[Book Review] Damage

damageThe Personal Costs of Political Change in Zimbabwe

One of the things that I find appealing about the Harare-based publishing house, Weaver Press, is that even though it’s small, it’s like tree that’s got its roots firmly planted in the soil. And it courageously draws from the soil as much as it gives back to the soil. This is evident from the titles that the publishing house releases, year on year.

One such title is Damage: The Personal Costs of Political Change in Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2009) which was edited by the indefatigable, Irene Staunton, and presents 30 personal histories that raise questions about identity; about feelings of personal responsibility for the future of Zimbabwe and about how these feelings made each of the individuals victims of persecution.

Preben Kaarsholm, editor of Violence, Political Culture and Development in Africa (James Currey, 2006) says of Damage:

I found these personal stories harrowing. The torture and brutality that their tellers endured is beyond comprehension. But always their spirit was indestructible, their commitment to creating a better world unshakeable.This I found admirable and uplifting.

I commend the contributors’, the editor’s and the publishing house’s courage and commitment to Zimbabwe’s past, present and future.

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