Interviews with Zimbabwean Writers

Since 2005, Conversations with Writers has been running a series of ongoing interviews with writers from all over the world. So far, there are 14 Zimbabwean writers among those who have taken part in the interviews. Masimba Musodza, screenwriter and author; Petina Gappah, lawyer and author; Zvisinei Sandi, writer, academic and civil rights activist; Ivor … Continue reading

[Poem] The Coming of the Rains, by John Eppel

Romantics like Rousseau talk nonsense when they insist that we are born free, though he’s right about the chains. See, you didn’t know which side of the fence you would end up attempting to climb. You had no say in your spawning, or the biology of your thing, or your complexion. Yet time and time … Continue reading

[Poem] Malnourished Sonnet, by John Eppel

     The unburnt pot      on my desk      could never carry water      from the Umzingwane Dam,      or beer brewed      in a forty gallon drum,      or the spirit                  of a stillborn baby;      but it is a useful receptacle      for my pen,      screwdriver,      tweezers,      nail clippers, … Continue reading