Neil Marr

Publisher and author, Neil Marr worked as a  journalist for over 35 years before he and his son, Alex, set up BeWrite (a non-commercial writers’ website which offered free professional editorial services and optional online showcasing). After three years, they transformed the website into BeWrite Books publishing house and have gone on to release over … Continue reading

[Interview] Kate Rigby, author of ‘Thalidomide Kid’

In addition to writing novels, Kate Rigby has also had several short stories published in various publications including several in Skrev’s magazine for experimental fiction, Texts’ Bones. Her novels include Fall of The Flamingo Circus (Allison & Busby 1990); Seaview Terrace (Skrev 2003); Sucka! (Skrev 2004); Break Point (Skrev 2006) and Thalidomide Kid (Bewrite 2007). … Continue reading