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  1. Julie says:

    This is are questions not comments
    I would like to know what is your opinion on how the relation between Europe and Africa is put into question with the novel? And Do you think the novel presents any mode of reconciliation between Europe and Africa

  2. Tom McCann’s new book, The Tree Nobody Wanted: A Christmas Story (Exeter Press Boston, October 2007), takes you on a journey back to the hardship and marvel of 1940s boyhood in Brooklyn, New York. On the eve of Christmas, a young boy is sent out to find a tree for the apartment where he lives with his grandmother, Nanny, and a singing bird called Sweetie.

    “One thing poor people know is that at eight o’clock on Christmas Eve
    all over the world, the men who sell Christmas trees simply walk off
    their rented spaces and begin their own Christmas celebrations. They
    just leave behind the unsold Christmas trees.”

    What follows is part fable, part remembrance, part miracle. The Tree Nobody Wanted tells of a simpler Christmastime, family values, and a love that yields miracles. This touching story is a secular holiday treasure for all ages.

    Tom McCann is the author of the critically acclaimed best-selling nonfiction book, An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit (Crown, 1976) and the novel Earth Angel, published in 2002. He is also a playwright and has written several screen and teleplays. McCann is a television producer who has produced prime-time docudramas for both network and public television, including The White House Transcripts and Eyewitness. He was born in Brooklyn and now lives in Boston.

    For more information, visit Exeter Press, the publisher’s website: http://www.exeterpress.com.

    For a review copy of The Tree Nobody Wanted: A Christmas Story (Exeter Press Boston, ISBN 978-0-9797407-0-1, $14.95 hardback, October 2007), simply reply to this e-mail. If you’d like to interview the author or include an already prepared interview with Tom McCann and/or book excerpt on your website – simply reply to this email.

  3. Sheila says:

    We’re a small Leicestershire Publisher – Whelkstall Publishing – and have just published the first of a planned release of titles – ‘The Invisible Hand of Evie Smith’ by Roger Amadis.

    If anyone is interested in reviewing, reading or taking part in a book burning then please let me know how we get involved.

  4. Evie Smith says:

    Hi there! I’m interested in receiving/buying a copy of ‘The Invisible Hand of Evie Smith’ by Roger Amadis. My name is Evie Smith and I find it an amusing coincidence. please let me know how I can attain a copy :)

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