[Interview] Clive Collins, author of ‘Misunderstandings’

Clive Collins is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo in Japan. He has also taught at The Open University in Northern Ireland and at the University of Sierra Leone’s Fourah Bay College. His books include the award-winning short story collection, Misunderstandings (Marion Boyars Publishers, 1993); the novels, The Foreign Husband (Marion Boyars Publishers, 1989) … Continue reading

Daniel Mandishona

Daniel Mandishona studied graphic design and then architecture at the Bartlett School, University College London. He began writing in 1982 after reading Dambudzo Marechera‘s House of Hunger. His first short story, “A Waste Land” was published in Contemporary African Short Stories (1992). Another of his short stories, “A Secret Sin” appears in Writing Now (2005). … Continue reading

Nhamo Mhiripiri

Nhamo Mhiripiri was born in Harare and grew up playing soccer in the streets of Harare and Chitungwiza. During his goalkeeping days he learnt to make a plastic ball, that actually bounced, from recycled maize-flour plastic bags. After obtaining his B.A. in English and History at the University of Zimbabwe, he embarked on a post-graduate … Continue reading