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  1. Publisher of local and women’s history

  2. Irving says:

    Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel has finished being translated into Bahasa, the National language of Indonesia, and will be published early next year by Prenada Media of Jakarta.

    A translation has also been completed in Turkish, and will be be published early next year by Insah Yayinlari of Istanbul.

    Also, an exceprt from Master of the Jinn will appear in the next issue of Sufi Journal, Winter 2006/2007, due out in December, 2006.

    Peace and Blessings,

    Irving Karchmar

  3. Bob Trubshaw says:

    Heart of Albion’s latest book is ‘Ghosts and Hauntings in and around Leicestershire’ by Andy Wright – who has 30 years of experience of investigating supernatural events.

    Visit the Web site for details of this and many other Leicestershire local interest titles plus many other books on folklore and mythology.

  4. Bob Trubshaw says:

    Heart of Albion’s latest book is ‘Ghosts and Hauntings in and around Leicestershire’ by Andy Wright, who has over 30 years of experiencing investigating the supernatural.

    For details of this and many other books on Leicestershire plus folklore and mythology visit

  5. Andrew Hook says:

    Elastic Press is an award-winning publisher of short fiction. Our most recent titles are “Photocopies of Heaven” by new author Maurice Suckling, and “Extended Play” – a collection of music-themed short stories coupled with non-fiction songwriter contributions from the likes of Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol), JJ Burnel (Stranglers), and Chris Stein (Blondie). Visit our website for more information.

  6. December 3, 2006

    West Chester, PA – Conversari House, an independent press headquartered in West Chester, PA, announces the publication of WALDEN, a breakout novel by author Michael T. Dolan.

    WALDEN is a dark and powerful coming-of-age story about freedom, individualism, and revolution. Set on a university campus, the novel follows a freshman named Walden on one unforgettable day at college. Readers are calling this intense work of literary fiction The Catcher in the Rye for the 21st century. College students everywhere will identify with the soul-searching psychological journey that is WALDEN.

    Says author Iain Levison of A Working Stiff’s Manifesto fame: “WALDEN is a story about the seamier side of campus life, a life far removed from the smiling faces on the college brochures. Mike Dolan has crafted a powerful and evocative story, full of anger, frustration and misdirected emotion, about a young man caught up in the anonymous and soul-crushing world of the educational system. Should be required reading for all college freshmen.”

    In its Novemeber 2006 issue, Main Line Today magazine writes: “In his first novel, West Chester’s Michael T. Dolan cleverly conveys the college experience – especially those first hours when you’re bracing yourself for ‘the roommate.’ Satirical, tragic and poignant, the coming-of-age story of Walden XVI, a student struggling to find his identity, makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any college freshman.”

    Michael T. Dolan was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently resides in West Chester, PA. He is a contributing commentary writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and his work regularly appears in publications throughout the country. Dolan is a 1999 graduate of Villanova University. WALDEN is his first novel.

    WALDEN (ISBN 0-9779379-0-9), published in trade paperback, retails for $10.95 and is available at and by request at bookstores everywhere.

    For author interviews, digital images, or a review copy, please contact Conversari House at 610-903-4497 or

    Conversari House
    P.O. Box 2464
    West Chester, PA 19380

    Phone: 610.903.4497



    Breakout Novel a Must-read for College Students

    “Should be required reading for all college freshmen.”

    – Iain Levison, Author of A Working Stiff’s Manifesto

    “Makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any college freshman.”

    – Main Line Today (November 2006)

    # # #

  7. Sam Smith says:

    Issue 17 of The Journal containing reviews by leicester’s own Emma and Paul Lee, plus poems by an international cast and reviews by other poets is now available.

  8. Greetings of Peace:

    This is an experiment. I am offering the Sufi novel, Master of the Jinn, to anyone who wants one as an EBOOK. It will be emailed in pdf form to your home computer. This is the same book as the paperback, with all the interior illustrations intact, taken from the original file.

