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  1. Author Rebecca Goings Unleashes Her Animal Side in Her Latest Book, The B*E*A*S*T* Within

    In Ms. Goings’ latest romance, her hero is a biologically engineered shape-shifter. Not only is this a new and exciting twist on an old genre, but judging by sales, her new B*E*A*S*T* series is going to be a runaway success.

    Portland, OR (PRWEB via PRWeb) October 20, 2006 — B*E*A*S*T*. What does it stand for? Bio-Engineering to Attain Shift Transformation. That is the premise behind the latest romantic suspense novel by Rebecca Goings. But what sets this book apart from the countless other ‘shape-shifter’ novels in romantic fiction?

    To put it simply, Ms. Goings’ shifters are biologically engineered. This take on paranormal shifters is a new and refreshing look at an old genre, one that started with the classic werewolf of yesteryear. However, shifters are no longer tied to the cycles of the moon. They can change their shape at will. Paranormal romances, more specifically books about vampires and shape-shifters, are particularly hot in today’s romance market.

    That is what makes The B*E*A*S*T* Within by Rebecca Goings such a hot commodity. She is one of the first authors to approach the old idea of a man, able to shift into an animal at will, and make it new–with an exciting twist. The shifters in her B*E*A*S*T* series are not magical, nor are they bestowed with a family curse as many of her fellow romance authors have written. Instead, they are created by man, and perhaps therein lies the draw.

    Since it’s release on October 1st, The B*E*A*S*T* Within has made it to the best seller list on Fictionwise, not to mention it is also the top-selling book for Ms. Goings’ publisher, Champagne Books. With two more novels slated to be released in this series, which are entitled B*E*A*S*T* of Burden and Nature of the B*E*A*S*T*, these books promise to bring originality and edge-of-your-seat excitement to the shape-shifter genre.

    To learn more about The B*E*A*S*T* Within, please visit this book’s exclusive page on Champagne Books’ website:

    To learn more about the author Rebecca Goings, please visit her website at:


  2. Freelance Writer, Christine Cristiano, revamps The Obsessed Writers Group website and invites all writers to drop by.

    The new Obsessed Writers Group website features helpful articles, new and existing markets complete with writer’s guidelines, grammer, style and spelling resources, a writer’s blog, writer’s marketplace and more.

    The Obsessed Writers Group Newsletter is a gathering of emerging and established writers for the purpose of exchanging information, resources and emotional support as we continue on our journey through the writing world.

    The monthly newsletter includes: The Article Clinic, Graciela West’s column The Write Soul,To Market To Market, Writers Web Reviews, contests, articles, tips and freebies.


  3. What a wonderfully open site you have! The last thing I peeked at was a journal called Metamorphoses (on literary translation of the five colleges in New England)that once reviewed me. I like the following six words/lines from one poem by Ana Maria Andrino Botelho, as trans. from the Italian: my/days/always/have/two/nights — it is a serious poem, but I could not help recall Groucho Marx and the reservation of a room with the ceiling as well as the floor and how he said “it must be for mice.”

    My most recent book is just out: The 5th Season — Poetry for the Recreation of the World. It is the first lengthy treatment of Japanese New Year haiku (about 2000 ku, in the original japanese and multiple translation). A sentence on the back cover says it all: The Moon is part of the New Year, and . . . People are part of haiku. I posted some pictures of pages at (US)which show the stylistic freedom only an author-publisher enjoys. The book starts with a quote: “The man standing in his own kitchen-garden with the fairyland opening at the gate, is the man with large ideas. His mind creates distance; the motor-car stupidly destroys it.” (G.K. Chesterton: Heretics 1905)

    I welcome reviews of this book or any of my books. They are all up at UK Amazon, but need your comments!

    “Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!”

  4. Imagine God is a vegetable in a wheelchair, Jesus is the fascist CEO of a corporate Church, and a Cold War is ongoing between Heaven and Hell while America is led by a complete and utter moron whose every decision takes the world closer and closer to the brink of World War III. This is the setting for one of the most controversial novels of modern times.

    For the past two millennia, there has been a Cold War between Heaven and Hell. In that time, Earth has served as the neutral zone between the two powers with humanity the pawns in a conflict whose origins remain shrouded in legend. Tonight, that all changes, as one mortal disturbs that fragile balance.

    Matthew Ford is a common man, struggling through college while attempting to discover his destiny. Antisocial, passive aggressive, and immature beyond belief, this flawed person sets into motion that final prophecy that leads to the End of Days.

    He travels to Heaven, is tempted by Hell, gets into a feud with Jesus, meets the moronic leader of the free world, creates a self-help movement that tears the world apart, and leads the final zombie charge on Mount Megiddo in that last conflict of all time, Armageddon.

    Written by Matthew Moses, Anti-Christ: A Satirical End of Days takes a new look at religion and Man’s place in it. Gone are the old archetypes of biblical lore, replaced by a cast of irreverent, flawed characters. Controversial doesn’t even begin to describe the subjects this novel tackles. Self-help movements, world affairs, politics, ethnic rivalries, war, religion, and even obesity are all fair game in this epic tale of comedic world annihilation. It’s not a question of whether the world is coming to an end but how!

  5. It isn’t easy being eight years old and having an older brother whom other children often misunderstand. They don’t realize that when he doesn’t laugh at their jokes it’s because he doesn’t understand them. They don’t know that when he doesn’t speak to them or look at them it’s because he doesn’t know what to say or how to make eye contact. They don’t realize that he behaves this way because he has something called Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Sam knows that his brother Eric is different from him because his brain works differently. So, when the other children bully Eric, it makes Sam feel protective of him. But sometimes, when Eric behaves oddly, Sam feels embarrassed too. Sometimes, when Eric gets lots of attention, it makes Sam feel resentful – then, when he considers that Eric needs a lot of help and attention, it makes Sam feel guilty for feeling resentful. There are so many different feelings Sam experiences!

    Brotherly Feelings explores the emotions that siblings of children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) commonly experience. With illustrations throughout, this book will help siblings to understand that their emotional responses – whatever they are – are natural and OK. It is the ideal book for parents and professionals to use with siblings to discuss their emotional experiences, and will also help children with AS to form an understanding of the feelings of other family members.

    Book details:

    Brotherly Feelings
    Me, My Emotions, and My Brother with Asperger’s Syndrome
    Sam Frender and Robin Schiffmiller
    Illustrations by Dennis Dittrich
    64 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 850 4

    How to buy the book:

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    Related Title:
    If this book interests you, you might also like:
    Special Brothers and Sisters: Stories and Tips for Siblings of Children with a Disability or Serious Illness, by Hames and McCaffrey
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
    Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email:

    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  6. Autism, Play and Social Interaction is a fully illustrated guide that explains how to help children with autism spectrum disorders engage in interactive play, which is vital for the acquisition of social skills and attention to shared activities.

    The authors explain how to set up suitably structured play environments, games schedules and play routines, and how to use visual aids and other props to facilitate co-operative play and interaction. Common children’s games have been adapted to accommodate children with autism spectrum disorders and range from simple interaction, such as ‘putting-in’ and ‘give and take’, to more complex games like ‘hide and seek’, ‘sound-lotto’ and ‘spin the bottle’, as well as games that teach social behaviour, such as exchanging toys and engaging with other children for play opportunities.

    This is a practical and accessible book for parents and teachers of children with autism spectrum disorders, as well as professionals working with these children.

    Book details:

    Autism, Play and Social Interaction
    Lone Gammeltoft and Marianne Sollok Nordenhof
    Translated by Erik van Acker
    ISBN 978 1 84310 520 6
    64 pages

    How to buy the book:

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

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    Autism and Play, by Jannik Beyer and Lone Gammeltoft
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Practical Resource of Play Ideas for Parents and Carers, by Julia Moor
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
    Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email:

    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  7. Visual support aids can be highly effective tools for increasing levels of communication and independence in children with autism, who often have difficulty interpreting spoken language and non-verbal facial expressions.

    Fully illustrated with inspiring examples, Everyday Education provides a wealth of ideas for creating visual support aids for children on the autism spectrum. Photographs and clear, practical explanations describe how these tools can be arranged helpfully around the home for the child to use. The authors describe how visual support aids can be used in all kinds of everyday situations, from labelling – for example, sticking a picture of a dinner plate with a knife and fork to the chair in which the child sits at meal times – to putting together a pictorial activities schedule for the child to refer to.

    This fun and encouraging book will be a valuable source of ideas for parents of children with autism and professionals working with them.

    Book details:

    Everyday Education
    Visual Support for Children with Autism
    Pernille Dyrbjerg and Maria Vedel
    Foreword by Lennart Pedersen
    128 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 457 5

    How to buy the book:

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    Related Title:
    If this book interests you, you might also like:
    How to Live with Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professionals, by Chris Williams and Barry Wright.
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
    Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email:

    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  8. This beautifully illustrated full-colour picture book for children aged four to eight tells the story of four children who embark on an adventure to find their Grandad’s favourite place – but they are faced with plenty of challenges on the way.

    Told with gentle humour, this is a charming story for children and an ideal resource for parents or counsellors to read with a child as a way of broaching issues surrounding loss or bereavement.

    Extract from the book:
    When Grandad died, eighty-three people went to the funeral. A lot of them cried.
    Jessica, Colin, Sasha and Tom thought of the good times they’d had with their Grandad. They knew they would miss him a lot.
    “He had always wanted to be cremated,” said Grandma, “and his last wish was to have his ashes scattered in his favourite place…”

    Book details:

    Grandad’s Ashes
    Walter Smith
    February 2007
    32 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 517 6

    How to buy the book:

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

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    Children Also Grieve: Talking about Death and Healing, by Linda Goldman
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    When A Family Pet Dies, by JoAnn Tuzeo-Jarolmen
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    Talking with Children and Young People about Death and Dying, by Mary Turner
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
    Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email:

    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  9. By Their Own Young Hand: Deliberate Self-harm and Suicidal Ideas in Adolescents
    Keith Hawton and Karen Rodham with Emma Evans
    2006 ISBN: 978 1 84310 230 4 Paperback 264 pages £17.99/US$34.95

    ‘The book provides advice for teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, and others likely to come into contact with those who self-harm or are at risking of self-harming.’
    – Blueprint (The Newsletter of the University of Oxford)

    Self-harm in adolescents is an increasingly recognized problem, and there is growing awareness of the important role schools and health services can play in detecting and supporting those at risk. By Their Own Young Hand explores the findings of the first large-scale survey of deliberate self-harm and suicidal thinking in adolescents in the UK, and draws out the implications for prevention strategies and mental health promotion.

    Packed with adolescents’ own personal accounts and perspectives, this accessible overview will be essential reading for teachers, social workers and mental health professionals.

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    The Anti-Bullying Game
    Yvonne Searle and Isabelle Streng
    1996 ISBN: 9781853023354 £41.13 (inc VAT)

    ‘It is a resource fund, not just a game.’
    – Educational Psychology in Practice

    Designed for children and adolescents who experience difficulties with peer relationships, The Anti-Bullying Game enables both victims and bullies to understand the dynamics underlying bullying behaviour and helps them to explore more adaptive interaction styles. Exploring the mechanisms behind passive and provocative behaviour, the game focuses on interactive processes, communication, belief systems and assertiveness.

    Providing an opportunity for exploration within a safe group, the game helps young people to understand the dynamics of the power differential between victim and bully. It promotes positive self-esteem and encourages behaviour to be taken over into other settings. The game comprises game board, counters, dice and four sets of colour-coded cards arranged in categories corresponding to coloured shapes on the board.

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    Just Schools: A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justice
    Belinda Hopkins, Foreword and Introduction by Guy Masters
    2003 208 pages ISBN: 9781843101321 Paperback £24.95/US$39.95

    ‘This excellent manual should give a substantial impetus to the use of restorative techniques such as mediation and conferencing where they are badly needed – schools. Full of practical programmes and illustrated by plenty of examples, Just Schools shows how restorative justice can be used to resolve difficulties from low level antagonism to more serious issues of bullying. It is much more jargon-free than many books of this kind, and draws on academic sources and personal experience.’
    – Children Now

    Clearly structured and with photocopiable sheets, this book is an excellent resource for teachers, school counsellors and youth workers seeking a more positive and effective way to deal with conflict in educational settings.

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    Being Bullied: Strategies and Solutions for People with Asperger’s Syndrome
    Nick Dubin
    2006 30 minutes DVD (PAL and NTSC) ISBN 978 1 84310 843 6 £19.99 incl. VAT/US$35.00

    Bullying is a serious problem in schools and children on the autism spectrum are particularly at risk of being victimized if they display “different” behavior, such as not understanding rules, having bad handwriting or flapping their hands.

    Being Bullied describes the various types of peer abuse – taunting, nicknames, damaging property, stealing, and cyber bullying – and the devastating consequences, such as poor self-esteem, low academic achievement, depression, or even suicide.

    Narrated by Nick Dubin and featuring footage of his own childhood that illustrates behaviors that made him an easy target for bullies, the film also includes the stories of three individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome who talk about their experiences of being bullied.

    The DVD outlines practical strategies for parents, professionals, schools, and individuals being bullied on how to prevent bullying. It stresses the importance of peer intervention, empathetic teachers, and verbal self-defense and shows how lack of teacher support, condemning of “tale telling,” or even blaming the victim reinforces bullying.

    This DVD offers children and young people who are being bullied a chance to see that they are not alone, and will be a valued source of advice for parents and professionals.

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
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    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  10. Working to be Someone presents an overview of worldwide research on working children that considers children’s own views of employment in favour of adult-constructed arguments about child work.

    This book brings together contributions by internationally renowned researchers who are committed to a ‘subject-orientated’ approach as well as views and observations of activists from organizations that either work with child labour or support working children’s movements. Chapters examine the traditionally widespread care and domestic work carried out by children, discuss localized explorations of working children – for example in Morocco, India and Europe – as well as consider work as a means for children to contribute economically to the family. Contributors also discuss children’s movements and organizations in Africa, Asia and South America that claim work as a necessity for survival as well as a key to children’s own agency and citizenship.

    This book is a key text for both academics and social work practitioners that encourages re-evaluation of the notion of childhood and understands the complex phenomenon of working children.

    Book details:

    Working to Be Someone
    Child Focused Research and Practice with Working Children
    Edited by Beatrice Hungerland, Manfred Liebel, Brian Milne and Anne Wihstutz
    272 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 523 7

    How to buy the book:

    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    You can also order a copy of the book online from this page.

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    The Child’s World: Assessing Children in Need. Edited by Jan Horwath
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    The Developing World of the Child. Edited by Jane Aldgate, David Jones, Wendy Rose and Carole Jeffery
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:
    Youth Justice and Child Protection. Edited by Malcolm Hill, Andrew Lockyer and Fred Stone
    Further details can be found on the JKP website:

    If you would like to order a copy of a book and you are unable to access the Internet, you can contact us at:

    Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, UK
    Tel: (+44) 020 7833 2307 Fax: (+44) 020 7837 2917 email:

    In the US: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Inc. 400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA Tel: (Toll free ordering) 866-416-1078 Tel: (main office) 215-922-1161 Fax: 215-922-1474 email:

  11. Mick Drake says:

    ALL’S WELL AT WELLWITHOUTE by Mick Drake is published

    Book Description:

    Wellwithoute, the ancestral home of the Dangwell family and the only mock Moghul mansion in Great Britain, set in the midst of the unspoilt Cheetlinshire countryside, is in deep financial trouble. Surrounded by creditors, the bank unwilling to extend its overdraft facilities, the spice businesses upon which the family built its fortune, a distant memory. Lord Frederick Ferdinand Dangwell is at the end of his tether. To add to his woes, her majesty`s government have removed his hereditary peerage and his elder adopted son Gordon, who is something big in the city, is unwilling to risk any of his substantial fortune to save the estate.

    Lord Dangwell`s only faint glimmer of hope is that his younger son Harold can somehow be persuaded to marry Veronica, the poetic elder daughter of Lord Rodney Jeremiah Entwisle, the rudest and richest man in Cheetlinshire. Lord Rodney is desperate to rid himself of Veronica who is infecting his wife with literary yearnings, and is prepared to pay a substantial sum to Lord Dangwell if he can successfully arrange a marriage convenient to the two scheming lords.
    Lord Dangwell`s wife lady Nora, is too preoccupied with her restoration of Wellwithoute`s extensive gardens to take any notice of the financial crisis surrounding the estate. The housekeeper, Cicilly Hindmarsh, whose abuse of the English language is only equalled by her misuse of kitchen implements as she prepares delicious meals for her favourite lord, stands helplessly by as Harold is drawn into his father`s web of intrigue.

    Harold Hepelwhite Dangwell is a failed artist with a chequered past and an even more chequered future, who has recently completed an art restoration course and is on the lookout for his first substantial commission. He is inveigled into Entwisle Hall on the pretext of restoring a portrait of one of lord Entwisle`s ancestors. To lord Dangwell`s delight Harold is a hit with both of lord Entwisle`s daughters, but trouble beckons as the sisters jockey for position, the portrait is damaged beyond repair, and Harold is banished from Entwisle Hall seemingly forever.

    Against all expectations the picture and Harold`s reputation are restored, and Harold somehow becomes engaged to Veronica Jasmine Entwisle, resolving to go through with the marriage to save the Dangwell estate from financial ruin. Harold`s best friend and best man Chestall Tate, his sister Rosemary, and her two lively twins, disapprove of the match and hatch a scheme to scupper lords Dangwell`s and Entwisle`s carefully laid plans.

    Following eventful Stag and Hen parties, the drama reaches its climax in the small Norman chapel at Mavis Enderby, presided over by the Reverend Lionel Goodfellow, a born again vicar with high church affectations and a penchant for old religious texts. The wedding ceremony is underway and the Tate family are preparing to disrupt the proceedings when an intervention comes from a most unexpected direction.

    About the Author:

    Mick Drake was born in the West Midlands and grew up in Sutton Coldfield. After leaving school he followed a career in retailing before gaining a degree in fine art. Finding it impossible to make a living as a budding artist, Mick returned to retailing, managing supermarkets for several years before leaving to set up a conservation scheme in Wolverhampton and joining local government. After he gained a degree in management studies, Mick and his family moved to Lincolnshire where he works in Economic Regeneration encouraging the development of businesses in the county. Mick lives in Lincoln with his wife, children and grandchildren and can often be found in the garden or on the golf course. Mick is currently writing a sequel to All`s Well At Wellwithoute – his first published novel.

    —- END

    A copy of this book can be ordered from Authorhouse at:

    or from at:

    Contact Details:

    Author: Mick Drake

  12. Inspirational Series Explores the Path of Forgiveness

    Author L. Diane Wolfe’s fourth novel, MIKE, focuses on redemption from the past

    GOLDSBORO, NC (PR WEB) March 29, 2007 — Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards. Yet beneath the peaceful surface, Mike is consumed with guilt, fearing condemnation and rejection. A former girlfriend’s abortion and the intense love he feels for his roommate’s wife constantly remind Mike of his failures. Unable to forget and full of shame, he refuses to forgive himself. When Danielle enters his life, he realizes he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

    Mike: The Circle of Friends, Book IV follows one young man’s journey to forgiveness. Meant to inspire as well as entertain, Wolfe’s books have been described as “encouragement personified”. Despite the current salacious trend in young adult/adult titles, The Circle of Friends feature positive, moral tales. The author’s Southern-based series focuses on the pursuit of dreams and overcoming of obstacles. The stories intertwine as the characters learn that with belief and encouragement, they can achieve anything. Book I, Lori, followed a swimmer with Olympic dreams; Book II, Sarah, focused on a couple searching for trust; and Book III, James, chronicled an abuse survivor. One more will follow, Heather.

