Sarudzayi Barnes, author of ‘The Endless Trail’

Sarudzayi Barnes was born in Zimbabwe and was a student at Domboramavara Primary School before going on to Monte Cassino Mission and Harare High School. She is currently studying Law with the University of London. She runs a publishing company, The Lion Press Ltd, which specialises in African and Afro-Caribbean children’s stories in particular and … Continue reading

Interviews with Zimbabwean Writers

Since 2005, Conversations with Writers has been running a series of ongoing interviews with writers from all over the world. So far, there are 14 Zimbabwean writers among those who have taken part in the interviews. Masimba Musodza, screenwriter and author; Petina Gappah, lawyer and author; Zvisinei Sandi, writer, academic and civil rights activist; Ivor … Continue reading

Conversations with Writers 2009

So far, this year, Conversations with Writers has posted eight interviews with eight very different writers. As usual, the interviews focus on the work the writers are doing, their concerns as writers and how they got published. The eight featured writers are: N. P. Michaels, author of Shadow Haven; Lucien Black, author of No Vacancies; Sarudzayi Barnes, … Continue reading