are also encouraged to recommend their own sponsors. It should be noted that the selection will not be influenced by any offer of sponsorship. The extraordinary talent required to be a successful creative writer is the only required requisite here.

In particular it will be our aim to use the fund to send free copies to selected literary agents to bring to their attention the writers who can benefit from this opportunity. In this spirit we invite sponsors as the amount in question is very little!

We hope South Asian business community will take interest in promoting these talents to help break the barriers. So, with their submission authors are requested to indicate their interest in this matter clearly. It is to be noted that Skylark will have no interest in any agreement between the parties nor will it seek any income from this promotion for these sponsored events. At the heart of this sponsorship is a genuine desire to promote the talent from our published pool of writers. It also means that the selection for Word Masala will be subject to a rigorous scrutiny. Please post your work to us at Skylark Publications with the SAE. Selected material will then be required to be resubmitted in a Word or text file.

Illustrations will be accepted in black & white line drawings only.

A brief bio-data of the writers and illustrators should be only in maximum 40 words.

Source of information:

Yogesh Patel
Skylark Publications
10 Hillcross Avenue,
Surrey SM4 4EA

E: editor@skylarkpublications.co.uk


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