    In the top 1% at her publishing company, Wolfe averages over eighty appearances and interviews each year. In addition to physical book signings and speaking engagements, the author is currently promoting her series through a virtual online tour. Wolfe maintains a website & blog for her series and contributes articles for numerous other sites. She conducts seminars on publishing & goal setting and manages an online writer’s group. Dubbed “Spunk on a Stick”, the author’s goal is to give others hope they can accomplish anything in life. “When the dream’s big enough, the facts don’t count!”

    Lori, Sarah, James, and Mike are published by AuthorHouse. For review copies, contact the Promotional Services Dept. at 1-800-839-8640 ext.5244 or by Fax 1-812-961-3113. For press kit, contact the author.


    To view the entire press release, images & website, please visit:

  13. Hi. I just published my first book through Trafford Self Publishing. It’s called Road Signs, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds, by Laughing Rain. It sure takes a long time to write a book. Four years! I love writing now. This is a semi-biography about spiritual events in my life. I’m looking forward to enjoying this new site here. So many books! So little time!

    thank you for this space to talk. Alysia McAlister

  14. Hi there. I have just published the final instalment of my latest trilogy – Towards The Light Fantastic – Trilogy, and am looking to get it reviewed. The two heroes are British Asian boys from Loughborough [real folks that are at school in Loughborough]. The series has attracted considerable attention since the first instalment was published in 2001, with a documentary made by Carlton’s ‘Spotlight Asia’ being produced and aired in 2002. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best. Simon.

  15. Susan DelRe says:

    New Book Explains How Discoveries In Science Reveal the Nature of God Even A Child Can Understand

    Belvidere, IL, August 14 , 2007- As the battle continues over intelligent design vs. evolution in classrooms, courtrooms and presidential debates a new book: God the Final Frontier; Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love (ISBN 0-9677520-2-7) provides solid answers to believers, seekers and skeptics alike.

    This book answers difficult questions with illustrations such as: Are all religions equally valid? If God is there, why is He silent? If God is good, why is there evil? And, how can we know for sure God exists? The author’s approach is unique because it reveals scientific discoveries such as ¾ how quantum physics provides positive proof for the doctrine of the Trinity (one of the most controversial doctrines in Christianity), and how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity fit’s the Genesis account of creation, in simple, easy to understand language.

    Filled with illustrations, quotes, and fascinating facts from science, astronomy, mathematics, logic, and just plain common sense, this book is designed for those who want real answers without having to read a 300-400 page theologically, or scientifically technical book. It’s all covered in 68 pages.

    The author, a prison chaplain, has impacted people from seminary professors to prison inmates with his lectures on the nature of God. Philip DelRe has endorsements from such notables as Charles Colson, Ray Comfort, and Dr. Robert Coleman.

    God the Final Frontier; Positive Proof For His Existence and His Love is available at


    Susan DelRe ,
    Voice in the Wilderness Ministries ,
    T: 815-547-0765 ,

  16. William Grade says:

    America’s Destiny

    Madera, CA, August 14, 2007 — Outskirts Press, Inc. has published America’s Destiny: Cryptic Passages Foretold USA, UK (British Commonwealth), Russia, Islam and EU by William Grade, which is the author’s most recent book to date.

    About the Book (Excerpts & Info)

    Abolition of both slavery and child labor, along with legalization of womens’ rights, are examples of reforms of the British Empire, (after the American Revolution) symbolized as a ‘lion’ that would arise with a man’s heart, according to the vision of the Prime Minister of Ancient Persia, the Seer Daniel. The USA, Russia and others were also foretold. This book also includes chapters on the effect of the ‘Big Bang’ on evolution & spiritual thinking, USA foreign policy highlights in regard to Communism and Islam, the Coming Russia/Israel/Iran confrontation, Coming Spiritual Revival, Sex and Gender Crisis in the 3rd World, New Views on the ‘Apocalypse’, (This is not the end of the world) Tales of the Middle-East and the Coming New Temple in Jerusalem.

    Deftly constructed at 196 pages, America’s Destiny: Cryptic Passages Foretold USA, UK (British Commonwealth), Russia, Islam and EU is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Prophecy category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, America’s Destiny meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $8.95.

    Book details:

    ISBN: 9781432701338
    Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback
    SRP: $8.95

    About the Author

    Author is a former Russian-Voice Interceptor/Military Analyst with service in the Middle-East. B.A. Natural Science-Biology.


    William Grade,

  17. Marcus Damanda says:

    A Teenage Suburban Vampire Novel with Bite!

    WASHINGTON, DC, August 14, 2007 – In Teeth by Marcus Damanda, a teenage outsider falls for a mysterious girl who may be involved with a series of local murders.

    “My name’s Nicholas,” he said, feeling strangely emboldened by the simple fact that someone-a beautiful girl-was talking to him. That made two in a night, a personal record. The knowledge that there were three high school wrestlers nearby who wanted to grind him into bloody powder was almost inconsequential by comparison. “Why are you helping me?”

    “It’s fun,” she answered pleasantly. “I was bored.”

    “Who are you?”

    “Alexis Damworth,” she said. “Now, shut up.”

    Nicholas is on the run from everybody. Ostracized by his peers, bullied by thugs, belittled and abused by his father, this teenage outsider finds love and acceptance in the embrace of Alexis Damworth, a beautiful girl with a terrifying secret.

    When the quiet town of Fairview becomes the newest suburban murder capital of the United States, Nicholas the runaway becomes the prime suspect. Disgraced sheriff’s deputy Frank Gillis reluctantly brings the boy, whom he believes innocent, to the local juvenile detention center. But Alexis has other plans for Nicholas . and Alexis has friends. Very powerful friends.

    After three nights of blood and murder, Fairview will have to endure one more terrible night, the longest night of the year-the winter solstice. Shadows will surround the detention center, poised for a final, bloody attack on a police force already stretched perilously thin. Nicholas, meanwhile, will be faced with a choice that will echo for all eternity.

    Teeth is a horror story of surprising strength, a suspenseful, taut, and riveting tale that will chill the reader to the core.

    ISBN: 978-1-4327-0680-7
    Format: 5.5×8.5 Paperback
    SRP: $16.95

    ISBN: 978-1-4327-0698-2
    Format: 5.5X8.5 Hardback
    SRP: $23.95

    Genre: Horror/Fantasy

    About the Author

    Marcus Damanda writes science fiction, fantasy, and above all, horror stories. He currently resides in Woodbridge, Virginia, teaching middle school English and mining his nightmares for his next foray into fictitious suburban mayhem.


    Marcus Damanda,
    T: 703-400-7114 ,

  18. Twilight in the Vineyard

    DALLAS, August 15, 2007 – Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Twilight in the Vineyard by JoJean, which is the author’s most recent book to date.

    “And when all things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the Son also Himself be subject unto Him that put all things under Him, that Yahweh may be all in all.” I Cor.15:28

    The above verse states the eternal purpose of Yahweh. It is to this end that we should be striving. Thus the author has been led to write this book:

    1. To warn His adopted children who make up the Body of Christ that His return is near
    2. To state the truth about the nation of Israel and encourage our Jewish brethren to realize that Yahshua is their Messiah (Mashiach)
    3. To warn America and other nations that they need to repent and humble them selves before The Almighty Creator
    4. To explain why American and Britain are and must remain allies of Israel
    5. To inform His dispersed, chosen children of the House of Israel that they will soon be undergoing terrible times during that period referred to as Jacob’s trouble but to realize their heritage and know that He will help them.
    6. To give information on topics that has often been ignored or misunderstood.
    7. To encourage believers to use the true names of Yahweh and Yahshua rather than continue saying God and Jesus.

    Twilight in the Vineyard addresses the above seven items as well as others, including deception in churches, angels and demons, and reveals that many cherished traditions stem from paganism.

    This book is for now and for everyone living in the world, at this crucial time in World History.

    Book Details:

    ISBN: 9781432706531,
    Format: 5.5 x 8.5, Paperback,
    SRP: $18.95, 464 pages.

    Twilight in the Vineyard is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine outlets.

    About the Author

    JoJean was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania where she graduated from Geneva College with a B.A. in Biology. She also attended the University of Pittsburgh, Baldwin-Wallace College and Pima College in Tucson, Arizona.

    Born and raised a Roman Catholic, she left this denomination in 1980 when she was touched by God in a very dramatic way.

    She has been prepared both spiritually and mentally for the disclosure and dedication that being an author requires. She shares her heart with the reader and you are with her as she searches and discovers His truth.

    This is a powerful book, written by one who desires to be obedient to the call of God.

    “Twilight in the Vineyard” was originally published in 1988. This present edition has been edited and the author has added additional truths she has realized in the intervening years. Her passion is to awaken the same desire for His Truth in other believers.

    JoJean resides in Texas, where she taught college biology until her retirement in 2001. She has two daughters, a son and a son-in-law and shares her home with several spoiled felines.


    JoJean Holland,
    T: 972-289-5415,
    URL: http://www.outskirtspress.Com/JoJean

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  19. Sister May’s Menagerie

    LOS ANGELES, August 16, 2007 — Sister May’s Menagerie is a new collection of comics by artist Amy Koch Johnson, created for the purpose of inspiring and engendering hope in readers. With insight into dating, love, finance, aging, and self-esteem, along with a healthy dose of humor, Sister May’s Menagerie reveals how to “wash away problems” with the help of charming illustration.

    According to Sister May, many problems, and the worrying they cause, are needless. With the right attitude and perspective, it’s possible to overcome everything from physical hardship to emotional damage. The author’s own determination and positive attitude are the inspiration behind much of Sister May’s wisdom.

    In the book, the world’s problems are addressed candidly and uniquely, and the author leaves it up to the reader to find solutions. Providing “at-a-glance” assistance for coping with sticky situations, Sister May’s Menagerie highlights serious issues in a light-hearted way.

    Amy Koch Johnson’s message in this first volume of Sister May comics is that among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to become self-aware and examine the current state of morality in society. With the help of a colorful female narrator, Sister May’s Menagerie is a book that not only empowers women and men alike, and makes all readers smarter about life’s choices, no matter what their gender.

    For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author at or through the author’s web site at Sister May’s Menagerie is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author

    A renowned muralist, Amy Koch Johnson embarked on a career as an artist by founding May Art, A Mural Business, in 1997, . She was in the mentally gifted mind program plus an honor student in grade school and throughout college and has been featured in many notable publications for her expert artistry. She was born and lives in California. Although Sister May’s Menagerie is her first book of collected comics, she plans to publish many more.

    Book Details:

    ISBN – 9781419666810,
    52 pages,
    SRP – $21.40


    Amy Koch Johnson,
    T: 310-498-4778,

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  20. Jose Astorga says:

    A Bull In A Glass House

    Learn How to Hack Your Way Through the Corporate Jungle!

    Marlton, NJ, August 22, 2007 — Sick of the grind that is Corporate America? You are not alone, and A Bull in a Glass House can help. For those about to enter the business world, who are tired of the day-to-day struggle, who view every Sunday evening as the threshold of hell, and who really want to change their lives for the better, A Bull in a Glass House will help you find the preparation, guidance, strength, and motivation you need to succeed.

    When it comes to a fork in the road, don’t you wish there was a sign telling you which direction to take? Author José Astorga’s book, A Bull in a Glass House: A Former Marine’s Manifesto on Surviving the Corporate Jungle and Taking Control of Your Life, does just that. It’s a personal compass for achieving both professional and personal success.

    Entering the business world is like joining the Marine Corps. You believe that it will be the adventure of a lifetime, one promising exciting undertakings and world travel. But the reality is that you may wind up scrubbing toilets, washing dishes, or doing any number of dirty details that nobody talks about. How can you avoid these pitfalls?

    “A Bull in a Glass House is about my experiences in the corporate jungle,” says Astorga. “It is interspersed with stories from my days in boot camp and quotes from actual encounters with management and employees who share the ‘unspoken reality’ of corporate life. It is, at the same time, an account of the failure of leadership and the rules of engagement that can make a leader or employee successful.”

    A Bull in a Glass House is a call to action for all employees-management or otherwise-to recognize their cartoonish behavior and step beyond themselves. Says Astorga: “I decided that people needed to know what to expect from working for management that values the dollar and personal perks more than the employees they should be serving. Conversely, I thought it important that employees at all levels understand the importance of relationship building, commitment, and passion.”

    Astorga shares his thoughts on how non-management employees need to recognize that no one owes them anything. “Nothing is free or easy in life and work is no exception,” he says. “We are where we are as a result of all our past decisions. And we control our destiny.”

    In a nutshell, corporate survival is about competence and relationships, just like in the Marines. With A Bull in a Glass House, Astorga shows you how his recipe for survival, CPR,-Competence, Passion, Relationships-will arm you with the tools you need to go far in the business world.

    Book details:

    ISBN: 9781432704001
    Format: 5.5×8.5,
    soft cover and hardcover
    SRP: $11.95, $19.95

    Genre: Business


    Jose Astorga,
    T: 609-760-2346,

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  21. Cindy Zompetti says:

    Cradling My Heart

    Author Cindy Zompetti Tells of Her Journey From Deep Depression to Peace

    Enumclaw, WA, August 22, 2007- Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults or about 9.5% of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. According to government studies, everyone will at some time in their life be affected by depression-their own or someone else’s.

    After serving as a nanny to two young boys for eleven years, Ms. Zompetti was ripped from these children she had loved as her own. This event was devastating to her, yet it was only the first in a series of crushing events, including the death of her dear mother.

    Cradling My Heart tells of her journey from deep depression to peace using only the very simple, yet very profound Pain-to-Paper method. Discover for yourself how to experience this simple method for releasing negative feelings. Get control of your emotions before your emotions have total control over you.

    Author Cindy Zompetti says: “Discover how God can teach each of us how to easily remove the pain attached to thoughts and memories. This book is for those who hurt and for those who minister to the hurting. It is for those who sometimes worry or are overcome with worry. I suppose it is for everyone.”

    Cindy Zompetti is a Precept Bible study leader. She loves to teach God’s Word to women in creative, practical ways. For the past twenty years she has been a full-time nanny, caring for twelve children in various families and loving each one as her own. Visit her web log at

    Book details:

    ISBN # 13: 978-1-4141-0871-1
    Date of publish – 2007
    94 pages
    SRP – $11.99


    Cindy Zompetti,

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  22. Innocent Onyewuenyi says:

    The African Origin of Greek Philosophy: An Exercise in Afrocentrism

    The African Origin of Greek Philosophy: An Exercise in Afrocentrism by philosophy expert Innocent C. Onyewuenyi asserts that the greatest Greek thinkers — Socrates, Plato and Aristotle — found their ideas while traveling in Egypt and studying under the priest-scholars of the Egyptian Mystery system.

    Greek philosophy actually bears an African imprint, states author and philosophy professor Innocent C. Onyewuenyi in his provocative and important new book, The African Origin of Greek Philosophy: An Exercise in Afrocentrism. Onyewuenyi argues that current notions of Greek philosophy are in error. Philosophical thought began in Africa thousands of years before Greek systems, Onyewuenyi suggests, but colonialism, imperialism and racism suppressed it in order to maintain European superiority over Africans.

    Written in clear, graceful prose, Onyewuenyi’s book traces how Europeans sidestepped logic and history to strengthen racist ideologies. Greek philosophers, Onyewuenyi argues, actually were students of Egyptian scholars, a fact they repeatedly acknowledged. Thoroughly researched, this book rediscovers the origins of philosophy and triumphs the intellectual achievements of Africans. Brave, bold, and intellectually stimulating, this is a book that provocatively rewrites the history of philosophy as readers know it.

    The African Origin of Greek Philosophy: An Exercise in Afrocentrism is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author

    Innocent C. Onyewuenyi was born in Nigeria and was ordained as a priest in 1961. He taught philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts (1970-73), and at the University of Nigeria, where he rose to become Department Chair and Dean of the Faculty of the Social Sciences. The author of many scholarly articles and monographs, Onyewuenyi is a past vice president of the Nigerian Philosophical Association and member emeritus of the American Philosophical Association. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington and Gaithersburg, Maryland.


    Innocent Onyewuenyi,

  23. David Field says:

    Beings in a Dream

    An apt continuation to the gripping turn of events in David Field’s book ‘Friends & Enemies’ is complete and available now.

    The author’s undeniably appealing way with words and broad knowledge can clearly be seen in his literary works; those who have read ‘Friends & Enemies’ are sure to vouch for this fact. This engaging and enthralling story is about a fifteen year old boy Tommy who gets transported back in time where an innocent romance takes shape between him and his love interest — Eloise de Narbonne, a French countess from the sixteenth century. However, the path that they are destined to tread is not an easy one, and they get embroiled in a series of dark yet thrilling events. In the course of their journey they manage to brave several evil and near-fatal situations involving corrupt clergymen, treason within power-hungry dynasties, caves abounding with evil spirits, outlaws banished to marshlands and many more.

    ‘Beings in a Dream’ starts off where its forerunner ends with the victory, though momentary, of good over evil, when the key negative character in the plot, the murderous family priest Father Drogo, is denounced publicly for his misdeeds. The storyline takes an interesting twist when it is Eloise’s turn to accompany Tommy to the present day world. This contrasts with the first volume of the series, ‘Friends & Enemies’, where it was Tommy who had traveled back in time. As Eloise struggles to make sense of the ways of modern day living, the description of how she is bemused, baffled, confused and sometimes delighted is particularly noteworthy for being very close to how it would surely be. The plot thickens when the fiendish Father Drogo finds his way to Eloise and drags her back with him to the world that they belong to, four hundred years in the past. What follows are Tommy’s desperate attempts to find and rescue her from the nunnery in which she has been kept prisoner before the two of them nail the evil Father Drogo once again.

    In spite of being a fantasy, the nuances of the plot convince you of the reality of it all. For example, there’s Tommy’s mobile phone that manages to be usable when he’s in Eloise’s world four hundred years back in time! The impact of such detail is that the reader is able to identify with the story-line, willingly accept the patently impossible and even imagine themselves to be in Tommy’s or Eloise’s shoes. Indeed the book runs like a film before your eyes!

    Another attractive aspect of David Field’s book is the genuine attempt to replicate the innocence of teenage romance. This makes this book appropriate reading material for young readers; it is obvious that the author has keen insight into the lives of teenagers around him, from his own family and from his own teen days. The beauty of the book however, lies in the fact that it appeals readers belonging to a wide spectrum of age-groups, from 10 to 110.

    David Field’s proven story-telling skills are only further underlined with ‘Beings in a Dream’, the title of ‘Friends & Enemies’, Part II. The ease with which readers are able to follow the interactions between the various characters, across centuries in particular, is a clear indicator of Field’s literary prowess. ‘Unpredictable’ is the one term that can describe the turn of events in Tommy and Eloise’s story; the fact that readers of Friends and Enemies feel compelled to sit into the wee hours of dawn simply because they cannot get themselves to put the book down maybe says it all — get ready for some sleepless nights with ‘Beings in a Dream’!

    About the author:

    David Field is an astronomer and physicist, currently a professor at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Writing clearly is a passion for this talented story-teller; he has been writing short stories for over a decade now. The author can be contacted through the ‘e-mail’ link on his webpage .


    David Field,
    T: +45 86 22 45 01,

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  24. Raising a Superstar: Simple Strategies to Bring Out the Brilliance in Every Child

    “Superstars are made, not born,” explains Terri Khonsari, author of the motivational new book “Raising a Superstar: Simple Strategies to Bring Out the Brilliance in Every Child.” The 137-page parenting guidebook is now available at Khonsari, who holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, also announces her upcoming speaking tour, which includes engagements on the Bob Proctor Cruise and at the 15th Annual Northwest Women’s Show.