    After you have read it, and only if you like the book and think it was worth your time, please send me just $5.00 in US currency, either by check, money order or Paypal. If you want to send cash, put it in a greeting card or wrap it so it doesn’t show through the envelope.

    If you don’t like the book, SEND NOTHING, and forgive me for taking up your time.

    So send me a note at my email address, Irvingk57 at aol dot com if you want a copy of Master of the Jinn. I hope you know to use the @ sign and a real dot in the email address, and to close up the spaces.

    Why Am I Doing This?

    Because it is a cheap and easy way to get the broadest possible distribution with the best possible intention. It is a simple way to get the book to people, particularly in countries where it is difficult to even order and receive a hard copy of the book.

    Of course, you can always read excerpts from the book first by clicking the Sufi Novel tab on the Darvish blog at

    Inshallah, the word will spread.

    Ya Haqq!

    Irving Karchmar
    PO Box 725
    Sag Harbor, New York 11963

  9. Cait Myers says:

    Thalidomide Kid by Kate Rigby

    For the first time in a work of fiction, author Kate Rigby brings us face to face with the grim reality of a medical travesty that struck a generation … thalidomide.

    The Thalidomide Kid is Daryl, born without arms after his mother was prescribed the flawed ‘wonder drug’. But Daryl is a fighter, determined to live life to the full against all the odds. Not for him special schools, institutions and artificial limbs. He tackles the world; fighting the double handicap of a birth defect and his family’s criminal, low-life reputation, to establish his above-average intelligence in a strict school system that takes no prisoners. And we follow his fumbling attempts to win the love of a young girl whose uncompromising, middle-class parents put every obstacle in his way.

    It’s the story of an ordinary boy with extraordinary problems … and extraordinary ambitions. In a brave move to lift the veil on a tragedy so far exposed only in disturbing TV documentaries and medical papers, Rigby, shows her young hero as a streetwise teenager, whose only innocent escape from cruel reality is into a dream world where he is superhero Thalidomide Kid.

    Between 1958 and 1962, the prescription drug Thalidomide was given to expectant mothers to combat morning sickness … and horribly crippled thousands of children worldwide before they were even born. Some were driven to isolation and even suicide; some, like Daryl, struggled to meet life head on and played the rogue cards fate had dealt them.

    Author Rigby, from Totnes in Devon, England, bravely presents grim reality in a story that pitches full-bodied spirit against seemingly insurmountable physical inadequacy. She first came across the Thalidomide effect when she was a schoolgirl in Liverpool and a real life Thalidomide kid shared the playground.
    She said: "He came to be considered just another kid. But it’s very special to be nothing special when you have such problems. I suppose I realized, even back then, that people must be stronger than their disabilities. A friend of mine knew one young boy who was born without arms like my character, Daryl … and he took up hang-gliding as a sport."

    Kate, who lives with her artist sister, Ann – who provided the cover art for her new book – said: "I didn’t set out to write an issue-based novel, it just evolved. Daryl wasn’t going to be one of the main characters at first – disabled people aren’t usually portrayed as heroes in fiction – but he sort of demanded to be because of the challenges he had to meet and the prejudices her had to overcome … and then the plot just took off.

    Kate’s novel will fascinate and stir a younger generation to whom Thalidomide has been nothing more than a footnote in history books, and parents and grandparents who saw the nightmare effect of the rogue drug every day in their newspapers, in their towns, in their schools and, all too often, in their homes.

    Read an extract from Thalidomide Kid here

    Title: Thalidomide Kid
    Author: Kate Rigby
    Print ISBN: 978-1-904492-94-8
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-904492-95-5
    Release Date: 12th February 2007
    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    For further information, please contact:
    Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

  10. All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

    All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome takes a playful look at Asperger Syndrome (AS), drawing inspiration from the feline world in a way that will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with AS.

