October 2007: Top Posts

The following Leicester Review of Books posts recorded the highest number of hits in October 2007: [Interview] Chris d’Lacey, Author of Fire Star. Penknife Press Short Story Writing Contest. Karl Stuart Kline, author of ‘Poison Pearls’ PublishAmerica responds. Major New Playwriting Competition: The Yale Drama Series. [Interview] Playwright and Novelist Lucy Caldwell, Author of Where … Continue reading

Season of Inspiration: New online writing course

You may remember the old trAce Online Writing School that used to operate out of Nottingham Trent? Well, Sharon Rundle, one of our Australian tutors and I have got together to continue to run our online writing course, Season of Inspiration. It’s essentially the same format and price (despite inflation!) as the one the trAce … Continue reading

Karl Stuart Kline

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Karl Stuart Kline has subsequently lived in or passed through nearly all of the 48 continental United States. Too young to fully appreciate it at the time, he nonetheless was witness to modern American history as Bugsy Segal brought the Mob and the Strip to Las Vegas. He was also … Continue reading