    It’s the number one question on every parent’s mind: How can you ensure your child has the right mindset and attitude to succeed in life? Better yet, how can parents provide the right guidance children need to help them enjoy the journey as much as the destination? In this motivational new book, Khonsari explores strategies that encourage a well-balanced, emotionally secure individual.

    “Terri raised a superstar kid and wants to show you how to do the same or better,” states Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

    “Raising a Superstar” engages the reader with practical exercises that help encourage emotional strength, confidence and independence. It’s the perfect companion for back-to-school, with an entire chapter dedicated to helping children of all ages enjoy school and homework, overcome peer pressure and select the right friends.

    “It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, how busy you are or how many demands you face,” states Khonsari. “Everyone can raise a happy, healthy, successful and well-rounded superstar.”

    Join Terri Khonsari on the Bob Proctor cruise The Power of Attraction October 6-13, 2007 ( Bob Proctor is most recognized for his appearance in The Secret. Khonsari will also appear at the 15th Annual Northwest Women’s Show at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland ( During both presentations, Khonsari will share her strategies for raising a superstar child. To learn more about the motivational new book “Raising a Superstar: Simple Strategies to Bring Out the Brilliance in Every Child,” to purchase a copy of the book or to book Terri Khonsari to speak at an event, visit

    About Terri Khonsari

    It all began at a train station in Munich, Germany when 22-year-old Terri Khonsari, a native Iranian, was abandoned by her husband with their 18-month-old toddler in a country where she didn’t speak the language.

    As she strived to build a new life in Europe, Canada and, eventually, the United States, Terri fostered the same qualities in her daughter, Nilou, that she teaches in her book. Nilou has since graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and attends Georgetown Law School with the goal of practicing in the area of Human Rights. She volunteers and holds leadership roles at non-profit organizations, speaks five languages fluently, has visited six continents and more than 30 countries. She also runs marathons and ultra-marathons in the United States and abroad.

    Terri Khonsari holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology. She’s a powerful speaker and runs a thriving business. Terri is available for speaking engagements and interviews.


    Terri Khonsari,
    T: 925-330-6806,

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  25. Anyone interested in post-Katrina rebuilding efforts in the Big Easy will want to visit the all new site,, designed to celebrate the strength, courage and hopes of the great city’s people. Anyone interested in fine southern, Creole and Cajun cooking experiences will also want to visit the site time and time again. Just like the cookbook on which the site was based, is full of personal stories of triumph, traditional New Orleans recipes passed down from generation to generation, a blog that allows Katrina survivors and others to stay in touch and share stories and recipes, an impressive monthly newsletter that offers a post-Katrina look at New Orleans, information unmatched by any other food-based newsletter, and much more.

    Possibly one of the best-feeling sites to capture the true flavor and passion of the Louisiana and New Orleans lifestyle on the Internet today, even offers visitors a way to pitch in and lend a helping hand in the rebuilding efforts through an affiliation with a solid charitable organization that was thoroughly reviewed and handpicked by Ruby Slippers Cookbook author Amy Cyrex Sins. When asked why it was so important to write the book, which is far more than just a cookbook, she said “Donating to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is a way that I can give back to a city and state I love dearly.”

    “I wanted to give the people of New Orleans hope and share that newfound hope with others,” Sins explains. “The site and Ruby Slippers Cookbook is also a way for me to rebuild my life through new friendships, the strength of fellow citizens and recipes that mark our lives. I lost all of my cherished family recipes when my home flooded, and I was devastated. I had to do something to help the city, to help others and to maintain my sanity! Creating the cookbook was a way to do that. While I included plenty of wonderful family recipes readers will want to try and pass on to others, the book is also a celebration of life, culture, family and food from the viewpoint of those of us who have lost something as a result of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed. The photography is amazing; the stories are touching, and the recipes were collected from the people as a means of healing. Some of the recipes were shared with me incomplete or with only directions by taste. I had to fill in the blanks based on my cooking experience and the feedback of my many tasters. I love to cook, just as many of the people of Louisiana. Cooking good food is just a normal part of life for us! I’m happy to say the book is a success; I receive letters of appreciation every day. I’m hoping the site will bring joy, too. I encourage visitors to sign up for the free monthly newsletter, so they can add to their recipe collections.”

    Showcasing Ruby Slippers Cookbook, the revamped site takes us on a magical journey through beautifully captured imagery, imaginative writing, memorable recipes and more. To kick off the re-launch, Sins is waiving the cost of the book for the first TEN visitors who sign up to buy it online! (This is a $35 value.) Plus, she will ship it to them at no cost.


    The first 10 people who visit and complete the book order form will receive one FREE copy of Ruby Slippers Cookbook, signed by author Amy Cyrex Sins along with a personal note of thanks!


    Site visitors can read excerpts from the book and order as many copies of Ruby Slippers Cookbook as they want. The book is also available at many fine retailers, the growing list of which is posted on the site. What a great gift for the holidays to those who enjoy cooking, inspirational photography and stories made to lift the spirit!

    Hardbound and colorful, this beautifully designed book will last for years to come. A perfect heirloom and coffee table book, it’s a gift that keeps giving and can be passed from generation to generation. And if you like Sins ever need to evacuate, anything you need to cook a great New Orleans meal can easily go with you! For more information, visit or contact author Amy Cyrex Sins directly at 504-616-4089 or at

    About Ruby Slippers Cookbook:

    In 2006, the Gourmand Award Winning cookbook was honored for its uniqueness, ingenuity and beauty. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book goes to the people of New Orleans and the region through donation to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. With the group’s assistance, it is author Sins’ goal to help preserve and restore the wetlands of Louisiana.


    Sandra Rea-McGinty ,
    Public Relations Director,
    T: 949-291-2265 ,

  26. David Veen says:

    Provocative New Book Offers Life-Saving Plan for the Sick to get help During Natural Disasters

    No Excuses! by David Veen offers important guidelines and solutions to give companies a plan of action to take care of their patients during unforeseen disasters. Rather than engaging in blame or excuses, this book promotes concrete solutions.

    Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 may be over, but no one knows when the next natural disaster or tragedy may strike. People dependent on medication or medical help are often the first casualties, simply because the companies they depend on for that help have no plan to get it to them. Now, in David Veen’s thought-provoking book, No Excuses! he offers solid answers.

    Written in clear, calm prose, Veen shows how a fictitious company might handle the planning, implementing and execution of a change management plan during an unforseen disaster. He shows why it’s so important that these plans kick in instantly, and how something as simple as putting up an emergency website where patients can order their medication and a centralized network to distribute it, can save millions of lives.

    Tragedy and disaster can happen here in America again, but if companies would follow the message in this wise, incisive book, millions of people need not worry about getting their medication when they need it.

    For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author at No Excuses! is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    Book Specifics:

    ISBN: 1-4196-5750-X
    Pages: 54
    SRP: $12.99
    Publish date: February, 2007

    About the Author

    David Veen works in the medical rehabilitation field, where he was Employee of the Year in 2006. A recipient of a Masters of Management degree, he is now working towards his Doctorate in Business Administration. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


    David Veen ,
    T: 818-585-8402 ,

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  27. Patricia Odell says:

    God: When Will You Answer My Prayers?

    God: When Will You Answer My Prayers: Book 1 of the Samantha Books by Patty Cakes, which is the author’s most recent book to date.

    As an adult I have learned that there is God’s timing and way of dealing with the world, and then there is man’s. How far could children go if they were taught God’s basic principles and rules as soon as they could learn to read and comprehend?

    This is the story of a puppy named Samantha. She had a very rough start to life, but learned to follow God’s ways and pray to Him for help. Samantha asked God to help her and suddenly things started to change, at first it seemed things were getting worse. Had God not heard her prayers? If He had, why was it taking so long for Him to help her? Samantha cried out to God: When will you answer my prayers?

    About the Author

    Patricia Odell (a.k.a. Patty Cakes) has spent the last 30 years in the network/communication industry successfully planning, managing, developing, testing and implementing major customer service projects. Her mission the next 30+ years is to help guide young children to the Lord by providing stories that entertain and bring His teachings to life.

    God When Will You Answer My Prayers’ is the first book in a series of four. It tells the story of a dog, named Samantha, who learns the ways of the Lord. The second book in the series is entitled, God, What about Me’? This story continues with Samantha’s life as new members are added to her family. She must work through numerous feelings to overcome selfishness and resentment. The third book in the series is entitled God, Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?’ This story has Samantha and members of her family going through very rough times. The fourth book in the series is entitled, God, Who Goes to Heaven?’ This story helps children understand more about life and the pathway to heaven.

    Book Specifics:

    ISBN: 1598002724
    Pages: 54
    SRP: $17.95
    Publish date: March, 2007


    Patricia Odell,
    T: 386-860-4777,

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  28. Ruben Bailey says:

    Author Ruben Bailey’s near-death experience has led to the release of his new book on enlightenment through the power of dreams. “In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love,” Bailey demonstrates the power of dreams to transform and serve as a path of illumination to achieve cosmic consciousness and enter into a state of true enlightenment.

    Ruben Bailey survived a near-death experience to find himself dreaming while awake. In his new novel, he tells about the dreams that followed this near-death experience. Within these altered states of consciousness, spirits would visit him in the dreams to awaken him.

    Bailey would wake up to find angelic beings hovering over his bed or standing beside him. They would then take Bailey on heroic journeys to reveal past lives, karmic patterns and other dimensions. In so doing, Bailey became aware of the great potential that lies within humanity to awaken to a multidimensional awareness of the cosmic self and transcend the physical plane of reality to become one with spirit and all of creation in every dimension of existence.

    In his book, Bailey claims dreams are the key and pathway through which humanity will enter the Age of Aquarius. The message he brings is that enlightenment is not an esoteric concept, but can be realized by all, experienced consciously and used in a practical way to bring about a life of fulfillment.

    The book is published through Lulu’s print-on-demand and is available through most major online book retailers and through the book’s online Web site located at The author is also donating part of the proceeds on the sale of his book to help support various charitable organizations, such as the Aid for Traumatized Children Project sponsored through the World Dreams Peace Bridge.

    For more information on the project, visit:

    Book Details:

    Title: “In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love”
    Author: Ruben Bailey
    ISBN: 978-0-6151-5178-6
    Pages: 252
    Suggested Retail Price: $23.50
    Publish date: July, 2007

    About Ruben Bailey:

    Ruben Bailey has been interested in dreams since 1995 when he began having a series of precognitive dreams and has been journaling them ever since. He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Strayer University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. This is his first non-fiction novel. He maintains a website at


    Ruben Bailey ,
    T: 202-722-4337 ,

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  29. Public Lies

    What do you do when your marriage has fallen apart, when your drug addict husband squanders away money to feed a violent coke habit, when the man you once loved turns out to be your nightmare, when you feel you could lose your two kids through a traditional divorce because he’s such a skilled liar, when he welcomes every opportunity to abuse you — emotionally, physically and sexually?

    Brenda Youngerman, a survivor of domestic violence and an avid proponent of stronger legislation against such violence helps us explore what it feels like to be in the shoes of someone who lives in fear daily, with her new novel, Public Lies.

    The taut psychological drama shows that domestic abuse is a problem that cuts across the very fabric of America affecting women from all walks of life. With her fictionalized account of a very real problem, it is her fervent hope that the story will show millions of abused women they are not alone. And there is help.

    “I wrote Public Lies to enlighten people to the plight of the victims,” shares Brenda. “This year alone,” she notes “approximately three million American women will be assaulted by their partners. One in every four women in our country will be assaulted by her partner sometime in her life.”

    Public Lies explores what happens once an abused woman is convinced the only way to live a normal life and to protect her kids is to kidnap them and run away without a note or a trace. What type of life will she live? Where will she go? Who will help her? How will she make money? What will she tell her kids who want to see their daddy? What if he comes after them? What will he do — what will she do?

    As shameful, fearful and hurtful as Nancy Cooper was about her pathetic marriage and abused soul, what really concerned her most was to protect her kids from the clutches of this larger-than-life monster. But how will she survive while looking constantly in her rear view mirror?

    Nancy, the heroine in Public Lies, leaves her life behind to start fresh, though always fearful the past will catch up. Brenda uses Public Lies to demonstrate:

    What it would be like to find yourself in an abusive relationship. How far some women will go to break free of a violent marriage. Why women so badly want to believe their husband will change. How to start a new life over and cut your losses. Why children must be protected at all costs.

    Public Lies also shows how far an abuser will go to get his wife back, including:

    Hiring a detective to hunt her down. Making up outrageous lies to win the favor of the courts. Sobering up just long enough to seek vengeance. Extorting money by threatening child visitation. Bribing the kids while alienating them from their mother.

    “There was no doubt in Nancy’s mind that she would have ended up either dead or a drug addict if she had stayed married to Vince,” says Brenda. “Either way, her children would not have a mother.”

    But life on the lam isn’t easy either. And when Vince catches up to Nancy, all hell breaks loose.

    “Public Lies is about courage of the abused, about the depth of love and strength of a mother, and about the failure of the courts and police to help abused women,” says Brenda, “But most of all, it’s about the millions of women who feel trapped, confused, hurt, and alone who need to know they have options and that help is available.”

    Publication Data:
    Public Lies by Brenda Youngerman;
    Outskirts Press;
    286 pages;
    Trade Paper;
    ISBN: 978-4327-1296-9

    Contact Information:

    Brenda Youngerman,
    T: 562-923-0722,

    Source of message:

  30. Ken Shaw says:

    It’s a Brand New Day

    It’s a Brand New Day: Life Lessons is a book for children that is really two books in one: the first part is a stunning book of nature photography overlaid with rhyming verse, in both English and Spanish, that celebrates the wonder of God’s world. The latter provides thoughtful material on the love of Christ and the importance of family values. The words to four new songs, including the title song, are included, the music of which is available in an optional companion CD.

    It’s a Brand New Day began as a poem, which grew into an artistic collaboration between author Donald Slater and author/composer/photographer Kenny Shaw. The result is a bilingual, photo-rich book for children, which can be revisited as a child matures and is able to grasp the deeper meanings of the words. There are pages within that teach kids life lessons about the importance of honoring Jesus; one’s mother, father and grandparents; our veterans, and even one’s pets. There are also workbook pages in which a child can participate in honoring these values.

    Slater and Shaw say of It’s a Brand New Day: “When your child becomes aware that God surrounds us with His living gifts of love in all of the creatures of nature, a seed of faith is planted from which your child can build his or her life and persona. Now your child can learn that happiness comes from within, and there is no need to look outside to the chaos of barking marketing, music, radio and TV role models nor the exclusionary peer cliques that often impart barbs of abuse and rejection. Instead, your child can live content in knowing that he or she is loved by you and also by God. With It’s a Brand New Day, kids win.”

    ISBN(s): 1432713980
    Format(s): 8.5 x 8.5 Color
    SRP: US $22.95/CAN

    Donald Leslie Slater grew up in the beautiful state of Oregon, which, he says, inspired the writing of It’s a Brand New Day. In his younger years, he served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II and was stationed in Belgium. Kenny D. Shaw was born in Vermont to a very musical family. During his youth he recalls listening to his beloved grandmother playing the organ in the den, while his mom played cello, his Uncle Arthur bowed the violin, and Aunt Harriet played the grand piano in the living room. In addition to his songwriting, Shaw is a talented photographer whose works comprise most of the pictures within It’s a Brand New Day. Brought together by their concern for today’s children and love and gratitude to Christ, Slater and Shaw are passionate about the good that can come from this artistic endeavor.


    Ken Shaw,

    Source of message:

  31. Kevin Davis says:

    Shep: Loyalty Beyond All Bounds

    Sixty-five years ago in Ft. Benton Montana a sheepdog named Shep died. Shep went up to every passenger train for five and one-half years, where he waited for his master’s return. When Shep died in 1942, the story hit the A.P.. It was picked up by the London Daily and the New York Times. At that time it took on meaning for those who would grieve the departure of their loved ones (those who were departing for WW2) and would wait for their safe return.

    Now a new novel Shep: Loyalty Beyond All Bounds, 217 pages, $14.99. Published by Holy Fire is now available through Barnes and and

    This is a heartwarming story of devotion between man and his best friend. This relevant story starts out with the protagonist, a WW1 veteran haunted by his war experience loses his job on Black Tuesday. This story is an antidote for those who are in the same situation today. It gives people inspiration and hope. It’s a story for this time.

    Shep’s about a stray shepherd’s dog who meets with a man without hope. After they meet John’s bad luck takes a complete turn. He learns all about herding sheep, falls in love and builds a house. Just when his life is complete, tragedy strikes.

    It’s a story of God’s love and forgiveness. This saga weaves in a family of Irish Immigrants, the Fitzpatrick’s and their culture of working sheep. It takes place before the Taylor Act, where there was a free range war going on between the cowboys and the sheepherders.

    It has the classic idea of pulling for the literal underdog who’s on the right side defeating the over dog who’s on the wrong side which is a strong American mythology. This is the type of story where true legends are made.

    It’s a tearjerker, with a redemptive ending reaffirms one’s belief. It’s the classic Irish account, where life’s tragic struggle brings meaning. Shep’s a tale that will hold the test of time, because of it’s universal themes of good triumphing over evil.

    Shep’s ending is powerful! Kevin has had people come up and tell him, “I cried.” Kevin had a 22 year old journalism student, Vickie read the script. I asked her, “Did you cry?”

    She said, “No, but my chin was down to my chest!” This is a real good story! It just needs to be read.

    Some historians think that it was our relationship with dog’s that permitted us to leave the hunter gatherer state, because of the work load they took off our lives. This story tells why Border Collies are worth their weight in gold. The Border Collie is considered the genetic Archetype of working dogs. They’re considered the most intelligent dogs in the world.

    The author, Kevin Davis, started writing after he went to Hollywood. Where he won a National Television Show Animal Pet Contest with his Border Collie, Kena “The Soccer Dog.” During Kena’s performance, the host Mario Lopez compared her soccer ability to David Beckham. After the show his breeder, Don Marshall told Kevin that he knew someone in Hollywood. Kevin sent his material to David Brokaw, “The Brokaw Company.” His father is Norman Brokaw, ex CEO of William Morris. David called Kevin and told him, “You know this stuff! You’re a producer. Just get me a story!”

    Kevin started writing screenplays and decided to turn his work into a novel format.

    For Kena’s tricks go to You Tube and Search: Kena “The Soccer Dog.” Be sure to check out her smiling face.


    Kevin Davis,
    T: 319-338-8422,

    Source of message:

  32. James P. Hewitt says:

    James P. Hewitt with the publication of Sick Building Syndrome, educates the public how indoor air quality, noise pollution, lighting, and cleaning chemicals can harm their overall health and well being.

    One reader’s blog called this book, “A must read”.

    Angel Editing noted that ” SBS is an excellent book that is a well written and researched preventative maintenance manual .”

    A school teacher in Pennsylvania stated on a blog, “This book helped our staff get rid of many of our ailments. It saved us many Doctor co-pays.”

    Another reader who suffered exposure to toxic molds at a construction work site e-mailed the author, with the following comments, ” Interesting and helpful read.”

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has in the past, defined indoor air pollution as one of the most significant environmental threats to human health? This syndrome is relatively unknown and poorly researched.

    James P. Hewitt, RN wrote Sick Building Syndrome to help others learn about this poorly understood syndrome that affects many people worldwide.