    Delightful colour photographs of cats bring to life familiar characteristics such as sensitive hearing, scampering at the first sign of being stroked, and particular eating habits.

    Touching, humorous and insightful, this book evokes the difficulties and joys of raising a child who is different and leaves the reader with a sense of the dignity, individuality, and potential of people with AS.

    This engaging book is an ideal, gentle introduction to the world of AS.

    “There is a great deal of truth in humour. If you have only just begun to discover why someone with Asperger’s syndrome is different, this book will inform and entertain you. The descriptions provide an accurate balance between the qualities and difficulties associated with Asperger’s syndrome, while the photographs will make the journey of discovery enjoyable and remarkable.”

    – Tony Attwood, author of Asperger’s Syndrome and The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

    “The one thing I notice most about cats, and respect them for, is their independence. It’s a funny thing because this is also what I notice about my Aspie friends…Kathy’s humorous book that highlights the unique qualities of individuals with Asperger’s has us ‘down to a T’.”

    – Wendy Lawson, author of many books on the autism spectrum

    Book Details:

    All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome
    Kathy Hoopmann
    ISBN-13: 978 1 84310 481 0
    £9.99 / US$14.95

  11. Non-Accidental Head Injury in Young Children: Medical, Legal and Social Responses

    This academic research volume explores non-accidental head injury in babies and young children, covering medical, social, and legal aspects of this phenomenon, as well as the responsibilities of professionals, child protection agencies and the media in this area.

    Non-accidental head injury is often referred to as being synonymous with ‘shaken baby syndrome’ (SBS) – a term which has attracted a great deal of controversy in recent years due to both disagreement about its cause and the reliability of eyewitness testimony. The authors investigate the existing evidence surrounding SBS and its recognition and construction, including medical versus social explanations and the difficulties involved in proving abuse. The reliability of eyewitness and expert testimony are discussed in the context of the concept of proof, as is the social backlash against high profile media cases such as those of Sally Clarke, Trupti Patel and Angela Cannings.

    The authors argue for an examination of non-accidental head injury rather than SBS, as this term encompasses other forms of abuse as well as shaking, and caution against a blind acceptance of medical testimony, arguing that this may impede child protection agencies’ ability to assess cases objectively and accurately. They also consider the effectiveness of prevention strategies in reducing the incidence of child abuse cases.

    This insightful book is essential reading for social workers, lawyers, health professionals, and those working with child protection agencies.

    Book details:

    Non-Accidental Head Injury in Young Children
    Medical, Legal and Social Responses
    Cathy Cobley and Tom Sanders
    Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Wall
    November 2006
    192 pages
    ISBN 1 84310 360 5

  12. Still Here with Me: Teenagers and Children on Losing a Parent

    This book is a moving and thoughtful anthology of the experiences of thirty-one children and teenagers who have lost a parent.

    In their own words, children and young people of a variety of ages talk openly and honestly about losing their mother or father. They describe feelings of pain, loss and anger, the struggle to cope with the embarrassed reactions and silence of others, and the difficulties involved in rebuilding their lives. They also share happy and loving memories of their parents, and talk about the importance of remembering while learning to accept their parent’s death.

    The accounts cover a variety of circumstances in which a parent died, including death from cancer, heart attack and involvement in an accident. Taboo experiences which are often avoided are also covered, including death through alcoholism, natural disaster, war, suicide, and domestic violence. The book displays a courageous and insightful group of children and young people who prove that it is possible to talk openly about these subjects without stigma.

    Still Here with Me will be a valuable source of information and comfort to young people who are struggling to cope with the loss of a parent. It will also provide insights into the needs of grieving children for parents, teachers, social workers and other professionals.

    Still Here with Me
    Teenagers and Children on Losing a Parent
    Edited by Suzanne Sjöqvist
    Translated by Margaret Myers
    192 Pages
    ISBN: 1 84310 501 2

  13. Special Stories for Disability Awareness: Stories and Activities for Teachers, Parents and Professionals

    Stories both educate and entertain. We learn from them and the learning is fun. They also stimulate our imagination and creativity. In this collection of short stories, the heroes and heroines are disabled children who defy the stereotypes associated with being disabled: being pitiable, a victim, freakish or a burden.

