Blog Novels: the definitive list

Conversations with Writers is aiming to compile a definitive list of blog novels.

Below are some of the ones we have been able to find. If you know of others, please do send us links and we will include them here.

  1. A Change in the Weather by Robert Gould [Interview].
  2. a million penguins, a collaborative novel by various authors.
  3. All Saints’ Day Novel (Super-Natural Heroes) by Patricia Herlevi.
  4. Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman.
  5. Beasts of New York by Jon Evans.
  6. Brutus Weaver by A. Chatfield.
  7. Bull City-in-Wonderland by Mel & Al.
  8. Colony: Alchibah, a group sci-fi blog novel.
  9. Diary of an Asylum Seeker by Ambrose Musiyiwa.
  10. El Adán de metal [Mechanical Adam] by Edward Lancaster.
  11. Escape the Beast by Colin Cohen.

Updated July 10, 2010.

29 Responses to “Blog Novels: the definitive list”
  1. Kenneth L. Dawson says:

    You might consider my works “Forms Unlooked For,” “Wandering Souls” and “Personal Affects”, all on TextNovel.


  2. Please consider adding this novel… Thank you

  3. “The Electric Adventures of Alvin, Part Two” by Adam Schakowski

  4. codenamenora says:

    I have a novel too, “About Ben Adams,” at:


  5. Adam McDonald says:

    Good to see this art form being taken seriously.

    Here’s my blog novel:

  6. mortal happiness says:

    Glad to see there are a few of us here!

    Am a published author trying out a new format with more personal control.

    You can see the award-winning novel at:



  7. Sally Warren says:

    My novel, The Adventures of Rocket Boy and Lotus, listed above has moved to this address

  8. jess. says:

    Hello there,

    My blog/IM novel, EyeLeash, was recently published and is available on Amazon.

    I have a book trailer here:

    The official website is:



  9. Wred Fright says:

    Thanks for the list of blognovels! I’ve been serializing a novel on my blog since last year so if that fits your list, please add it. It’s even about blogging, and called Blog Love Omega Glee. Here are the links to it:

  10. Duane Poncy says:

    Bartlett House: A Will Adelhardt-Lucy Hidalgo Mystery by Patricia J. McLean and Duane Poncy can be found at

    Also have you checked out They list a number of complete novels, as well as novels-in-progress.

  11. Murazrai says:

    That’s quite a good list.

    I’m currently writing two serials:
    1. Chaos Fighters at

    2. Chaos Fighters: Cyber Assault at

    Hopefully you’ll considering adding these blog novels into the list.

  12. Carmen says:

    Hello – thanks for the opportunity to add my blog novel.

  13. Alma says:

    In the Absence of White Rabbits –

    This novel examines in great detail one woman’s relationship with her psychosis, psychiatrist, and imaginary friends.

  14. Jason Kahn says:

    The Dark InSpectre, my noir, supernatural crime series.

  15. Tamyrlin Ink says:

    The Grimmery is an extremely new serial novel about an organisation dedicated to fighting and capturing earthbound spirits. There is more to it. It’s better than it sounds.

  16. that’s a wondrous list.. I’ve looked through many of them !

    Diamond Walker is the story of a shaman baseball player, deeply connected to the environment .. Jimmy Walker is an 18 year old cutting edge warrior.. and a throwback to old school modes and values. His knuckleball is an astonishing pitch that he throws with either hand
    and he swims with killer whales .. He seems to project grace and brightness wherever he goes.. A provocative anti-hero who brings a fresh & disturbing capability to ‘America’s Game’ .. and sweeps others to follow his cause when his local pod of Orca are trapped for sale to international aquariums.

  17. Danie Nel says:


    My serial is up: Not-so-real-life-story

    Please consider this.

  18. alexdssf says:

    Hi. I would like to submit my blog novel. It’s called “Good People in Bad Times”. It’s about a 28 year old guy in Toronto who slowly rebuilds his life after his parents kick him out.

  19. Ken says:

    Please consider adding Frank Indiana’s “So It Was Cancer,” a blog novel in progress at Open Salon.

  20. 13 says:

    imperfect seven: a romance of sins
    -a tale of the victims to each vice and virtue.

  21. Wilf Morgan says:

    Hi there – great list that I’ve enjoyed exploring..! Please consider adding my blog novel, ‘Dead Heroes’…..

    Scott Williams is a young man who likes to play video games, watch TV and burgle houses. Issues of law and order, social conscience and the nature of freedom aren’t things he spends much time worrying about.

    But the ages-old battle between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham comes tumbling out of history and lands on modern-day Nottingham with explosive force – with each man fighting to save us from the apparent tyranny of the other.

    Scott suddenly finds himself caught at the centre of a battle that threatens to destroy the entire city – unless he can figure out which is the hero and which, the villain…

  22. Wilf Morgan says:

    oops – forgot the URL for ‘Dead Heroes’..!



  23. I just started my blog-novel:

    Just join me on this adventure!


  24. SamuAreeree says:

    Please consider adding our Blogel “Fanciful & Unfounded”

    S & A

  25. HieroHero says:

    I have commenced a blog novel as well, it’s called “Social Media Murder” and can be read at Thanks for providing this list by the way.

  26. A Syston boy, born and bred, readers in Leicestershire might like to take a look at the first part of my unfinished novel ‘Pedersen’s Last Dream’ at

    My Santa Catalina short stories are on along with others.

    The short story ‘Purple Haze’, published by Bewrite Books in an anthology of short stories entitled ‘Creature in the Rose’, is also on my blog waiting for your comments. Amazon still has a couple of copies left, I think.

    Love to hear from anyone in Leicestershire who remembers me from the 1960’s.

  27. 2012romance says:

    Kathy Bennett is a CIA agent who’s good at her job and engaged to be married to Greg, a successful doctor with stunning good looks. John Parker is a down on his luck journalist. Kahty learns her fiancee just cheated on her as she goes undercover with John to find the truth behind 2012. Will they survive? Will they find the answers? Will they be alone when the world ends?

    This is my blog novel at It will be a 80000 word novel online for FREE.
    This is a great list for a great new format for writers.

  28. alexdssf says:

    “Saint Graziano the Good” by Alex Sarmiento. I initially started it as a blog novel, but stopped after a while because I was busy with other things. I later completed the manuscript off-line, with plans to get an agent or self-publish with Lulu or CreateSpace, but it didn’t work out. So, I put the entire manuscript online in blog form. The blog can be reached @

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