    ISBN # 9781430305316,
    Pages: 116,
    SRP $38.50

    The Author has led an interesting life. He has worked in a variety of fields ranging from Restaurant Management, Licensed Seaman, Educator, Journalist, and, is currently a Registered Nurse working at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, which is nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. Academically he has earned a variety of degrees, which are listed in chronological order: AAA in Mass Media, BA in Communication Arts, AAS in Nursing, and finally a MS in Health Care Administration.


    James P. Hewitt, RN,

    Source of message:

  33. Hanwell Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Healing Pathway for Hopelessness: An Effective 6-week Faith-Based Program.

    Thelma Langley, member of the (SCLC) Southern Christian Leadership Conference says, “While the ‘Healing Pathway for Hopelessness’ program is for youth, based on my experience in studying this, it will certainly help all ages to understand the purpose God has for their lives.”

    This program was well-received as a compelling program for youth when it was first introduced in 1999 and utilized during a national campaign for fatherless homes. Now enhanced for classroom settings, in addition to home use, teachers and homeschool providers can incorporate this effective study tool.

    Because of its effectiveness, adults who also struggle with despair, hopelessness, rejection, anger and oppression are finding freedom. The program aggressively targets low self-esteem while guiding an individual to confidently utilize their talents in order to bring to fruition a dream that was lost.

    The ramifications of fatherless homes is widespread with many turning to the left because of their mistrust. Youth will find comfort, in the first week’s lesson, with an eternal Father who will never abandon them. While utilizing biblical text, within the program, they will understand the negative behavior and inner pain of those who hurt them. Each chapter is carefully structured to safely lead a skeptic into the reality of a personal relationship with God and the hope-filled future He has for them. We have seen God move strong on the heart of each person who went through the Healing Pathway For Hopelessness program.

    Now available in the Spanish translation.

    The Healing Pathway For Hopelessness Program can be ordered by calling 252-756-0206 or visit Also available from major book sellers, including Wholesale and bulk orders can be obtained.


    Renee Maimone,
    T: 252-756-0206,

    Source of message:

  34. Frances De Souza says:

    Shredding The Da Vinci Code And Vindicating The Deity Of Christ by Francis De Souza, not only exposes Dan Brown’s chicanery, but — as the title suggests, vindicates the deity of Christ in a manner that is compelling and uniquely different.

    By means of convincing arguments bolstered by facts and sheer logic, interspersed with a good deal of tongue-in-cheek humor, the author exposes the lies, the logical inconsistencies, the contradictions, the errors, and the brainwashing tactics in The Da Vinci Code.

    Not content to leave it at that, he also vindicates the deity of Christ in a manner that is thought-provoking and uniquely different.

    Combining an insightful understanding of the Bible with symbolism that is both novel and fascinating; De Souza uses details associated with the feasts of Hanukkah and Tabernacles, along with relevant Scripture passages to show why the celebration of Christmas on December 25; the day when the pagan world celebrated Sol Invictus, actually has beautiful symbolic significance linking it to Christ — The Light Of The World.

    Likewise, he shows why the accounts of Christ’s death, 3-day entombment, and resurrection on Sunday; rather than having been copied from pagan myths of dying and rising gods, are vindicated by clues that can be found in the Old Testament, beginning with very first Book of the Bible, as well as in symbolism associated with the feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits; thereby assuring Christians who attend Church services on Sundays that it is indeed the Lord’s Day was intended to be the Lord’s Day, from before the foundation of the world.

    He provides compelling arguments to show why the Christian practice of God-eating, as Dan the Pagan Fan refers to it; rather than being a mere imitation of pagan rituals, points to a great spiritual truth that has been ingeniously incorporated into the design of the natural world, including that of our own bodies.

    ISBN: 9781432704964,
    Format: 6 x 9 Paperback,
    SRP: $12.95,
    Publisher: Outskirts Press

    De Souza is an electrical engineer, living in Southern California .

    Frances De Souza,

    Source of message:

  35. Everett McFall says:

    In I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even in My Sleep, former Marine Corps medic E. Everett McFall tells of his decades-long battle with post-traumatic stress disorder following his military tour of duty in Vietnam. It is a heartrending and brutally honest account of one man’s struggle to come to terms with one of the century’s bloodiest wars.

    Outskirts Press is pleased to announce the publication of I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even in My Sleep. Former Marine Corps medic E. Everett McFall served his country with pride and honor, but the horrors he bore witness to in Vietnam more than forty years ago still haunt him. As he writes in his introduction: “I have PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s an instant video playback in my mind, with cranial surround sound.I have been reliving and revisiting my tour in Vietnam, daily, since 1967.”

    At the urging of a psychotherapist at the Jessie Brown Veterans Administration Hospital in Chicago, McFall began to write down his concerns and fears, expressing as openly as possible his thoughts on this experiences in Vietnam. Thus began the painstaking process of relaying his ever-present memories of the Vietnam War into poetry.

    From the opening poem “You Forgot, I Can’t” through such meditations as “Little Tiny Faces,” “The Eyes of Death,” “The Battles Never STOP,” and “Survivors Guilt,” McFall provides the reader with a much better understanding of PTSD and its effects on the mind and body. It is a cathartic work that shows the torment and pain of a Vietnam War Veteran while providing a shocking, sensory insight into life as a Marine medic.

    “With this work,” McFall says, “I hope to bring healing to the veteran as he or she reflects and recalls, and that those non-military folk will be educated and develop a deeper understanding and sympathy for what we went through.”

    I Can Still Hear Their Cries is a brave, powerful, and absorbing work that provides support for all veterans and their families; it should be on the shelf of every public and military library.

    “Searing and Ruthlessly Honest, a Must Read!” — Dr. James B. Lane, PhD, Distinguished Historian, Prolific Author, and Professor.

    ISBN: 978-1-4327-0457-5
    Format: 6×9 paperback
    Pages: 72
    SRP: $11.95

    A teenage US Marine Corps medic left the U.S. for a tour in Southeast Asia in 1966. Those 364 days in Vietnam forever changed his life. Forty years later, at age sixty, he is still fighting through depression, nightmares, and recurring flashbacks with intrusive thoughts. Writing has afforded E. Everett McFall rays of hope, as he continues to struggle with his inner demons. He states, “I can still hear their cries, even in my sleep.”

    E. Everett McFall,
    T: 219-980-0422,

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  36. Sacred Wisdom: A Mystical Journey Exploring the Purpose of Life

    In a culture that worships the shallow and external, Helga Schroder provides a refreshing reminder to look inside and re-evaluate what is truly important in life, with her debut novel, “Sacred Wisdom: A Mystical Journey Exploring the Purpose of Life” (ISBN 9780978759308, Suka Press, 2006).

    “Sacred Wisdom” tells the story of Lou van Helden, a Dutch immigrant determined to achieve the American Dream of material success. As a prominent young, corporate attorney, Lou is well on his way to achieving that dream when his life is suddenly interrupted by a visit from the Novemvirat, a diverse advisory council, holding the wisdom of the world. The Novemvirat reminds Lou of a promise he made before coming to Earth, a promise to help the children, the elderly and the environment.

    Although Lou has no recollection of making this promise, he has no choice but to fulfill it. The resulting challenges and struggles change Lou forever, as he learns to live a more complete and satisfying life than he ever imagined possible. Readers following Lou’s journey may find themselves beginning their own journeys, inspired by Lou’s story to create new life goals and being filled with a renewed sense of purpose for their lives.

    “Sacred Wisdom” views spirituality as universal and uniting. Schroder educates readers on the underlying similarities of all the world’s religions and ancient, universal principles which Lou begins to discover while traveling to the beautiful depths of the Brazilian forest. Through Lou’s story, Schroder also skillfully confronts current issues, such as environmental destruction, elder care and the needs of the next generation. “Sacred Wisdom” subtly nudges readers to consider whether they are doing their part in society to protect the planet and serve mankind, in a thoroughly entertaining and inspiring read that speaks directly to people’s hearts.

    “We are all together here on earth, caught in the same human experience,” Schroder says. “The more we help each other, the more happiness we will find.”

    About the Author:

    Helga Schroder resides in Aliso Viejo, California. She was born and raised in Germany, where she graduated from the Universitaet Heidelberg in applied linguistics. She is a Fulbright Scholar and “Sacred Wisdom” is her first novel.

    “Sacred Wisdom: A Mystical Journey Exploring the Purpose of Life” (ISBN 9780978759308) can be purchased through independent local bookstores and online.

    For more information, visit

    Publicity contact:


    Helga Schroder,
    T: 949-292-2673 ,

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  37. Steven Roberts says:

    Christmas on Deery Street

    Christmas on Deery Street is a charming collection of holiday stories which stand as a heartfelt tribute to family life and the simple joy of Christmastime.

    Humor and wit are beautifully blended to share six distinct and universal parables. At the heart of each story lays a lesson that shares the message of Christmas. The collection is filled with unique characters, a sense of community, and good old fashioned fun. The characters come from everyone’s life yet they are distinct in the importance and unique in their personalities.

    In While Shepherds Watched, Steven Roberts captivates his readers and takes them back to a more simple time. With vibrant characters and beautiful imagery, he weaves timeless tales of hope and love. At the heart of each story is a lesson that shows the joy and true blessing of family and friends. The messages are universal and build on the tradition and inevitable chaos of holidays. Readers easily project their own lives and experiences on to the characters. All ages will be warmed and delighted by this collection.

    These two books are full of wonderful tales and parables that will make you laugh out loud and move you to tears. Each story will warm and thrill you, and magically take you back and rekindle the excitement you felt as a kid eagerly awaiting Santa. They’ll remind you over and over of all that’s best of families and friends. You’ll easily associate with the many unique, rich characters, and find yourself saying “I remember doing that” or “he’s just like so-and-so” or “I know how that feels.”

    Christmas On Deery Street and While Shepherds Watched are celebrations of life and family, and constant reminders that miracles really do happen if you only believe.

    How to Purchase the Books:

    Christmas On Deery Street (ISBN: 9781432713119, SRP: $12.95) and While Shepherds Watched (ISBN: 9781432714017, SRP: $15.95) are available through the following:

    Watson-Roberts Publishers
    T:(865) 256-5597,
    E: ,

    Carpe Librum Booksellers,
    T: (865) 588-8080, ,

    Or online at; and (Barnes and Noble); or through most major bookstores.

    What Readers Have Said (taken from reviews submitted to

    “…unique characters, beautiful prose, and stories that cause us to recall our own childhoods. I laughed and cried and was always uplifted at the end. Bravo!”

    “What a terrific read.moving and compelling with a particularly clear insight into the dynamics of family, love, and life.”

    “…a collection of real, accessible stories set within a Christmas theme, but are actually a group of rare, readable, delightful parables about the human condition.”

    “…funny, always heartwarming stories, each of which finishes with a surprising twist.charming characters and intriguing plots mixed with just the right amount of holiday cheer.”

    “…wonderful collections of holiday stories.perfect for those weeks before Christmas when you want to be fully immersed in the season.”

    Steven Roberts “is a master of the gentle O’Henry twist ending and creating tableaux that are as real and moving as any Norman Rockwell painting.” –Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times bestselling author.

    About the Author:

    Steven Roberts has spent his professional life in public service. He has been a high school English teacher, managed agencies for the State of Tennessee and the City of Knoxville, and taught at the University of Tennessee where he received the Chancellor’s Outstanding Instructor Award in 2000. He has also been the president of his own management consulting company. He currently teaches Management and Political Science for Tusculum College. He holds a Ph. D in Political Science and is an expert in state and municipal politics, public administration, and the Presidency. He has served on numerous community, non-profit, and governmental boards, and held the office of President of the City of Knoxville Board of Education. The proud father of two adult children, Nick and Courtney, he lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.


    Steven Roberts,
    T: 865-256-5597,

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  38. Rayna Gangi says:

    Forget The Cures, Find The Cause

    A succinctly written, no nonsense guide to restoring health to ourselves, our families, our children and our country. This book goes beyond the many self-help texts purporting “miracle cures.” as it explains the cause of disease and illness and the decline of our country’s health and health care system.

    Beginning prior to conception, it lays a course of action for families to help reverse the reliance on allopathic medication and empowers the reader’s connection to not only oneself, but also extends the circle to include children, animals, pets, plants, water, the elderly community and even death – the completion of the Circle of Life. Poetic at times, scientifically rhetoric at others, Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, Book 2 — The Circle is a must for everyone’s library regardless of their choice of health care.

    “Book One of Forget the Cures, Find the Cause was an amazing overview of what holistic and alternative health really is. Book Two delves deeper into our mind, body, spirit connection and is truly a wonderful book.” — Laurie Azzarella, Certified Reflexologist/Instructor.

    “As a colleague and friend, I have known Rayna to be a dedicated researcher, healer, writer, and teacher who embraces a deep respect for earth awareness and the interconnections and synergy of all experiences in being within the circle of life. As an alternative to the “Magic Bullet” approach of pills and potions, she offers a guide for those searching for greater balance and health in their lives. I laud her courage to move us toward a more holy, holistic, and holographic way of living and being through personal transition and transformation.” — Dr. Karen Kelley, DC, MSW, Director, The Holistic Healing Arts Center.

    “Don’t skip any pages with this one. Rayna’s style is a mixture of science and spirituality, poetry and directed action, all connected with the journey of the mind, body, and spirit.” – Brian Hastings, EMT, NCMT.

    Book Details:

    ISBN: 9781432715397
    Format: 5 x 8 Paperback
    SRP: $19.95

    ISBN: 9781432709655
    Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Hardback w/ Jacket
    SRP: $24.95 ,

    About the Author:

    Rayna M. Gangi is a Holistic Health Consultant and International Broadcaster. Book One of Forget the Cures, Find the Cause presented The Seven Keys to balanced living. Book Two closes The Circle and engages the reader in taking charge of their body, mind, and spirit.


    Rayna Gangi,
    T: 251-625-0080,

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  39. In Search of Mr. Wonderful: The Journey from Myth to Madness

    Monica Bouvier spent years searching for Mr. Right, but always ending up with Mr. Wrong. Divorced twice, she was disappointment with men who cheated, lied, stole, verbally or physically abused her, performed poorly in bed, or just plain bored her. Her experiences drove her to write In Search of Mr. Wonderful: The Journey from Myth to Madness, a novel of heartbreak, self-destruction, desperation, and, ultimately, of transformation and discovery.

    Syvanna Lee knows what she wants-an everlasting love, her own “Mr. Wonderful.” Yet in her precarious quest to find such a man, she refuses to listen to the truth of her inner voice and ends up disappointed time and again. Each “Mr. Somebody” Syvanna becomes involved with opens a new chapter in her life. Each new relationship causes her to look at herself from a different perspective. Each new lover unveils previously unexplored facets of her own personality. She is ready for love, but will she ever realize that to give love, receive love, or even demand love, she must love herself first? And if Syvanna would only take a moment to listen to her inner voice, she might learn an important truth. As the tale unfolds, an ominous secret from Syvanna’s childhood rises to the surface, a secret that may ultimately kill her.

    Many women experience the same kind of man-hunting troubles as Syvanna in In Search of Mr. Wonderful. While Ms. Bouvier wants to help women to empower themselves, her book is not a how-to-find-a-man primer, but rather a deeply moving story that serves to inspire all women.

    Monica Bouvier says that a woman’s search to find the right guy is really about a woman’s search to be happy-even if the guy never materializes. “There are no magic pills or concoctions that will attract the right person to you,” she says. “What will attract the right person is you-be the best person you can be, for yourself! Don’t waste time waiting for this person to make your life complete. Grab life by the balls and make a permanent stain for future generations to live by. The hardest step is only the first one. Learn it, live it, love it!”

    With In Search of Mr. Wonderful, Monica Bouvier shares her insights on the dating scene, how to know when it’s time to end a relationship, how the myth of Prince Charming sets women up for failure and heartbreak, how even the smartest of women can fail miserably when it comes to men, and why the search for Mr. Wonderful really begins with uncovering the wonder in yourself.

    Book details:

    ISBN: 978-1-4327-0407-0,
    Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback,
    SRP: $24.95

    About the Author:

    Born in Spokane, Washington, Monica Bouvier moved with her family to Anchorage, Alaska, when she was six years old. Her grandfather was one of the state’s first African-American homesteaders. She studied business management and fashion merchandising at UAA in Anchorage and, at present, is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix. Ms. Bouvier has worked at various roles in media, sales, marketing, and television programming for over twenty years. Currently, she is the Traffic Manager and PSA Director at KTVA Channel 11, the CBS affiliate in Anchorage. When not writing, she enjoys reading, tennis, traveling, and acting. The inspiration for In Search of Mr. Wonderful, The Journey From Myth To Madness, came from her own experiences navigating the complexities of romantic relationships.

    Visit to learn more about Monica and her upcoming book projects.


    Monica Bouvier,
    T: 907-272-1389,

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  40. Thomas Horn says:

    Destiny’s Team

    Anomalos Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Destiny’s Team, an exciting new novel that dramatically discusses the key spiritual, cultural and life issues facing America today.

    Authored by attorney Thomas A. Glessner, president of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), Destiny’s Team combines deep spiritual truths within the context and drama of professional football. This story is centered around a professional NFL quarterback as its main character but cannot be seen as merely a “sports novel”.

    Central to its plot are the Christian themes of redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness and second chances. An eternal perspective is provided with glimpses of heaven or hell as the ultimate destination for each one of us. An awareness of the unseen spirit world and its impact upon our daily lives is felt throughout the story.

    NIFLA is a pro-life legal organization that provides legal services to nearly 1,100 pro-life pregnancy resource centers in all fifty states. Glessner, the founder of NIFLA, is a long time national pro-life leader who has provided legal guidance to the pro-life movement for more than twenty-five years.

    Destiny’s Team (ISBN: 978-0978845346, pages: 340, SRP : $14.99) can be ordered by going to Pro-life organizations may purchase signed copies of the book through NIFLA to be used for fund raising premiums for their donor bases.

    All who order the book from on October 1 2007, the official release date of the book, will also receive a special “thank you” gift from Anomalos Publishing — a free copy of Bruce Wilkinson’s book A Life God Rewards.

    “I love a good football story and Destiny’s Team is all of that, but it is more. This book raises keen spiritual questions and provides us with a glimpse of eternity.” — Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Senior Pastor, Antioch Bible Church, Redmond, Washington, former Seattle Seahawk

    “Wrapped within a storyline that touches on romance and rekindled relationships is the unraveling of profound truths and healing. Bravo!” — Jennifer O’Neill, Actress, Author, Speaker, Silent No More

    “Destiny’s Team has something for everyone; faith, friendship, competition, love lost and love found, even rediscovered. Sounds like life, doesn’t it? While this drama centers on a professional NFL quarterback it is not purely a ‘sports novel’ by any means, because it explores deep spiritual truths within the context of football. Central to this story are the themes of reconciliation and second chances and how even one choice can change not only our life but the lives of others around us forever.” — Jonathan Flora, Writer/Director, “A Distant Thunder”


    Thomas Horn,
    T: 417-723-0610,

  41. The Healer’s Way

    “The Healer’s Way” is the culmination of Earnie Larsen’s thirty-plus years as a counselor. The seeds for the book were the questions of a young counselor: How do you keep going? What do you do when you can’t make a difference? What makes a healer? The young man asked Larsen to be his mentor and some time later his stories, clues, questions, and answers came together in this book.

    At the center of “The Healer’s Way” (Conari Press, ISBN: 9781573243094, 240 pages, SRP: $14.95) is the “hoop” — a seven-step process of healing. First we need to make sure our core needs are met; without those we not only can’t heal ourselves or others — we probably can’t live. Then we need to get lost (step 2), get hurt (step 3), get stuck and hit the bottom of the circle (step 4). Only then can we get called (step 5), get up (step 6), and get going (step 7). Once we get going, we move through the cycle again and again, as life presents us with new opportunities for healing ourselves and others.