    Special Stories for Disability Awareness provides stories that fire the imagination and promote disability awareness and discussion among children aged 4-11 about universal issues such as fear, loss, feeling ‘different’, bullying, exclusion, joy, success, friendship and emotional growth. The stories provide a safe environment for young children to discuss painful emotions as well as a tool for teachers, parents and professionals to understand the experiences of disabled children.

    Each chapter features an engaging story, linked discussion and learning materials as well as suggestions for activities and photocopiable handouts. All those who work in early education or support young children will find this an invaluable resource.

    Book Details:

    Special Stories for Disability Awareness
    Stories and Activities for Teachers, Parents and Professionals
    Mal Leicester
    Illustrations by Taryn Shrigley-Wightman
    160 Pages
    ISBN: 1 84310 390 7

  14. Self-Esteem Games for Children

    In this practical handbook, self-esteem expert Deborah Plummer offers a wealth of familiar and easy-to-learn games carefully chosen to build and maintain self-esteem in children aged 5-11.

    The selection of games reflects the seven key elements of healthy self-esteem – self-knowledge, self and others, self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-expression, self-confidence and self-awareness – and includes opportunities for thinking and discussion. The book combines physically active and passive games, verbal and non-verbal games and games for pairs or groups, which makes them equally accessible for children with speech/language difficulties or those with physical disabilities. Deborah Plummer shows that the games can be easily adapted and she encourages readers to be creative in inventing their own alternative versions.

    This is an ideal resource for teachers, parents, carers and all those working to nurture self-esteem in children.

    Book Details:

    Self-Esteem Games for Children
    Deborah M. Plummer
    Illustrations by Jane Serrurier
    November 2006
    144 Pages
    ISBN: 1 84310 424 5

  15. No More Stinking Thinking: A Workbook For Teaching Children Positive Thinking

    How can children learn to combat negative thinking in a fun and constructive way? By applying to be a wizard of positive thinking, of course!

    Joann Altiero’s No More Stinking Thinking is an easy-to-use workbook for use by parents, teachers, and therapists to teach children how to develop the cognitive skills and resilience that will help them to cope with daily adversity, including criticism, disappointment and bullying. Each lesson in this mental health “wizard class” explains a different type of “Stinking Thinking” – from ignoring the big picture or jumping to conclusions to making a big (or little) deal out of something – and teaches children how to spot and combat it. They are drawn into a magical world where they learn about the power of positive, healthy and confident thinking and assertive behaviors as they defeat the evil Lord Stinker and become “Super Thinking Wizards.” Exercises, a final “exam,” and a graduation certificate are included.

    Accessible and fully interactive, No More Stinking Thinking is an ideal tool for helping children develop positive thinking skills in an imaginative and exciting way.

    Book Details:

    No More Stinking Thinking
    A Workbook For Teaching Children Positive Thinking
    Joann Altiero
    60 pages
    ISBN 1 84310 839 9

  16. Person-Centred Dementia Care: Making Services Better

    The term person centred care has been widely used, misused and ill defined. It is used frequently in the aims and objectives for dementia care services and provision, although in practice what lies behind the rhetoric can be questionable. This book gives fresh definition to the important ideas behind and the implementation of person centred care for people with dementia.

    Dawn Brooker explains the four key elements of person centred care that comprise the VIPS model: Valuing people with dementia and those who care for them (V); treating people as Individuals (I); looking at the world from the Perspective of the person with dementia (P); and a positive Social environment in which the person living with dementia can experience relative well being (S). With an emphasis on practical application, Person Centred Dementia Care provides care organisations with clear, accessible guidelines on how to put the VIPS model into operation for effective care that is ‘fit for VIPs’. Part 2 of the book comprises the VIPS organisational reflection tool, which care providers can use to assess how well they think they are doing at providing person-centred care.

