Jennifer Armstrong

Zimbabwean author, Jennifer Armstrong has worked as a martial arts journalist. Her memoir, Minus the Morning (Lulu, 2009) explores what it was like to grow up in a white, Christian, Rhodesian family. She is also the author of three e-books: Dambudzo Marechera (Lulu, 2009), which explores the link between Zimbabwean writer, Dambudzo Marechera, and shamanism; … Continue reading

[Call for Sumissions] African Writers Abroad

Everybody moves on eventually… African Writers Abroad are currently accepting memoir submissions from women of African descent for our forthcoming anthology on the theme of moving. Moving is something that most of us have had to do at some time. Whether changing countries, cities or even streets the experience can be an emotional one. Fear, … Continue reading

[Interview, Part 1 of 2] Judy Gregerson, author of ‘Bad Girls Club’

Judy Gregerson has worked as a copy editor at a newspaper, in the marketing department of a publisher, as an account executive at an advertising agency, and then in various positions in promotion and marketing. She has written and published a memoir, Save Me! A Young Woman’s Journey Through Schizophrenia to Health (Doubleday, 1980) and … Continue reading