    Larsen writes, “The pages here are about one thing and one thing only: the spiritual alchemy involved in the amazing-grace process of personal transformation. By definition, healing is about change. Who do people change? How do they change? I’ve focused on those potent moments, the culmination of incredible movements of energy, whether we recognize them or not, at which we become able to see another, higher path — and take it.

    That is what healing is, whether it wears the face of acceptance or forgiveness, whether it is abut totally changing the direction of one’s life or simply opening up to life’s deeper meaning.”

    Earnie Larsen is a pioneer in the field of recovery from addictive and unwanted behaviors, and the originator of the process known as Stage II recovery. He has authored more than 60 books and 40 motivational self-help tapes. He lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. Visit him at Carol Larsen Hegarty is Earnie’s sister and long-time collaborator.


    Earnie Larsen,

    Source of message:

  42. Rene Reid says:

    Pilgrim Souls

    This reality fiction parallels the plight of America as it searches for solutions to a senseless war with a couple struggling to work through their own self-created conflict. Topics raised in the story are at the top of the list of headline news: a way out of America’s quagmire in the Middle East, the coming 2009 presidential election, and more..

    Set amidst pre and post 9/11, “Pilgrim Souls” is the intimate story of California Attorney General Kyle Anderson and his partner, Jenny Roberts, a couple deeply in love but struggling to find harmony amidst their differing views toward their relationship. Recently divorced, Kyle wants a traditional marriage and, after being widowed and divorced, Jenny prefers a life partner to getting married again. Their conflict propels them in different directions allowing them each to move through their separate journeys of self-discovery.

    Kyle’s twin brother, who works in the U.S. Secretary of State’s office, takes the reader behind the scenes to learn how the Pentagon was blindsided by the terrorist attack and the convoluted circumstances that led America to declare war on Iraq. Interlaced in the story are such facts as the specific neocons who led us into this ill-conceived war, how the infamous 16 words got into the State of the Union Address, how Ambassador Joe Wilson wrote his op-ed article calling the White House on this faux pas, and how they retaliated by exposing his wife, Valerie Plame, as a undercover CIA operative.

    After his first term in office, the hero steps down from his elected post in California and moves to Washington D.C. to become president of the U.S. Peace Institute. There he joins his brother as they both agonize over the thrust of the current administration to take our country into a preemptive war in Iraq. They are devastated the day Colin Powell makes his presentation to the U.N. All of this propels them to begin working to create a new and more diplomatic foreign policy for the coming presidential administration in 2009. Moving away from a militaristic approach, their foreign policy includes creating a Department of Peace alongside the Department of Defense, establishing effective multi-institutions to govern world affairs rather than leaving this to a single unilateral government like the U.S., addressing and responding to the grievances that are driving radicalization, and focusing on helping Muslim immigrants integrate into mainstream culture (especially in Europe where they remain disenfranchised and desperate to extricate themselves from a repressive existence). Candidates like Barack Obama are fictionally interviewed by the brothers along with several leading experts on international relations such as Francis Fukuyama (author of America at the Crossroads), Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon (authors of The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting It Right) and Bruce Reidel, an expert on the al Qaeda movement. From these meetings, the brothers begin to create a platform for the next presidential administration that offers a way out of America’s quagmire in the Middle East.

    Applying the wisdom gained from these interviews to his own life, the hero speaks out after much soul searching: “Until we as Americans look inside of ourselves and ask what part we have contributed to the hostility other cultures feel toward us, we will never regain our standing in the world. Is it possible that it has something to do with America’s self-absorbed need to preserve our lifestyle and consume an exorbitant share of the world’s resources to the detriment of other countries? Until each one of us begins to live our lives with a concern for others’ needs as well as our own, we will never create peace out of the conflict that exists.” At this moment, the hero not only embraces an attitude that will help establish a new and better foreign policy for the next presidential administration, but he finds himself reflecting on his missed opportunities to apply these same principles to his personal relationship with the woman he loves. The story concludes with this simple fact: there simply can be no genuine resolution to conflict without (1) awarenessof what angered the other side, (2) owning appropriate responsibility for this, and (3) taking the necessary steps to right the wrong. Set against one of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history, Pilgrim Souls beautifully shows how understanding the other side is an essential step toward healing rifts between individuals as well as nations.

    In the process of working to “save the world,” the hero begins to see the parallels between creating peace internationally for America and creating peace interpersonally with the woman he loves. After years apart, while he comes to gain a genuine understanding of his part in their fallout, the heroine goes through her own recovery and self-discovery after the recent death of her parents and a close friend, all of which coincides with the nation’s struggle to move forward after September 11. She becomes a volunteer for the Red Cross in Iraq and works with Iraqi detainees there. Speaking of the author’s description of this, Major General Antonio Taguba, the Army general whose 2004 investigative report about detainee abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison sparked worldwide outrage, speaks out about Pilgrim Souls: “I found this fictional story to have the depth to make anyone relate to the facts on one of the great tragedies in U.S. history. Very convincing and devastating to America’s image as the beacon of democracy.”

    About the Author:

    Having served as a Catholic nun and an elected public official, Rene Reid brings a fresh perspective to what it takes to bring peace amidst conflict. As a former TV and radio talk show host, the author will make a great guest. This topic can make for controversial interview material for producers, whether conservative or liberal by nature, Although a fictional love story, the historical reality of this book makes it a must read for political buffs, romance readers, and all book lovers.

    Book Details:
    Trade Paperback; $ 23.99; 464 pages; 978-1-4257-8117-0
    Cloth Hardback; $ 34.99; 464 pages; 978-1-4257-8129-3

    The book is currently available for distribution through Ingram and for sale at,, and through the publisher’s bookstore:

    Rene Reid ,
    T: 775-825-9196 ,

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  43. Paul Nowak says:

    The Way of the Christian Samurai: Reflections for Servant-Warriors of Christ

    As Japanese culture becomes more prominent in American entertainment, mysterious and awe inspiring tales of the samurai have become more familiar to the Western world. A new book, The Way of the Christian Samurai: Reflections for Servant-Warriors of Christ (ISBN 0-9772234-6-9) explores how the advice and stories of real samurai can help modern-day Christians.

    As Christians, we are called to be both servants and warriors for Jesus Christ. The samurai, whose very title means “one who serves,” were skillful warriors of feudal Japan who devoted themselves fully to the service of their masters, willing even to sacrifice their lives in service to their lord. Christians are also called by their Lord, Jesus, to take up their cross and follow Him, and to seek to lose their life for His sake (Matthew 16:24-25).

    The samurai and their ways, already common in the Japanese animation and comics that are rising in popularity in the U.S., are about to become even more visible in America, as ABC Family recently announced that they will be airing a television show based on the Samurai Girl series of books, and a remake of the 1954 classic Seven Samurai is in the works.

    While fantastic legends and stories of the samurai are plentiful, The Way of the Christian Samurai draws from primary sources – notes, essays, and books written by real samurai from Japan’s feudal era. Their advice on everything from overcoming fear, giving counsel to others, serving one’s Lord, and self-sacrifice are remarkably applicable to the life of the modern Christian.

    Author Paul Nowak explores the advice of these servant-warriors of old, pointing out how the selections from samurai texts relate to Christian teachings found in the Scriptures.

    The book is a matchless resource for Christians intrigued by the mythos of the samurai or Japanese culture, or for pastors and other spiritual leaders who are looking for anecdotes that illustrate Biblical ideals. Christian parents whose children enjoy anime and manga will especially find it a useful tool in understanding their children’s interests and in ministering to them. rated The Way of the Christian Samurai an ‘Essential’ book for Christians, praising its solid foundation on the Scriptures while breathing new life into Christian ideals, especially service. Glorified Publishers gave The Way of the Christian Samurai its “Stamp of Approval” and listed it as their featured non-fiction book.

    The Way of the Christian Samurai: Reflections for Servant-Warriors of Christ is available for purchase at, as well as from booksellers and, and is available to wholesalers through major book distributors.

    Paul Nowak
    T: (856)577-2869,

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  44. K. David says:

    Look What I Found Underneath the Bed.

    “Look What I Found Underneath the Bed.” by K. David is a gripping and moving novel about finding oneself and never giving up.

    Funny, funny, funny, this streetwise, urban tale has an eye for detail and its nose to the grindstone. “Look What I Found Underneath the Bed.” is K. David’s wickedly fun coming-of-age debut that makes the most of moving up, out, and all of the places in between. When a young college undergraduate, who isn’t afraid of hard work, needs to bulk up his savings, he decides to become a mover for Big Barney’s Moving Company which leads to more than a few odd encounters and one big lesson on life.

    Determined to earn the money he needs for college to relieve his parents of the heavy burden, Kamaul David is having second thoughts on his choice of summer work. The fact is the world of moving is a strange and bizarre place with crazy hazing rituals, and it is a heck of a lot of work. From hot single women to on-the-prowl gay men, each day brings new obstacles to overcome proving once and for all that you never know what you’ll find underneath the bed. Thankfully, he has a host of family and friends who support him along the way and you can be sure of one thing: When the going gets tough, the tough get moving.

    “Look What I found Underneath the Bed.” (ISBN # 978-1419671692, pages: 218, SRP: $18.99) by K. David is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author
    Kamaul David received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of
    Massachusetts. He has worked in the moving industry for fifteen years and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

    K. David,
    T: 617-653-1564 ,

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  45. On October 1, 2007, national best selling multicultural romance writer, Francine Craft, will have fans and new readers of her work buzzing with excitement over the release of her latest Kimani Romance novel, “Never Without You Again” (Kimani Press, paperback, $5.99, 0373860374).

    “In memory of what once was and could be again.”

    Famous photographer, Hunter “Brave Eagle” Davis, is back in Crystal Lake, Virginia and it’s very clear to everyone in this small town that he has every intention of picking up where he left off with their beloved high school guidance counselor — Theda Coles. When family tragedy struck during his sophomore year at Howard University, breaking off his relationship and pending marriage to Theda was the only recourse he felt he could take. A lot has happened in his life since then — marriage, birth of his son, a successful career, and divorce. But despite all he has been through, one declaration he makes emphatically clear to Theda — “I will never be without you again.”

    “How can I forget our past?”

    When Theda Coles encounters Hunter Davis and his son during registration day at the high school where she works, memories of their explosive past and painful break up comes rushing back leaving her cautious, shaken, and desiring this man more than ever before. Theda, a widow recovering from the loss of her husband and son, finds that she cannot deny what she feels for Hunter and decides not only to love again, but love hard — and not let go! Just when her relationship with Hunter seems to be back on track and she turns her attention to becoming the new principal of her high school, she finds Hunter’s ex-wife’s move to town to reclaim her family, a serious threat. Then when his ex-wife forms an alliance with a school board member who is determined to destroy her, a scandal erupts throughout the community that puts her career and reputation as the new principal on the line. Fate robbed her of his presence; will his jealous ex-wife rob her of her life? In, “Never Without You Again”, Francine Craft pens an exquisite tale about ill-fated lovers whose love transcends time and sustains them in times of grief and adversity.

    Praise for “Never Without You Again”:
    “Never Without You Again, starts out slow but steadily gains momentum. Before readers know it, they’ll be hooked and unable to put this book down.” Debbie R. Sims, Romantic Times Magazine.

    About the Author
    Francine Craft is a national best selling multicultural romance writer whose novels have captured the hearts of readers world-wide. Since 1995, she has published 21 titles — 17 novels and 4 anthologies — some of which have made the top 100 list on A native Mississippian, she currently resides in Washington, D.C. Visit Francine Craft’s official website at, and MySpace promotional profile page at, to learn more about her and this exciting new book!

    “Never Without You Again” is available nationwide wherever books are sold and online at,, and Barnes&

    Francine Craft
    Kimani Romance, October 1, 2007
    $5.99 US; ISBN: 0373860374

    The GRITS COM Literary Service , 281-973-6919 ,

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  46. George Thompson says:

    Self-improvement is a long and difficult process. Poet George E Thompson shares insight on his method with his anthology, Experience, Strength and Hope (ISBN # 1-4208-9117-0, pages: 103, SRP: $13.99) is now available at Borders,, Barnes & Noble and

    Through verse, Thompson explores a wide array of topics. He shares his experiences with nature, depression, love and spirituality with candid realism. His unique writing style evokes all five senses through vivid imagery.

    Thompson was inspired to write these poems by his experiences with suffering, loss and shame, but writing ultimately acted as his catharsis. He hopes that readers will relate as he shares his experiences, strength and hope in this intensely personal collection of poetry. He also hopes his work will inspire others to overcome adversity.

    “Anything is possible and my book enlists strength from the reader,” Thompson says. “I believe,” he continues, “in the power of words, whether spoken, written, or communicated in sign language. They can raise us to the Heavens above or take us to the lowest pits of Hell.

    It’s up to us,” he states, “to use these words to raise our consciousness of ourselves and those around us.”

    Here is an excerpt from the book:


    The fire comes leaping through the woods
    Burning all of Nature’s goods.
    It jumps and sways from side to side,
    Using each tree for its scorching ride.
    It sputters left and sputters right–
    Killing life with greedy delight.
    It plays with leaves and very tall pines,
    Breaking in places, then it combines.
    The trip is ended, the forest is gone.
    It all started just before dawn.
    So many were happy while they lived here;
    Now, they’re all hiding in fear.
    It only takes a single match..
    Where’s the next forest a fire can catch?

    Thompson was born in Ironton, Missouri where he was raised by a minister father and a loving mother. His family spent many years traveling the state before finally settling in Fulton, Missouri. His poetry has been recognized by the International Library of Poetry, the International Society of Poets, and his poems have been published in ten anthologies printed by the International Library of Poetry, including Invoking the Muse, The International Who’s Who in Poetry and Songs of Honour (Noble House). Thompson enjoys performing his work.

    This is his first book, but he is currently working on a second anthology as well as an autobiographical novel that is under contract for publication by Xlibris Publishing Company, in Philadelphia. Thompson, now retired, once again makes his home in Ironton, MO. He has returned to his roots and enjoys feeding creatures in his back yard as a break from writing.


    George Thompson,
    T: 573-546-7760 ,

  47. Daniel Klimek says:

    “For the past 30-plus years, constitutional law scholars and historians have concentrated on the wrong case in regard to the issue of abortion. In 1973, Roe v. Wade was not abortion’s ‘landmark’ decision,” writes Daniel Klimek, a young 21-year old author and student of political science at DePaul University. “It is Doe v. Bolton-Roe’s so-called ‘companion case’-which deserves that dubious title.”

    In his first book, Secrets of the High Court: On Political Culture, U.S. Constitutionalism, and the Foundations of the Abortion Industry, Klimek challenges our institutional beliefs on the abortion movement, explaining that it is not a liberal phenomenon but one rooted in American capitalism: “Unlike Roe, which held certain restrictions within its language, Doe not only legalized partial-birth abortion-hence, doing so through all three trimesters of a pregnancy-but, more effectively, the case also economically privatized abortion into a lucrative commodity in the United States.”

    Secrets of the High Court is an iconoclastic exposé challenging our institutional beliefs on the abortion culture, its movement, purpose, and foundations. Challenging the Left and Right, both established political parties, and Washington’s elites, Klimek’s dissident stance is refreshing in a debate too often reduced to bipolarizing ideologies. His primary argument that abortion’s leglaization in 1973 had little, if anything, to do with “women’s rights” but all to do with corporate expansionism is serious and deserves its due. Klimek’s
    proof that Doe v. Bolton, and not Roe v. Wade, is the abortion industry’s landmark decision is a breakthrough.

    About the book:

    Secrets of the High Court: On Political Culture, U.S. Constitutionalism, and the Foundations of the Abortion Industry (ISBN #9781432714253, Pages: 224,
    SRP: $12.95)

    About the Author:
    Daniel P. Klimek was born in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a student of Political Science at DePaul University, where he has been a founding member of the Academic Freedom Committee, served as a senator for the university’s Student Government Association, written for the campus newspaper The DePaulia and contributed to the conservative-libertarian newspaper The Lincoln Park Statesman.

    He also co-hosts a weekly political talk show on the digital radio station WRDP Radio DePaul. In 2005, Klimek was the recipient of the Harvard Crimson Certificate of Excellence in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has also been published in CounterPunch, worked in Washington, D.C. for ABC’s news show “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and in Chicago for the Office of U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin. As well as an inductee of three academic honorary societies, including the Pi Sigma Alpha national political science honor society, Klimek is also a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society and a Brother of the Phi Kappa Sigma international fraternity.

    Daniel Klimek ,
    T: 773-817-1291 ,

  48. Anthony W Harris says:

    Double-Edged: a Change of Heart

    Just in time for the news that the North West Passage is now open, Anthony W Harris has published a new detective thriller by Ben Harr, using suspense and drama to create and hold interest in the hidden perils of climate change.

    Based on some actual occurrences, with fictionalized real-life people, British author Ben Harr has created a book that holds more than enough action to satisfy the most avid fans of Hitchcock’s MacGuffin concept for books to please all ages.

    “Double-Edged: a Change of Heart” is a detective thriller in four parts, each covering a different part of the world, mainly the US, Europe and Africa. A multi-national team of young enthusiastic investigators, including one American, are given a UN supported task of neutralizing potential warlords, intent on controlling Mediterranean coastal territories threatened by global warming devastation. Part 4 forecasts the world in the year 2050, with even a look at Washington DC.

    The two main investigators, the private detectives, Tom Paxton and Sergio Martinez, are very different in both temperament and nature, but are motivated not only by the generous government fees as well as the challenges ahead, but also by a fundamental desire to strive for totally successful results, without ever losing their ability to deal with people according to their deep social consciences. Too good to be true, you say? Don’t worry, you’ll also read that they did have some weak points, and again, both of a different personal nature.It took Ben Harr five years of actual visits for research and take the relevant interviews, so now that he is approaching his eightieth year, he feels he might just have time to finish another detective thriller, but certainly not one as long as “Double-Edged.”

    For this type of detective thriller, it’s important to keep the readers unfaltering interest focused on, in this, case, Climate Change. The chapters are therefore often shorter than that found in many novels, and the reader must be anxious to turn the page and start the next. Credibility, without the need to stop and think about it, is also important. The young American in the story, Sarah Jenkins, was both brave and decisive. I had actually met her and her father, under their real names, when after getting to know them well, I was told he worked for the CIA. Exactly what he did, I was told in confidence, and so it shall remain, but it allowed me to add ‘Sarah’ to the team, giving a touch of realism.

    “Double-Edged: a Change of Heart” (ISBN: 978-1-84753-471-2, pages: 327, SRP: $32.60) is available from or and is also available as an eBook and on a CD.


    Anthony W Harris ,
    T: +34 687 87 2077,

  49. The Trinity of Health

    Written by renowned clinical psychologist, metaphysician, and radio personality Carmen Harra, The Trinity of Health is a masterfully crafted manual that guides readers into reestablishing real health by illustrating how to reconnect with themselves and their world.

    Health and happiness are everyones birthright, but acquiring them means finding a new balance, proposes Carmen Harra in her wise manual. Harra suggests that while exercising the body is crucial, the mind and spirit also need a workout. She advises that readers follow what she calls the seven golden principles of totality. Only through these seven fundamentals will readers learn how to find balance and seek joy, cultivate awareness, avoid reactivity, treasure togetherness, return to Mother Nature, create good karma, and embrace responsibility. Readers can expect to emerge from this book with a sense of rejuvenated health and a new aim at life.