    This will be essential reading for practitioners working with and policy makers responsible for people with dementia at all levels.

    Book details:

    Person-Centred Dementia Care
    Making Services Better
    Dawn Brooker
    Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides
    December 2006
    160 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 337 0

  17. ISPEEK at Home

    The collection of 1300 picture symbols in ISPEEK at Home provides an easy-to-use and enjoyable tool for overcoming communication difficulties in children with autistic spectrum disorders.

    The CD-ROM contains symbols for a wide range of situations typically encountered in the home and beyond, from feelings and facial expressions – common problem areas for people with autism – to health and hygiene and holidays. It also provides useful word templates to inspire parents and carers in putting together daily schedules, as well as PDF samples to assist them in setting up visual aids for children with autism, helping them to interact better with their home environment.

    These bright, contemporary and culturally various symbols will be a welcome communication aid for parents, carers and other professionals working with people on the autism spectrum at home.

    Praise for the CD-ROM:

    ‘Imagine how frustrating life would be if you had significant difficulty not only understanding others’ thoughts and feelings when conveyed by speech and gestures, but difficulty expressing your own thoughts and feelings. The excellent ISPEEK resources will enable a person with autism to use visual images to understand what someone wants to communicate, and to express his or her own thoughts and feelings. I know these resources will greatly improve the happiness and quality of life of individuals with autism, their carers and support staff.’
    – Tony Attwood

    ‘ISPEEK is a unique resource which can be used by parents and professionals alike. It is very easy to use and can be applied to any intervention which enhances the development of social and learning skills, a valuable tool for all special needs education.’
    – Jonathan Harris, Autism Consultant

    CD-ROM details:

    ISPEEK at Home
    Over 1300 Visual Communication Images
    Janet Dixon
    December 2006
    ISBN 978 1 84310 510 7

  18. Living Alongside a Child’s Recovery: Therapeutic Parenting with Traumatized Children

    Conventional parenting is not adequate to address the needs of children whose emotional development has been frozen, distorted or interrupted as a result of trauma. Therapeutic parenting is a psychodynamic model of parenting tailored for traumatized children, providing a safe, secure environment in which the traumatized child will have the best opportunity to recover.

    Living Alongside a Child’s Recovery asserts that a good understanding of child development and attachment theory is essential to effective therapeutic parenting of a traumatized child, and the book details the roots of trauma as well as the impact this has on a child’s ability to maintain normal family bonds, whether with birth parents, foster parents or with staff in a residential setting. It also explains the practicalities of carrying out effective therapeutic parenting, including how to design a therapeutic physical environment, the importance of routine and security, how to approach issues of hygiene and organizing mealtimes. The authors examine individual and group work settings, and also explore transitions; how to manage a child’s move to a permanent placement while at the same time ensuring that their needs are prioritized.

    This book forms part of SACCS’ integrated approach and is an ideal accompaniment to The Child’s Own Story: Life Story Work with Traumatized Children by Richard Rose and Terry Philpot and Reaching the Vulnerable Child: Therapy With Traumatized Children by Janie Rymaszewska and Terry Philpot, both of which also feature in the Delivering Recovery series.


    This book is part of the Delivering Recovery Series, from SACCS. You can find more information on other books in the series on the following webpage:

    Book details:

    Living Alongside a Child’s Recovery
    Therapeutic Parenting with Traumatized Children
    Billy Pughe and Terry Philpot
    Foreword by Mary Walsh
    Delivering Recovery series
    December 2006
    144 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 328 8
    £15.99/US$ 27.95

  19. Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violence

    This fully updated Reader provides a comprehensive review of recent research and legislation relating to domestic violence and its consequences for children, and identifies the implications for practice.

