Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer ArmstrongZimbabwean author, Jennifer Armstrong has worked as a martial arts journalist.

Her memoir, Minus the Morning (Lulu, 2009) explores what it was like to grow up in a white, Christian, Rhodesian family.

She is also the author of three e-books: Dambudzo Marechera (Lulu, 2009), which explores the link between Zimbabwean writer, Dambudzo Marechera, and shamanism; father, son, holy ghost (Lulu, 2009), which has been described as “a story of Oedipal knowledge and realisation, in Africa”; and, Skydive on Zimbabwe (Lulu, 2009), a poem in freeform verse. All three e-books are available to download free from Lulu.

Currently, Jennifer Armstrong lives in Perth, Australia.


Author’s page,
Author’s blog

[Interview] Jennifer Armstrong, author of ‘Minus the Morning’, Conversations with Writers, September 27, 2009

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