    Part I of The Trinity of Health demonstrates how to easily incorporate these spiritual values so as to elevate consciousness beyond the mundane and confining routines of everyday. Once readers have spread the wings of their minds and spirits, they can refocus on their bodies. Part II serves as a complete guide to smart nutrition. It illustrates a fail-proof method to lose and maintain weight, teaches one how to choose wholesome yet unbelievably satisfying foods, and even offers a revolutionary seven-day program to
    optimum health. Written with intelligence and insight, readers will find The Trinity of Health as essential as a daily vitamin.

    The Trinity of Health (ISBN: 978-1419665622, publish date: Sept. 2007 , pages: 206, SRP: $16.99) is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author:
    Carmen Harra is a clinical psychologist, metaphysician, motivational speaker, TV personality, and author of three internationally acclaimed books: Everyday Karma, Decoding Your Destiny, and Signs, Symbols and Secrets. A singer and radio host on, Sirius Satellite 114 and Contact Talk Radio, Carmen also has her own jewelry line on HSN called Karmic Earth Treasures. The author lives in New York and Florida with her husband and three children.

    Dr. Carmen Harra,
    T: 917-771-6035 ,

  50. C.A. Thomas says:

    King and Queen: The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived by C. A. Thomas is a beautifully told and well-crafted tale of the relationship between Mariam, The Magdalene, and Yeshua Ben Joseph, who would come to be known to the world as “Jesus.”

    Mariam and the others watched as Yeshua filled the cup with wine from the goatskin bag that Mary had brought to him.Yeshua offered the cup to Miriam. For a moment, his eyes widened as he looked at her, wondering if she would reject his proposal. Mariam took the cup with both of her hands and drank from it, not knowing that she had just sealed her destiny. When she was done, she lifted her eyes to look deeply into the eyes of the man to whom she was now betrothed. Laughter danced in Yeshua’s eyes, and Mariam’s heart skipped a beat. He grinned at her and Mariam couldn’t help but smile. Everyone clapped and shouted their good wishes but Mariam did not hear the noise over the beating of her own heart. She was so happy and her heart danced with joy.

    What if there was more to Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ relationship than commonly taught by religious leaders? What if they were married, had a family, children, a home and life together?

    “The material in this book is quite heretical to fundamental Christianity,” Thomas acknowledges. “However, I am not here to destroy anyone’s faith, but to renew it by re-examining the story of Yeshua as a love story. And I ask you, as Yeshua has asked me, to open your eyes and see with the eyes of the spirit and not with the eyes of the flesh.”

    Thomas’ work makes the story of Jesus come to life as never before. Through her prose, the events and people surrounding this Jewish rabbi take on a new dimension, allowing a glimpse into the role of women in ancient Israel. “I have written this book from the viewpoint of a woman,” Thomas says. “These words are written in honor of the woman whom Jesus loved and who, I believe, was his beloved wife and companion, as well as a devoted student.”

    Jesus was the King of Israel, and Mary Magdalene was his forgotten Queen. Over the centuries, her story was twisted and manipulated by those who would erase her from history. Thomas’ brave new work brings this wonderful tale to light, and gets to the very humanity of the New Testament. It should not be missed.

    “It is riveting with a simple elegance, your style of presenting the story.I find myself wanting to read this aloud to my teenage niece. She is almost 19 and is very into the sacred feminine. I thoroughly enjoy reading your writing!” –Katia Romanoff, Director Esoteric Mystery School & Order of Mary Magdalene

    About the Book:
    King and Queen: The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived
    ISBN-13: 978-1-4327-0730-9 / 6×9 / 249 pages
    Retail Price: US $16.95
    Availability: Baker & Taylor, Ingram,,

    About the Author:
    C. A. Thomas is an author who believes that writing is a gift given to others to enrapture their minds and to inspire their souls. King & Queen is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

    C.A. Thomas ,
    T: 720-535-1021 ,

  51. TL Chester says:

    Strap In, Hang On

    In “Strap In, Hang On”, TL Chester has reflected on the most precious and personal times of her life to write this book while dealing with tragedy, personal losses and gains while ultimately attaining her goals. The book containing both photos by the author and photos of the author lends a glimpse into the world seen by a natural poet. Ms. Chester has reached down deeply to find the passion that drives her audience in the most intimate ways. The author noted that this book has inspired her to work on her future writings of non-fiction, fiction books.

    This is not your mother’s poetry, with such titles as Subterfuge, Covetousness and Rose Colored Tea. This is real life poetry for a real audience. “I’m looking forward to more from this writer, as she develops.” – Rob , Reviewer, Editor –

    Chester adds “A reader reads I think for the same reason a writer writes, to take a peek into someone else’s life and get something tangible from it; its just that a writer approaches it backwards.” “Strap In, Hang On,”( ISBN 978-1-4357-0042-0, pages: 118, S.R.P. : $19.95) is a pictorial as well as poetry and is truly a sight to see!

    Poem from the book:

    I sit and drink my rose colored tea
    Contemplating all the things that have yet to be
    Wondering where this life will take me
    Liberated in my own way
    It’s been a hell of a day
    A hell of a week
    A hell of a life and I would not think twice about doing it all over again
    All the sins with a grin
    If not more so now then ever
    I suppose I should have regret and yet I do not
    I can not
    I will not
    Be ashamed of all the virtue this bitch has taught me
    It is my burn encrusted tears that built my character and I refuse to have it any other way
    That doesn’t mean I am not sorry
    And I am in no hurry to do it all over again
    But here I sit drinking my rose colored tea, free again

    About the Author:

    TL Chester was born in the Miami Valley and has lived in a variety of locations. She has always been inspired to write along life’s changes and has a remarkably sharp tone for which she captures her readers’ emotions with a dynamic and edgy flair.

    The author’s goal is to express different view points in her writings. Her aim is to be the voice of many thoughts from multiple perspectives. She has written this book on the request of a growing fan base.


    TL Chester,
    T: 502-287-3148 ,

  52. Michael Cohen says:

    Journey Among Nations

    Journey Among Nations is the history of a Jewish family, to the United States. It is a story lovingly related about tradition and sacred ceremonies, the values that hold a family together, and the events of war that forever altered their lives.

    Michael Cohen’s parents lived in Afghanistan in a time when a tolerant king ruled, the country flourished, and Jews and Moslems worked and lived peacefully together. Then came the military coup and the takeover by fundamentalist militias. Life became more and more dangerous for those of the Jewish faith, yet the Cohen family remained steadfast. In 1949, their son, Michael, was born. As the years went by, many within the Jewish community began to immigrate to Israel. Michael’s family also began to sense that the time had come to move to the Promised Land, where they hoped they would experience a sense of true belonging. But life in this new world would prove to be a greater culture shock than they ever expected.

    “I started to compare our current situation to the one we left in Kabul. My heart was crying, especially for my father who was a prominent personality in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan.. Then he came to the Holy Land close to retirement age to wander with a shovel and dig holes just like the Jewish people when they were slaves in Egypt..

    I wondered if he would have done this move had he known the consequences in advance.

    We left a state where everything was in abundance. It was a Diaspora indeed, but the Jews there adapted very well, especially in Kabul where the people are generous, noble, and respectful of others. I did not know of even one Jew there who worked as a plain laborer.”

    The family adapted, and soon Michael found himself learning Hebrew, living in a kibbutz, and serving in the military. This was a dangerous time of continuing conflict between the Israelis and Egyptians. In this particular section of the book, Cohen describes the 1973 Yom Kippor war, explaining, in a professional and journalistic manner, the volatile situation.

    His story continues with Michael being offered a position in New York City, and his father adamant that, for his safety, he should accept the job and move to the United States. After much dissension on Michael’s part, the two came to an agreement that he would try it out for one month. “Just think of it as a journey,” his father said, “and if you don’t like it, you can always come back.”

    Much to his delight, the Jewish Afghan community in New York opened their hearts and homes to him. Michael was enthused by the city and by Americans, whom he found to be “generous, cultured, and efficient.” One month turned into a year, and he fell in love with a young woman from Israel named Dahlia, who also worked for a jewelry company in Manhattan. His future direction was set.

    Journey Among Nations (ISBN: 9781432703295 , pages: 408, S.R.P. : $15.95) is a well-written and thoroughly engaging chronicle, which offers firsthand accounts that bring to life a family’s trials and joys through the tumultuous decades of the 20th century.

    About the Author:

    Michael Cohen is an effective leader who serves as the president of a rapidly growing Jewish Sephardic community. He recently headed two Afghan-Jewish delegations in meetings with the democratically elected president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He helps to bridge religions and enhance American-Afghan-Israeli ties. Michael, his wife Dahlia, their three sons, and grandchildren all reside in Queens, New York. His corporate office is located in the heart of the diamond district in Manhattan.


    Michael Cohen,
    T: 212-869-6252 ,

  53. The Identity Factor

    In his latest thriller, The Identity Factor (Aria Publishers), Kansas-born, Adelaide-based novelist James Houston Turner has taken issue with the commonly held evangelical view about the origin of Genesis. “Traditionally credited to Moses, Genesis is actually a collection of more ancient documents,” says Turner, who holds a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Houston Clear Lake, where he uncovered what he describes as the key to one of the oldest mysteries of the Bible: the use of colophons in Genesis. By comparing Genesis to other ancient Near Eastern documents such as “The Code of Hammurabi” and “Epic of Gilgamesh,” Turner says

    Genesis divides itself naturally into separate historical documents, with the author of each document identified in its colophon.

    And this is where Turner’s research provides the basis for an explosive geopolitical thriller. In The Identity Factor, he creates a fictional stone tablet that would have been the source document for the seventh section of Genesis. According to its colophon – an identifying phrase about the author, which, according to ancient literary practice would come at the end of the document – the seventh section was written by Ishmael, founding father of the Arab nations. In Turner’s fictional tablet, just as it actually occurs in the book of Genesis, Ishmael records the Promised Land being given by Abraham to Isaac and his descendants, the Jews.

    The Identity Factor opens with the discovery of the tablet by British archaeologist Sir Edmund Clayton in the Sinai Peninsula in 1919. Clayton is then murdered and the tablet disappears, only to resurface in modern-day Cairo, where the CIA learns the phantom terrorist, Abu Nazer, plans to steal
    it. Because the tablet could detonate war between the Arabs and Jews over the ownership of Palestine, the CIA is understandably keen to identify and stop Abu Nazer.

    Says Turner: “I knew I was walking a tightrope when I wrote The Identity Factor. What I didn’t want to do is inflame an already contentious issue about the ownership of the most hotly-contested piece of real estate on earth. So I sent a review copy to Rabbi David Rosen in Jerusalem. Rabbi Rosen is Chairman of IJCIC – the International Jewish Committee that represents world Jewry in its relations with other world religions. He is also an International President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace. Here is what he had to say: ‘Dear James. I enjoy a good thriller when I get the opportunity. Your entertaining book has a hopeful, reconciliatory subtext and I applaud your spirit. I am sure you have considered it, but I think it would make a very good movie.'”

    Turner’s goal has always been to write “novels with soul,” as he calls them… thrillers of action and suspense that also communicate positive values like grace and second chances. Maybe that’s because Turner himself – a cancer survivor – is a living example of the second chance. After the removal of a
    malignant tumor the size of an orange from his jaw, he was told if he lived eighteen months, he would probably live to be 100. “That was in 1991,” he says, “so I am happy to report I am well on my way toward that goal.”

    The Identity Factor
    ISBN: 9780958666411
    370 pages; $14.95
    Available on
    Publication date: October 4, 2007

    James Houston Turner ,

  54. John Aldrich Simpson says:

    The Equinox: Silenced at Ten

    The Equinox: Silenced at Ten by John Aldrich Simpson is a heart-wrenching autobiography about how the author freed himself from the demons of his past to discover his true identity and purpose in life.

    What is the best way to live life? For author and Biblical legend John Aldrich Simpson, finding the answer to that question was not so easy. In his action-packed memoir, The Equinox: Silenced at Ten, Simpson reveals his fatherless and directionless upbringing.

    Haunted by his grandfather’s passing and forced to deal with the enemies his grandfather left behind, Simpson soon found himself facing death. The only thing he felt he could do was to call on God for help. It was then that his true identity as John the Prophet was astonishingly revealed to him. According to Simpson, “My book is a wonder of its own as it takes three sciences to the test – religion, ecology, and psychology of dreams. It proves that the spirit world exists.”

    Powerful and provocative, The Equinox: Silenced at Ten urges readers to connect with God in order to hold back Revelations and the end of time. But Simpson isn’t just concerned with the soul; the planet that God created is in danger, he states, and he suggests that readers use available technology to help preserve the world and its energy sources. Beautifully written and deeply moving, The Equinox: Silenced at Ten is sure to find a place in any home or church library.

    The Equinox: Silenced at Ten (ISBN: 978-1419676727, Sept. 2007, 112 pages, S.R.P.: $14.50) is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author:
    Biblical prophet John Aldrich Simpson is a Teamster who is currently living in De Soto, Mo.

    John Aldrich Simpson,

  55. Kyle’s First Playdate

    Kyle’s First Playdate, just released as the follow-up story to Kyle’s First Crush, continues the heartwarming story of a little boy’s crush on a beautiful girl who melts his heart. The book, written by children’s book author Leah Orr, is second in a series of books that will follow this sweet young couple through their school days and playdates.

    According to Orr, the beautiful girl featured in the story, Ashley Elizabeth, is not a fictional character — it’s Orr daughter, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) prior to birth. “I wanted to share the joy and importance of young love and great friendship, while at the same time briefly address a disease that affects many children as well as adults all over the world,” said Orr, a mother of three. “I am donating all the proceeds to the CF Foundation and will continue to write one book every year until a cure is found!”

    Kyle’s First Playdate follows the young boy’s first playdate with a girl. Ashley Elizabeth is not just any girl, but his very special girl friend. This book chronicles their fun-filled Saturday adventure together. The beauty of this story as well as Orr’s original tale, Kyle’s First Crush, is that they are told through Kyle’s eyes, a sweet, young romantic.

    Orr’s book is a family project, not only featuring daughter Ashley Elizabeth, but also her two other daughters, Aly and Camy. The illustrations in both books were created by Orr’s mother, Josephine Lepore, “Grandma Josie.”

    Between profits from Orr’s first book, Kyle’s First Crush (ISBN: 1-4259-5733-1, pages:32) and participation in local CF walks over the past 4 years, Orr has been able to raise more than $250,000 for the research and development of CF, a disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of nearly 70,000 children and adults worldwide.

    “Children born today with cystic fibrosis are expected to live much longer than in the past, and scientists, researchers, and the CF Foundation are hopeful for a cure by 2012,” added Orr.

    The books retail for $14.99 and are available through AuthorHouse and

    Kyle’s First Playdate (ISBN: 978-1-4343-1715-5, pages: 44) is due out November 9, 2007, just in time for the holiday season. “For those looking to give a gift that keeps on giving, these books make perfect presents.” More information can be found at .

    Sherri Pfefer,
    Brainstorm2go, Inc.,
    T: 954-651-3505 ,

  56. Douglas E. Richards says:

    The Prometheus Project: Trapped

    Today, DNA Press announced The Prometheus Project: Trapped has been added to a list of Recommended Literature for Math & Science that the
    California Department of Education (CDOE) calls a “collection of outstanding science-and-mathematics-related literature for children.”

    Said Douglas E. Richards, the author of Trapped and a frequent contributor of science pieces for National Geographic KIDS magazine, “My goal was to write a science-fiction thriller crammed with cliffhangers, nonstop action, and unexpected twists and turns that would keep kids glued to the page while illuminating key scientific and problem-solving principles. For Trapped to have been recognized as worthy of inclusion on the CDOE’s prestigious list is very gratifying.”

    Trapped, written for children 9-13, was “highly recommended” by Kirkus and called, “perfect for middle grades” by Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine. A kids panel of reviewers for Odyssey Magazine called Trapped “a thriller you that you won’t put down until you’ve reached the last page.”

    Along with the CDOE list, the book also appears on Missouri State University’s list of “Best New Books to Engage Students in Math and Science,” and has been praised by The American Association for the Advancement of Science. The California Science Teachers Association wrote that Trapped was “nonstop action adventure . . .a thrilling read,” and that the author “has done a good job of addressing many of the California science standards.”

    In addition to being praised by kids, parents and educators, Trapped is also being embraced in the homeschooling community. The book appears on A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling web site, and a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a homeschooling publication, wrote that Trapped was “unlike any book that I have ever read,” and concluded, “I enjoyed Trapped very much. It would make a great read-aloud and would foster much talk among families . . .”

    Trapped is the first book in the Prometheus Project series and follows the adventures of Ryan and Regan Resnick as they stumble onto the greatest discovery ever made – a fantastic alien city buried deep underground. The second book in the series, The Prometheus Project: Captured, was published in July, 2007, and has already garnered strong reviews. Said Catherine Hughes, Senior Editor for NG KIDS, “Captured is a page-turner that kids – and their parents – will love reading.” gave Captured five stars and called it, “great fun” while ForeWord Magazine wrote that the book is “fast paced and full of action,” and that “adventure, suspense and science make for a potent combination.” ForeWord concluded, “At a time when Americans want more students to become interested in science, the books in this series will likely encourage their interest in a non-threatening way.”

    The Prometheus Project: Trapped and The Prometheus Project: Captured are available to libraries and bookstores through the distribution channels of Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and to readers at,, and our distributor IPG books (, or at Barnes&Noble and Borders bookstores.

    Book Details:

    The Prometheus Project: Trapped
    ISBN 10 digit: 0-9748765-4-2
    Book binding: Paperback
    Pages 140
    Price: $9.95

    The Prometheus Project: Captured
    ISBN 13 digit: 978-1-933255-33-0
    ISBN 10 digit: 1-933255-33-1
    Book binding: Paperback
    Pages: 160
    Price: $7.95


    Douglas E. Richards,
    T: 858-259-5573 ,

  57. The Big Payback: A Guide on Raising a Young Man as a Single Mother

    The Big Payback: A Guide on Raising a Young Man as a Single Mother from the Perspective of a Young Man (Cederick Tardy Enterprises; $15) by Cederick Tardy II, age 23, is recommended reading by Black Enterprise Magazine, Nov. 2007.

    “Every single mother faced with the daunting task of raising a male child should read The Big Payback,” said Alfred A. Edmond Jr., Black Enterprise Magazine senior V.P. and editor-in-chief.

    “Many of us are painfully aware that young black men are in crisis. Solving that crisis must entail not just ministering to the needs of our young males but also to the needs of the young women who, for better or worse, shoulder the primary burden for raising them,” said Edmond.

    Edmond agrees that, “More black men need to step up and take up their rightful roles as positive examples, role models, and guides for our boys.” In the meantime, Tardy shares the real life, intimate and even embarrassing truth about his life. In his book, Tardy is brutally honest about his self-destructive behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, drug dealing, and even suicide attempt.

    “I would be remiss if I did not note the courage it took for his mother [Margo Williams Handy, president and CEO of MWH Public Relations] to support him in revealing what must be very painful experiences that most people would prefer not to remember, much less have their child share,” said Edmond.

    “The Big Payback is an indispensable tool for young women who struggle to guide their sons to healthy, productive manhood. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to better understand and positively influence young men, whether as a father, grandparent, stepparent, mentor, educator, youth leader, older sibling, relative, or whatever,” said Edmond.

    For more information
    or email

    The Big Payback (ISBN: 978-0-9792301-0-3) may be purchased on the Web site, through or at Barnes & Noble.