    It is divided into three parts. Part One describes evidence for the links between domestic violence and the concomitant abuse of children and assesses the effects on children’s future well-being. Part Two is a comprehensive and accessible guide to relevant current criminal and civil legislation. Highlighting the success of multi-agency approaches, the final part details practical issues for interventions with children and their carers, male perpetrators, and, new to this edition, women.

    Endorsed by children’s charities including the NSPCC and Barnardo’s, Making an Impact enables professionals working with children to develop informed, sophisticated and collaborative child care and protection responses for children who are experiencing domestic violence.

    Book details:

    Making an Impact
    Children and Domestic Violence
    A Reader
    Second Edition
    Marianne Hester, Chris Pearson and Nicola Harwin, with Hilary Abrahams
    December 2006
    288 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 157 4

  20. Acting Antics: A Theatrical Approach to Teaching Social Understanding to Kids and Teens with Asperger Syndrome

    This fun and inspiring step-by-step program provides the full set of tools for developing social understanding in children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) through drama.

    Cindy B. Schneider explains how the central processes in acting – including making and interpreting inferences from non-verbal cues, taking another’s perspective, and formulating language – can be highly effective ways of addressing social cognition deficits in children with AS. Acting Antics contains a wide repertoire of activities and ideas for immediate application at home, in the classroom, in therapy workshops or social groups, ranging from initial warm up techniques, through paired activities, to larger group scenes and staging a show. Helpful appendices provide questionnaire forms to enable both the child and the program leader to assess and monitor the child’s understanding of their roles, along with reproducible scripts and suitable scene designs.

    This complete, practical program provides a wealth of enjoyable educational ideas for parents, teachers, and therapists of children with Asperger Syndrome.

    Book details:

    Acting Antics
    A Theatrical Approach to Teaching Social Understanding to Kids and Teens with Asperger Syndrome
    Cindy B. Schneider
    Foreword by Tony Attwood
    Dec 2006
    192 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 845 0

  21. The Challenge of Practical Theology: Selected Essays

    This collection of key writings by Stephen Pattison examines the implicit and explicit beliefs and value systems that guide practice in both religious and non-religious organisations

    Pattison draws on experience from his work in many different settings – including community service volunteering, working as a psychiatric hospital chaplain, NHS management and lecturing on pastoral studies – to promote a personal, practical, political and popular approach to theology, which stresses the importance of responsibility and contemporaneity. Broadly themed sections address issues of ethics and value in practice, organisation and management, Christian thought and practice, theology and the Christian tradition, and pastoral and practical theology studies. The author takes a critical stance towards traditional religious thought and practice, and argues the need for reform to make theology more generally accessible and relevant.

    This volume will be inspirational reading for, among others, care workers, clergy, managers, nurses, counsellors and doctors, as well as students and those involved in the academic study of theology.

    Book details:

    The Challenge of Practical Theology
    Selected Essays
    Stephen Pattison
    January 2007
    304 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 453 7

  22. Enhancing Social Work Management: Theory and Best Practice from the UK and USA

    This book looks at the nature of management in the human services sector and examines the prevailing issues affecting both the UK and USA.

    Contradictory forces affect the act of management, such as the imperatives driving the introduction of new control systems which exist alongside the requirement to cut resources. In this book, contributors present both the problems and opportunities associated with the growth of management in the social care sector. They cover key topics including the implementation of change in the childcare sector; diversity – looking at the ways in which care managers can more effectively serve a growing multicultural and global society; performance measurement; the impact of electronic technologies and telecommunications; risk and safety in the workplace; and ethics in making personnel decisions, managing finances, planning and maintaining key relationships.

    This will be essential reading for social workers and human services managers, and students in health and social welfare internationally.

    Book details:

    Enhancing Social Work Management
    Theory and Best Practice from the UK and USA
    Edited by Jane Aldgate, Lynne Healy, Barris Malcolm, Barbara Pine, Wendy Rose and Janet Seden
    January 2006
    320 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 515 2

  23. Autism and Me

    Only people with autism truly know what it’s like to be autistic – and even then, every autistic individual is unique! This award-winning short film by Rory Hoy, an 18-year-old filmmaker with autism, provides a privileged glimpse into his autistic world, letting us take a journey through his everyday experience and see it through his eyes.