    Margo Williams Handy,
    MWH Public Relations ,
    T: 281-213-9554, or 832-492-2407,

  58. My Funny Dad, Harry

    In My Funny Dad, Harry author Karen Arlettaz Zemek paints a funny, emotional, and touching portrait of her father. It is a book that celebrates the love of family and shares the frustrations of being a primary caregiver to an aging parent.

    “I have so many funny memories of my dad, Harrington Arlettaz, that I decided to write this book in his memory,” says author Karen Arlettaz Zemek. “But this book is not only about my dad. It’s about me, about life and aging, and about how we deal with these matters.” From the end of 1999 until her father’s death, Karen kept a journal of her thoughts. “I never thought I would write a book,” says Karen, “but after my dad died I found it was a way for me to handle my grief. It helped me to really think about what a special man he was.” Picking and choosing her favorite excerpts from her journal, and drawing on her own memories and those of other family members, she wrote My Funny Dad, Harry. “I hope it brings a smile to your face, makes you chuckle and maybe even laugh out loud!” Karen says.

    Because this book is, above all else, about the love of family, teenagers, middle-age adults, and seniors alike will find something to relate to in My Funny Dad, Harry (ISBN: 978-1-4327-1417-8, Oct. 2007, pages: 168, SRP: $12.95) . And, because many of the experiences are universal, readers will also glean tips on how to deal with other family members.

    “As you read this book,” says Karen, “you will get to know my dad through my eyes, as well as how our relationship grew as he aged and learn to cherish the people in your day-to-day life. If you are a caregiver to an older person, I’m sure you will identify with many of the events I share in this book and realize other people have the same problems as you. You are not alone!”

    About the Author:

    Karen Arlettaz Zemek grew up with two foster sisters and a foster brother. She is currently a secretary at a law firm and lives in Parma, Ohio, with her husband, Gerard, and two nice cats, Moe and Spunky Doodle. She enjoys bowling, tennis, playing games on, and selling miscellaneous items on eBay. Karen has served the Lord Jesus practically her whole life by being involved in many church ministries.


    Karen Arlettaz Zemek,

  59. Kurt Meyer says:

    Marriages, Shack-Ups and Other Disasters

    In Marriages, Shack-Ups and Other Disasters: How Choice Pollution has Screwed us all up, psychologist Kurt Meyer explores how his revolutionary Verbatim Therapy can help modern-day couples work out their problems by play-acting.

    Today, half of all marriages end in divorce. But they don’t have to. Clinical psychologist Kurt Meyer, in his provocative new book, suggests a revolutionary way to get at the root of relationship problems and heal them once and for all. By using role-playing, method acting and dialogue skits he calls Verbatim Therapy, couples can discover how to work off each other and arrive at sound and workable solutions to their most taxing problems.

    Much like a gripping story, these skits show couples how to assess a situation and then come to the right line of action.

    Praised by The Chicago Sun-Times, and repeated guests on Oprah, Meyer and his wife Freda, a co-marriage counselor, have given advice that is timely and effective. Whether readers are looking to make informed choices about living with another person, breaking up or bonding in marriage, Marriages, Shack-Ups and Other Disasters: How Choice Pollution has Screwed us all up can help any person find his or her own personal happiness ever after.

    Marriages, Shack-Ups and Other Disasters: How Choice Pollution has Screwed us all up (ISBN: 1-4196-6651-7, Published Sept. 2007, pages: 260, S.R.P.: $16.99) is available for sale online at and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author:

    Psychologist Kurt Meyer has a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. A founding member of the National Alliance for Family Life, he has been a frequent contributor to The American Journal of Family Therapy and is the author of Bitches, Bastards, and Lovers and the novels, They Called Her Jewgirl and The Tyrant.


    Kurt Meyer,
    T: 773-631-0628,

  60. Cait Myers says:

    Bestselling author, Jay Mandal, wins competition

    In September 2007 The Independent newspaper (UK) featured an article titled:”There was a man… The great limerick craze of 1907″.

    It went on to mention a number of limerick competitions in national newspapers and the results. So on this theme they asked for entries to their own limerick competition. The idea was to finish of the limerick that follows and ten winners would be chosen:
    There was a young lady of Ryde
    Whose locks were consider’bly dyed.
    The hue of her hair
    Made everyone stare…

    Jay Mandal, author of The Dandelion Clock and A Different Kind of Love, was one of the winners announced this month, of the competition with the following line:
    But she wore her new barnet with pride.

    Well done to Jay and enjoy the prize!

  61. Fly Paper for Freaks

    Cincinnati native Christine Peetz writes her first book on dating after divorce. She told her dating stories to friends and co-workers and the feedback was you should write that down in a book. So, that is exactly what she did!

    Fly Paper for Freaks is a book about the funny and shocking side of dating after divorce and the lessons learned along the way. This is not for the faint at heart. Anyone who has dated can relate, even if you in a committed loving relationship, this could help you stay committed when you see what’s out there. Have you ever dated a married freak? Still lives at home freak? Try and recognize the un-potential early on so you don’t waste your time. Life is one big freak show, either jump in and figure it out or wait in the line to see.

    The author takes you through her journey of the different freaks she dated along the way to trying to find love again. Each story is more bizarre than the next, but in same breath everyone can relate and you really are hoping by the end of the book that she has found her freak, as you laugh at the completely bizarre and outrageous stories.

    About the book:

    Fly Paper for Freaks
    Date of publish: Oct , 2007
    ISBN #978-1-4357-0307-0
    Pages: 78
    S.R.P.: $9.95


    Christine Peetz,
    T: 513-288-0559,

  62. When The Wedding Ring Comes Off

    When The Wedding Ring Comes Off by Percy D.Gorham, deals with infidelity, relationships and spirituality.

    The temptation to have intimacy with another woman has hit its peak in the life of a married man. Will he allow the patterns of society to dictate his reaction as he encounters temptation? How will this young man react? Many times, people will find themselves preoccupied with struggles and dismiss the divine whisper speaking out from those perplexing dilemmas.

    This special book is written in a way both men and women can appreciate. It is a prerequisite and post-requisite for the subject matter of marriage and
    offers transcendental advice. It is designed to strengthen a person’s individual relationship with God for the sole purpose of amplifying the echo of God’s voice from within the individual’s own soul. Through the sacrifice of one material relationship, many more spiritual relationships would be birthed, strengthened and restored as the reader fully engages himself or herself in the mindset of the struggling, young man detailed in the pages of this special book.

    About the book:

    When The Wedding Ring Comes Off
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    Date of publish: Oct. 31, 2007
    ISBN # 9781432709693
    Pages: 108
    S.R.P.: $13.95

    About the Author

    Percy D. Gorham is a prolific writer and author of several books titled The Most Precious Path, A Burning Heart After God and What’s Dousing Relationship? He tackles spirituality in a loving way that elevates the mind and soul of many readers around the world. His natural birthplace is of little importance to him because he indicates he did not really come alive until he encountered the Holy Spirit. Percy D. Gorham is an author who has the unique ability to take simple words and demonstrate something most extraordinary.

    His books certainly lift the reader’s faith as he points each mind to the sublime Holy Spirit in such a way people may not have known was possible. His books are truly transforming and life changing due to reader’s exposure to the Holy Spirit. The back of His books often carry the warning message, “Caution: Reading this book may cause severe denial of self!”


    Percy D. Gorham
    T: 904-248-1672

  63. George Clark says:

    The Bible Revisited

    In The Bible Revisited, author George Clark masterfully captures and challenges the Bible’s timeline based on facts.

    As Clark states, “I have come to the conclusion that the “Good Book” is not what it’s defenders claim it is, repetitious, vague, contradictory and historically incomplete. Also, it is a book about people who, incredibly, have NO last names! Thereby making it, in my opinion, a study in futility!”. Clark also adds that it is not acceptable as a testament to God’s Ten Commandments.

    The author points out that the supposedly great hero’s of Biblical lore continually break God’s laws, and for the most part, go unpunished. According to Clark, ” I doubt that the people of today could live by most of the Commandments that the Lord gave to Moses on Mount Sinai, over two thousand years ago. Humans of today don’t really give much thought to their covenant with God until their final hours (Just in case), when they seek redemption through Christ.”

    About the book:

    The Bible Revisited
    ISBN: 9781432702564
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    Date of publish: June, 2007
    Pages: 272
    S.R.P.: $12.95

    About the author:
    George Clark is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. The Bible Revisited is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.


    George Clark,

  64. Mike Frascogna says:

    Gridiron Gold

    Gridiron Gold, subtitled Inspiring Stories of Legendary Mississippi High School Coaches: Guardians of the Greatest Football Talent in America, was written by X.M. Frascogna, Jr. and his two sons, Mike and Marty, to explore the many reasons for the significance of high school football in the Magnolia State.

    In 2006, USA Football, a charitable foundation of the NFL in conjunction with the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, issued the results of an extensive study regarding the status of high school football in America-and Mississippi was awarded the top spot. Through over one hundred interviews with many of the legendary coaches in Mississippi, the authors reveal a fascinating complexity of influences that have cultivated the growth of Mississippi high school football and have led to its top ranking.

    Driven by its small towns under the heavy influence of the Bible Belt, a ministry of coaches, the impact of integration in the late ’60s and early ’70s, coupled with its blue collar work ethic and old-fashioned ways, the juco system, legacies heralded by proud citizens and under the protection of the guardians of the gold, Mississippi high school football is truly a unique slice of Americana.

    All of these topics lead the reader down a path of historical perspective, resulting in an overwhelming sense of pride in Mississippi’s football heritage and culture.

    Gridiron Gold delves into the forgotten history of the black high schools of the pre-integration era. The chapter titled “One Play Changed Everything” will make readers stand up and cheer for Roy Lee Creighton, Tommy Monsour, and all the coaches who brought black and white teenagers together through the game of football. As these heroic coaches defied racial prejudice in building their teams, their leadership helped to change the attitudes of not only their players, but of entire communities.

    The mysterious effect of the many gridiron legacies spanning more than a century, along with the unexplainable sense of defense of the Mississippi football reputation, further engages the readers’ curiosity. The chapter titled “JUCOs” clearly sets Mississippi’s football system apart from the rest of the nation.

    The book concludes with a series of stories-some funny, some sad, and others heartwarming and inspiring-all of which portray a common theme of Mississippians’ love of their high school football. There are reasons why Mississippi was selected as the number one high school football state in America. Gridiron Gold sets forth all the indisputable facts, together with the additional reasons supporting Mississippi’s number one ranking and why its coaches are the Guardians of the Greatest Football Talent in America.


    Brent Johnston,
    Omega Group,
    T: 601-981-4532

  65. Tamara Dunkel Perkins says:

    These Are My Final Wishes

    In These Are My Final Wishes, author Tamara Dunkel Perkins has developed guidelines for loved ones to prepare for death.

    Whether for you or for someone you love, this book will make a sad, painful time a lot more bearable. Knowing the final wishes of a loved one before they pass away helps everyone involved. It can help assure that survivors are doing the best they can to grant the final wishes of someone they loved, while also helping them through the steps that must be taken following the passing of that loved one.

    This helpful, easy-to-follow guide should be given to everyone you love so that their final wishes may be heard. This book is unlike the other planning books out there. It is simple and to-the-point. You can easily show your wishes or read the wishes of a loved one without researching every detail involved in a funeral or burial. Do not forget that your final wishes need to be heard also. The time to prepare for an event with an unpredictable date is now. With this book, both you and your loved ones can be prepared.

    About the book:

    These Are My Final Wishes
    ISBN: 9781432712754
    Publisher : Outskirts Press
    Date of publish: Oct, 2007
    Pages: 64
    S.R.P. $9.95

    About the author:

    Tamara Dunkel Perkins is a resident of South Florida. She was born and raised in Gibson County, Indiana and attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Dunkel uses her mother’s maiden name (Dunkel) as her author name to dedicate this wonderful book to her mother’s memory. Bonnie Dunkel died of breast cancer in 1980, when the author was only 20 years old. With a talent heralded by many, she rises to the task in this important, necessary book.


    Tamara Dunkel Perkins,
    T: 305-467-4588 ,

  66. Sam Sorensen says:


    Once again, the oldest tale in the English language is told in the newly released CD “Beowulf”. This time in a style familiar to the modern ear, and highly entertaining. The musical tale is based on the book “Beowulf The Warrior”, (Bethlehem Books) by the English author, and master wordsmith Ian Serraillier, and music by Sam Sorensen.

    In this memorable adventure, Beowulf rescues King Hrothgar and the Danes from the ravages of monstrous horrors in a manner of compelling grandeur. The listener becomes acquainted with Beowulf’s strength, heroism and noble heart, as Serrallier reweaves the original tale into modern narrative verse, brandishing all the energy and vividness of the original. From over the grey Baltic, the wintry “whale-road”, to the dark and dripping caves of the misty moor, Sorensen’s powerful narration and inspired original score for orchestra and choir enhance the story each step of the way.

    Here is a wonderful means to visit a treasure from 1200 years ago, and become enthralled. It is a work of art in itself, and a doorway for young and old to further experiences with the epic. Mark Gordon, host of the KXLU – Los Angeles, radio program, Stage and Screen, commented on his show recently, “It’s clear Serralier has one of the most remarkable versions of the story Beowulf. Complex in nature, yet easy to understand, it engages the listener from start to finish. The audio quality on this recording is remarkable. Sorensen’s large orchestral score composed of vivid instrumental color and memorable melodies, reminds one at times of Shostakovich or perhaps in places Bartok, or Prokofiev. His narration is world class, similar to that of a Spartan King, as he tells the ancient tale of a monster, in a way that comes from a place of a noble spirit, rather than that of sheer horror. It is certainly a fun and masterful work . . .

    “The Times (London) in a literary supplement wrote: “To venture on the story of Beowulf in verse, whether for children or adults, is a deed with its own kind of heroism … There must be a hundred ways of failing: Mr. Serralier has hit on one of the ways to succeed.”

    The audio CD Beowulf is now available for digital download at — and the physical CD is available at – It will also be available at, and retail stores beginning November 22nd.

    CD cover art:

    Sound files link:


    Sam Sorensen,
    Bee Guy Records,
    T: 310-480-4974,

  67. Shizue Tomado says:

    Taro and Tomi

    Taro and Tomi by Shizue Tomoda is a memorable chronicle of how the author’s life was enriched by the cats she took in Ferney-Voltaire, France, Nov 19, 2007 — Shizue Tomoda’s Taro and Tomi celebrates the deep bonds between felines and man. Through the short, heart-warming chapters of this enchanting memoir, Tomoda describes how man and beast turned into family.

    What is a family? When author Shizue Tomoda adopted two cats, she never expected that she would find unlimited tenderness, trust and unconditional love.

    But she soon discovered that life with her felines was rich with respect and comfort.

    Written in warm, graceful prose, Taro and Tomi creates an amazing picture of the two incredible cats that changed author Tomoda’s world. Cats, she found, can help humans maintain their emotional balance in today’s tough and competitive world. The comfort they bring can help humans become warm and comforting to others, and even more tolerant, as well.

    Whether readers are animal lovers already or contemplating getting a cat, Tomoda’s wise and winsome book provides an indelible portrait of the love, joy and happiness that these fantastic felines can bring.

    For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at Taro and Tomi is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

    About the Author

    Shizue Tomoda was born in Japan. As an official of a UN specialized agency promoting international labor standards, she was based mostly in Geneva,
    Switzerland during her 25-year career in the international civil service. An extensive traveler, she now lives in Ferney-Voltaire, a small French town just
    outside Geneva, with her beloved cats.

    About the Book

    Taro and Tomi
    ISBN: 1-4196-7387-4
    Publisher: BookSurge
    Date of publish: Oct. 2007
    Pages: 126
    S.R.P.: $12.99


    Shizue Tomado,
    T: 33-450-42-97-07,

  68. J E Gurley says:

    Father Blood: Demon Spawn

    Author James E. Gurley, writing under the name J E Gurley, has released his second novel, Father Blood: Demon Spawn.

    Mr. Gurley, also the author of Godseed, says that although science fiction will always be dear to him, the idea for this horror novel came to him one night in a dream. He put it away on the backburner for several years while working on other novels and short stories, but the idea kept simmering in the back of his mind and exploded fully written.

    Mr. Gurley says, “Horror is a genre that is rapidly finding its way into other literary areas — gothic romance, westerns and science fiction. People love to be frightened.”

    Using shorter chapters to keep this fast paced novel moving forward, Mr. Gurley puts forward many ethical questions — Can the hero, a dying old priest given the gift of life by the Demon Spawn, give up that gift to fulfill his vows? Can a thing of evil be used for good? Can evil flourish unless man allows it?

    The Demon Spawn have been released on earth and with the help of a good PR firm, have taken over most of the world’s greatest cities. To save mankind, one of the few remaining Demon Slayers, Father Jeremiah Blood, an aging priest suffering many ancient wounds, must travel from Pennsylvania to Spain, across Africa, to find a holy miter.

    Betrayed by one of his own and delivered to the Demon Spawn, he is offered the gift of health and a long life. To keep this miraculous gift, he must betray mankind. Will Father Blood accept this offering or fulfill his vows and certain death?

    About the book:

    Father Blood: Demon Spawn
    ISBN 978-0-6151-7281-1
    Publish date: Nov. 2007
    Pages: 201
    S.R.P. : $12.95

    About the author

    JE Gurley is a 53-year old retired Atlanta chef now living in the deserts of Tucson, Arizona with his wife Kim and two cats, Elsie and Shoes. He writes full-time. When not writing, he plays rock and roll guitar with the Brad Harris Band.


    J E Gurley
    T: 520-744-8242

  69. Brenda Munday Gifford says:

    The Charon Covenant

    Brenda Munday Gifford explodes on the literary scene with her debut science-fiction novel that paints a frightening fate for humans if they continue to environmentally degrade the planet and resort to war to fight over the scarce remaining crumbs of resources.

    The Charon Covenant explores what a new society of humans, relocated to the moon (known as Earth II) would look like and shows how even if humans don’t destroy each other from within that there’s an alien force eager to subjugate us. The vital question posed here is: What would you do if you discovered you couldn’t trust your government, your neighbor, or your own brother as you accidentally uncover an ugly truth that turns your world upside down? What if saving humanity were in your hands — just what would you be willing to risk or do?

    The Charon Covenant provides some interesting story lines that Brenda peers into to gain insight on our present human condition. She discusses:

    ~ Why Earth could become uninhabitable in-the-not-so-distant future.
    ~ How technology could make life possible on the Moon.
    ~ How an Orwellian-type authority oppresses the new civilization of the Moon and why few people speak against it.
    ~ How the advancement of human cloning and military robot drones are developed to repress and replace humans.
    ~ Just how elaborate a government can get in its lies in order to keep the truth hidden.
    ~ What one can do when confronted their whole world is a sham and in danger of ending.
    ~ Which unique and special powers reside in each of us and how we can use them once we discover them.

    The odds are stacked against you when those in power have been infiltrated quietly by an outside force while your remaining fellow humans remain enslaved, out of fear or ignorance, to the system that will eventually eliminate them. So what do you do when you know that human existence is about to be extinguished and you are severely under-armed, grossly outnumbered, and not even sure who is the enemy and who is an ally? This is what the main characters in Brenda’s novel must confront. They each must ask themselves:

    ~ Where will we get weapons?
    ~ Who will join us?
    ~ What will be the objective of our attack?
    ~ Are we ready to risk our lives?
    ~ Can we simply ignore the growing threat by conducting business as usual?

    Brenda’s novel provides a rich, unending pursuit of the truth – and justice. On a larger level, humanity is fighting for its existence, and on an individual level, people are confronting how far they would go to fight to reclaim a lifestyle worth living and preserving. And in the middle of all this is the protagonist Dara Drew, a strong heroine who not only leads her people to battle but also is the one to uncover the dark truth of what was really happening on Earth II.

    When told her baby was born with Spina Bifida, and then told he died without her ever seeing her newborn, she was angry and suspicious, never accepting what she was fed by the hospital. Through her own detective work and with the help of ESP-driven premonitions she finds out what really happened to her baby.

    Dara’s group numbers only a half dozen until they’re joined by another dozen people through the help of her closest friend’s father. This patchwork group believes its only hope is to escape life on the Moon and undergo a suicide mission back to Earth. But how will they gain access to a space ship? How will they fight a large, powerful, invisible army? Even if they get off the Moon, a long-shot itself, what will they find on Earth, a planet declared uninhabitable and left in ruins decades earlier? And what of Dara’s newly discovered powers to read one’s thoughts as well as influence them — and her communicating with a mysterious woman on another planet? Will she be strong enough to lead humanity on its newest mission?

    “The time has come for a strong female protagonist in the science fiction genre,” says Brenda. “She’s a woman who finds the life she thought she would have is under attack and that the person she thought she would become is unraveling. She quickly learns to use newfound strengths in hopes of helping her family and friends escape a tyranny that threatens to make them all extinct. She undergoes a remarkable transformation as she courageously battles her own doubts as well as alien forces.”

    About the book

    The Charon Covenant
    Publish America
    October 2007
    176 pages;
    ISBN; 1-4241-8786-9.


    Brenda Munday Gifford,
    T: 602-757-1434

  70. Ken Blaisdell says:

    The Weaver Conspiracy

    I have sacrificed everything in my life that I consider precious in order to advance the political career of my husband.

    — Pat Nixon (1912 – 1993)

    With so-called “two-for-one candidacies” fielded by both major parties for next year’s presidential election, the role of the candidate’s spouse has taken on more significance than ever.

    In his new novel, The Weaver Conspiracy, inspired by the real-life presidential candidate-couples that we read about every day, fiction takes over where (one hopes) reality leaves off, as author Ken Blaisdell explores how far one woman will go to make sure that her husband ends up in the White House.

    Blaisdell’s protagonist in Weaver, Claire Bradley, an agent with the US Secret Service, is a strong, intelligent woman who has greatness thrust upon her when her heroic actions are broadcast on live TV during an attempt on the President’s life. Humbly maintaining that she was just doing her job, the calculating First Lady nonetheless manipulates Bradley into the “poster girl” position of media spokesperson for the investigative task force, so that her status as hero du jour will help to pull in votes for her husband. But Bradley is far more independent and strong-willed than the First Lady, or anyone else, has bargained for. She holds to her tenet that “the truth must never be compromised,” and digs through a tangled web of false leads, misinformation, and outright lies, to get to a truth that even Bradley is reluctant to believe when the web finally unravels.

    As in all of his writing, Blaisdell has taken his cue from the real world and has created an intricately-woven tale of relevance and realism that has already garnered recognition with a nomination for the 2008 Colorado Independent Publishers Association Evvy Award for best mystery. One reviewer praised Weaver’s authenticity by commenting, “I find myself expecting to hear updates about the book’s characters and events on the evening news.”

    In reference to the title of the book, The Weaver Conspiracy, Blaisdell says that he took his inspiration from one of his grandmother’s favorite sayings. He explains, “Most people are familiar with the old adage, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’ Weaver is about people with many years of practice weaving tangled webs of deceit!”

    About the book:

    The Weaver Conspiracy
    by Ken Blaisdell
    ISBN: 978-1-4327-1971-6
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    Publish date: Nov 2007
    Pages: 408
    S.R.P.: $26.95


    Ken Blaisdell,
    T: 602-615-2537,

  71. The Final Curtain

    From the author of Clearburning and Caveats comes The Final Curtain, a penetrating reexamination of Mississippi’s most notorious civil rights murder cases and the FBI’s entanglement with them. In the light of newly revealed evidence, Judge W. O. Chet Dillard looks at the FBI’s involvement in criminal acts of kidnapping, beating, the manipulation of evidence, the planting of dynamite, and the use of extortion to obtain confessions and convictions-all in the name of civil rights.

    Hoping to bring the final curtain down in civil wrongs perpetrated during the tumultuous decades of the 50s and 60s in Mississippi, Judge Dillard takes us through the times as they ashamedly were, when racial injustice ruled the streets and the courts of law. Dillard is a former Jones County district attorney, assistant attorney general, retired Hinds County Chancery Judge, distinguished member of the Bar Complaint Tribunal and former Commissioner of Public Safety for the State of Mississippi.

    As readers revisit the murder of Medger Evers, the killing of the three young civil rights workers (Cheney, Schwerner, and Goodman) by members of the Ku Klux Klan, the brutal slaying of fourteen-year-old Emmet Till, and the fire-bombing death of civil rights’ activist Vernon Dahmer, it becomes evident that of the many who were involved, some were brought to justice, but others were not; some who were in prison did not necessarily pull the trigger or belong there at all. A confession must be freely and voluntarily given without any promise of hope or reward. Byrd was kidnapped by Mafia hit-man Gregory Scarpa and forced to sign a document, then the blanks were filled in by the FBI plus 22 other type-written pages which sent himself and the others to prison.

    To confirm what the author has revealed during the sixties through the seventies, we can look to the recent opinion of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Kings, Part 27, where Judge Justin L. Reichback said, “The FBI was willing. to make their own deal with the devil.” “That a thug like Scarpa would be employed by the federal government to beat witnesses and threaten them at gunpoint to obtain information regarding the deaths of civil-rights workers in the South in the early 1960’s is a shocking demonstration of the government’s unacceptable willingness to employ criminality to fight crime.” The People of the State of New York vs. R. Lindley Devecchio, Defendant, Id. No.6825/05, November 1, 2007, p.2.

    In The Final Curtain, Dillard provides us with a personal perspective of race relations in the state where he grew up and came to work as an attorney, prosecutor, commissioner, and as a judge. Most disturbing are the secret records of J. Edgar Hoover, in which we see how the FBI not only planted evidence but also received the help of the Mafia to obtain confessions and information to “enforce” Mississippi’s civil rights laws. Copies of the records are made exhibits in the book.

    About the book:

    The Final Curtain
    by W.O. Chet Dillard
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    ISBN: 1432705213
    Publish date: July 2007
    Pages: 224
    S.R.P.: $24.95

    About the author:

    Juxtaposed in The Final Curtain is author W.O. Chet Dillard’s own story. He was a child who grew up in the Deep South, the youngest of ten children. He and two of his siblings were committed to the Baptist Orphan’s Home in Jackson because his family was destitute and the children were starving. For Dillard, it was, literally, a lifesaving event from which he would grow and learn to stand on his own two feet. As a young man, during the difficult days of the Depression, he worked as a sharecropper and then as a janitor. But Dillard also succeeded in obtaining a high school education and subsequently graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. He joined the Navy, becoming an officer and Navy pilot, and utilized the G.I. bill to attend law school. Soon thereafter he opened a law practice in Laurel, Mississippi, and began a forty-seven-year career in public service.


    W.O. Chet Dillard,

  72. Dr. Stephen McSwain says:

    The Giving Myths

    In The Giving Myths, author Dr. Steve McSwain makes a compelling argument that your highest purpose in life is to give yourself away and generously share your abundance with the world. Any other way to self-actualization and personal fulfillment is a dead-end street. Contrary to popular culture, the life you’ve always wanted isn’t found in career choice, personal achievements, or even the amount of money you may amass in a lifetime. Instead, it’s found in one of the simplest, yet most challenging principles ever given by the greatest teacher who ever lived. Miss getting and living by this principle and you’ll miss getting the life you’ve always wanted.

    For more than a decade, Dr. McSwain has crisscrossed America speaking to thousands of people each year and consulting with hundreds of religious institutions and philanthropic organizations. His message? The happiest and healthiest people are those who have learned to be extravagantly generous. In an age of unprecedented wealth and record charitable giving, this book is as timely as the morning news. Packed with real-life stories and step-by-step guidance, Dr. McSwain shares from his own experience and the experience of others who are discovering the meaning of life and are living the life they’ve always wanted. If you’re looking for happiness or feel discontented about the life you’re currently living, this book is a “must read.”

    Throughout Dr. McSwain’s inspiring, illustration-filled book, you’ll laugh at its humor, cry at its warmth, and cringe at its frankness as he boldly confronts the 7 most common myths about giving. These widely-held myths keep people trapped in the madness of materialism and in self-defeating lifestyles. Learning, however, the secrets contained in this book will unlock the mystery to life’s meaning and propel you onto pathway toward the life you’ve really always wanted and were Divinely-designed to live.

    This book is for ordinary people who are simply searching for the meaning of their life. Society is filled with people who have entered or will be entering their retirement years soon and , while most have accumulated a lot of material stuff, many of them feel as if their lives have little meaning or significance. If you feel there’s something missing in your life, Dr. McSwain believes it’s never too late to find and live the life you’ve really always wanted.

    About the book:

    The Giving Myths: Giving Then Getting The Life You’ve Always Wanted
    Publisher: Smyth & Helwys Publishing
    Publish Date: June 2007
    ISBN: 978-1-57312-495-9
    Pages: 256
    S.R.P.: $18.00

    About the author:

    Stephen B. McSwain is vice president of Cargill Associates, Inc., an industry leader in philanthropy and fundraising with more than 30 years of service, thousands of clients, and billions raised for charitable causes. As an expert in the fields of church growth, church health, philanthropy, and annual and capital fundraising, Dr. McSwain has consulted in the last decade with hundreds of Catholic, Evangelical, and Protestant churches nationwide. Each year, he speaks to thousands across the country on the subject of this book-giving, then getting the life you’ve always wanted. He has an earned doctorate and he and his family make their home in Louisville, Kentucky.


    Dr. Stephen McSwain,
    T: 502-777-9426 ,

  73. Amanda Young says:

    Silent Prisoner

    Silent Prisoner by Amanda Young examines the repercussions of abuse and inspires other lonely victims to change their course in life.

    In Silent Prisoner, Young reveals her agonizing past, beginning with the abuse she suffered at the hands of her alcoholic parents. Her childhood was spent being tossed around between various relatives and foster parents, and she soon found herself on a destructive path that led her from one abusive relationship to the next. Ultimately, it was Young’s faith in God, along with the help of some special people that helped her recognize her own strength and enabled her to reclaim her life.

    Through this book, Young gives the power of hope, faith, and personal strength to other victims and encourages them to let go of the shame and guilt that is holding them back from truly living. Sharing her faith in God and angels, Young allows readers to see that they are never alone or unworthy of love from God.

    To those who have suffered abuse, Silent Prisoner serves as a torch to light the way to a new life.

    “Amanda Young has offered the reader an insider’s view into the world of a victim of domestic violence. Her incredible insight and perception makes for an illuminating, touching and inspirational story. A flower that blooms under adverse conditions is truly the most beautiful of all.” — Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Emergency physician and Director of the Palm Beach County Trauma System

    About the book

    Silent Prisoner
    by Amanda Young
    Publisher: BookSurge
    Published date: Nov. 2007
    ISBN: 978-1419668951
    Pages: 498
    S.R.P.: $19.99

    About the Author

    Amanda Young is a registered nurse with a degree in homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy. She received an award in excellence for nursing assessment from St. Joseph and St. Jude Home Health. She currently resides in Las Vegas.


    Amanda Young,
    T: 702-531-4976,

  74. Save the Males

    There is a great “to do” about the alleged problems women encounter by virtue of their gender. The problems of men, especially fathers, receive very little attention. The male of the species is under increasing attack — legally, politically, economically and culturally. That famous phrase from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” is apropos. Indiscriminate chivalry is rampant.

    Luther once compared humanity to a drunkard who, after falling off his horse on the right, remounts and falls off again on the left. That’s an excellent analogy to sexism. In the past, many prejudices favored men over women. Today, that situation is reversed.

    A large part of this tome is devoted to domestic relations because that is where males and society are most harmed. Men are but guests in their own homes, evictable at the merest whim of disgruntled wives and complicit judges. Vast social engineering schemes and prejudices are working to the detriment of traditional men and families, indeed of society itself. Children deprived of paternal influence are the bane of ghettos, if not of all society.

    Bad as it is, divorce is but one facet of a general pattern of discrimination, a double standard that extends into nearly all areas of law and society, in domestic relations, crime punishment, employment, and in men’s very image. The columnist Paul Craig Roberts puts it thusly, “The war against men is real. It requires men to exercise care in choosing an occupation and in choosing a woman.A bad choice can leave a man wounded, maimed, bereft of property and children, and in prison on trumped-up charges.”

    Many political agendas and players are involved in this “rape of the male,” including the legal establishment, radical feminists and several factions of society. Save The Males exposes them and their sophistic arguments. It is time, beyond time actually, to speak out, especially for the common man — the guy working on a farm, in a factory, in a garage, driving a truck, or laying bricks.

    Save The Males makes the case that restoration of men’s rights is the best route back to a civilized society. Gender justice will benefit women as well as men. Decent women, though they may read this with one eyebrow raised, do not want sons, brothers, and loved ones to suffer injustice, or the institution of marriage to disappear. Children deserve a family — father and mother, an environment free from prejudice — ethnic and sexual, and a country safe for marriage.

    A full description appears at website .

    About the Book

    Save the Males by Richard Doyle
    Publisher: Lulu Press
    Publish date: October 2007
    ISBN : 978-1-4116-0633-4
    Pages: 256
    S.R.P.: $17.00

    About the author

    Richard Doyle was born December 3, 1930 in Rosemont, MN. Doyle served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and three years with the Marine Corps Reserve. Doyle, who divorced in 1957 and now happily re-married, is known as the founder of the Men’s Defense Association , and a popular author and lecturer on gender issues, especially divorce.


    Richard Doyle,
    T: 651-464-7663,

  75. Greetings,

    Dr. Elmay Powell-Hatcher, is a Jamaican born but American-produced academic, who is now in the final stages of reprinting her inspirational debut book titled Searching for The Best. The small island of Jamaica has given us some of the world’s most amazing people, including the musicians Bob Marley and Buju Banton; the activists Marcus Garvey and Lenford Harvey; and even the athletes Asafa Powell and Patrick Ewing. Oftentimes, however, some Jamaicans get overlooked.

    A native of the sugar town Trelawny, Jamaica, Dr. Hatcher has put to use the values of hard work and sacrifice to make the successful but daunting transition from an officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force in Kingston to adjunct professor at Nova Northeastern University in South Florida. Jamaicans are renowned for being ambitious risk takers, and so the young Hatcher put her zealousness to the test when she left the comfort of her own surroundings to start a new life in a country foreign to her in every sense of the word.

    In Searching for The Best, Hatcher takes snapshots of her life and biblical scripture and puts them into context to relate to the average reader, who must overcome his or her own hardship to achieve their goal. Although the book was written for people from all walks of life in any country, Hatcher adds that her work speaks to all her countrymen and women, specifically.

    Whether in Jamaica or abroad, first time and frequent current readers will be astonished by this cultural pride and the country altogether. With the Dr. Powell-Hatcher piece, I have no doubt that you will deliver on such promises to your leisure and business readers.


    Lequez Spearman
    PR Consultant
    o 1800.660.6928 x100
    c 561.306.1832

    Bored? Add a dash of Flair!

  76. Great News!

    I don’t know that this is the kind of thing to catch Oprah’s eye, BUT it sure went down well with my morning coffee today!

    Some of you already are familiar with – an archival web site that currently features 310,931 poems by 24,752 poets.

    One of their features is a listing of the top 500 most popular poets either by country or worldwide.

    As of this morning, I’m listed in the top 100 in the United States and in the top 250 world wide!!!!

    You know, I really enjoyed that cup of coffee!


    P.S. If any body wants to take a look, here’s the link:



    Kind of a postscript…

    My rankings continue to rise, just when I expected them to slow down a bit. I know that this is a kind of an up and down thing – rather like trying to follow a favorite stock on the exchange, but there has been no downturn yet.

    Just to update, their site listing now has me at #114 in the world and #30 in the US. It seems like every day has been a new surprise!



    June 26, 2008


    Ain’t nuthin’ that’ll get cha
    Like when you get your pictcha
    On the cover of ROLLING STONE!!!

    I broke the Hundred mark for the WORLD today!!!

    #98 when I came home and #24 in the USA!

    It might not be the “literary” thing to do, but right now I could let loose with a rebel yell that’d curl your hair, curdle your milk and addle your eggs!



    June 27, 2008

    It can’t go much higher, but it keeps on going… This AM I am # 20 in the USA and # 89 in the world!

    I know that it’s a measure of popularity (and that can be fleeting-) and not literary merit, but I’m happy for what I can get and I’ll enjoy it like a kid on a roller coaster!

    I think “Literary Merit” is usually something they talk about after you’re dead anyway, but that’s okay – much of what I write is very relevant for a lot of people!


    June 28, 2008

    I have continued to climb in the rankings until today I am #82 in the world and #17 in the US…

    Gotta run!


  77. Geoff Nelder says:

    Video Trailer of Exit, Pursued by a Bee
    Comments welcomed please!

    Bottom right of the video is a Watch in high quality link. Try it and be astonished.

    Rating it would be great too.
    The youtube direct link is


    BOOK SUMMARY of Exit, Pursued by a Bee

    ISBN-10: 1-55404-577-0
    ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-577-8
    Genre: Science Fiction – Suspense/Thriller
    eBook Length: 257 Pages
    Published: May 2008
    Imprint: Double Dragon Publishing

    It is available at
    Award-winning author, Geoff Nelder, has had a short science fiction novel, Exit, Pursued by a Bee, published recently by Double Dragon Publishing Inc. Initially as an ebook – ideal for those with no bookshelf room left or who prefer the virtual media. It will come out as a paperback later.

    If you’ve not tried an ebook, then maybe now’s a rich opportunity – and at less than the cost of going to watch Pussycat Dolls, it lasts longer yet still leaves you feeling energised and inspired!

    Ebook price £3

    Suppose the smooth passing of time on Earth is chaotic in the rest of the Universe. Perhaps Earth time is kept continuous by something that absorbs time decoherences – not for much longer. The Earth orbits the sun at 18 miles per second. If the mountain in front of you is thrown back a second, it slips 18 miles. Imagine such time-quakes happening all over the world.

    As time-quakes cause chaos, a Mars mission is diverted to chase the departing time absorbing spheres. Arguing against hawkish military generals on Earth, the man and woman crew discover a means to communicate with the spheres, but will they listen and return to Earth?

    Geoff Nelder, having been a teacher, is now a UK-based freelance editor, co-editor of Escape Velocity magazine.

    More details, such as publishing history, is at Geoff’s website is at

  78. Hi,

    I am working on a vampire novel titled Blood of a Marionette.

    Lazarus discovers at his law school that certain students are being trained to work for a firm run by vampires. With this revelation, he realizes he must try and stop them. This is a story about vampires and relationships.

    Visit the site:

    Stop by and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate it. I am a new author and university student, with one completed vampire novel titled Sunset. This can be found at

    Thank you for your time.


    Timothy Sparklin

  79. darvish says:

    Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel has been translated and published in Croatia as Gospodar demona. The publisher, Zagrebacka Naklada’s website is

    Master of the Jinn is at

    Master of the Jinn has now been translated into six languages, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian and Croatian.

    Soon to come are translations into Urdu and Lithuanian.

  80. Kweminyi Humphrey says:

    I am a young Cameroonian writer yet unpublished. I have written six plays, one political novel, one romance novel, a memoir, and two anthologies of a hundred poems each. I just need a renown publisher for my works.

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