    In easy, accessible terms, Rory explains what having autism means for everyday functioning: what it’s like, for instance, not to have the natural inclination to respond to someone who calls you by your name, or someone who waves at you; what it’s like to take someone literally when actually they have used a figure of speech. He describes the confusion caused by high noise levels, crowded environments and even by his own emotions and physical sensations, as well as the security and comfort found in routines, forward planning and having thoughtful, calm and loving people around him.

    This engaging, insightful and light-hearted film will be invaluable to people with autism, their friends and family, and to professionals working with them. A booklet explaining the film, also compiled by the author, accompanies the DVD.

    Book details:

    Autism and Me
    Rory Hoy
    January 2007
    20 minutes
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 546 6
    DVD and booklet

  24. Authentic Movement: Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved; A Collection of Essays– Volume Two

    This second volume on Authentic Movement – a new discipline aiding the creative process in choreography, writing, theatre performance, dance, graphic and expressive arts, as well as spirituality – is an engaging and dynamic collection of scholarly essays, personal stories, practical suggestions and resources. It reflects cutting edge work on creative expression, meditative discipline and psychotherapeutic endeavour.

    Part I comprises five chapters written by the most prominent Authentic Movement practitioners and teachers and introducing the foundations and principles of Authentic Movement. In Part II, the contributors return to the source of Authentic Movement – the psychotherapeutic setting – and provide an in-depth examination of the personal processes in the therapeutic relationship and the potential of Authentic Movement to facilitate personal growth and change. Part III traces the development of Authentic Movement as a spiritual path and as interface with other spiritual practices. Part IV provides an overview of new developments in Authentic Movement, Part V offers inspiring personal accounts and Part VI provides guidelines drawn from practice as well as tools and resources. These latter chapters sow the seeds for a new understanding and directions for the developments of Authentic Movement.

    This authoritative text is indispensable for practitioners of Authentic Movement, students and teachers working in the field of dance therapy, art therapists, all creative arts therapists and body psychoanalysts.

    Book details:

    Authentic Movement: Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved
    A Collection of Essays
    Volume Two
    Edited by Patrizia Pallaro
    Jan 2007
    512 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 768 2

  25. The Miller Method: Developing the Capacities of Children on the Autism Spectrum

    This informative and practical guide to the Miller Method® presents an entirely new and dynamic perspective on advancing the body organization, social, and communicative skills of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

    Taking a cognitive developmental systems approach that uses elevation to build body awareness and focus the children on people and objects, the Miller Method® works on the premise that children with ASDs learn more effectively when their whole bodies are physically and repetitively involved in a learning process or ‘system’; a completely different approach from the more traditional schoolroom arrangement in which children learn while sitting at a desk. Chapters outline the underlying principles of the Miller Method® and its practical application, and cover major issues such as communication skills and social play, and day-to-day behavioural issues including tantrums, aggression, and toilet training. A chapter on research outcomes demonstrates the efficacy of the method in practice.

    This practical resource is essential reading for parents and professionals living and working with children with ASDs.

    Book Details:

    The Miller Method
    Developing the Capacities of Children on the Autism Spectrum
    Arnold Miller with Kristina Chrétien
    Forewords by Diane Twachtman-Cullen and Stuart G. Shanker
    320 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 722 4

  26. Brotherly Feelings: Me, My Emotions, and My Brother with Asperger’s Syndrome

    It isn’t easy being eight years old and having an older brother whom other children often misunderstand. They don’t realize that when he doesn’t laugh at their jokes it’s because he doesn’t understand them. They don’t know that when he doesn’t speak to them or look at them it’s because he doesn’t know what to say or how to make eye contact. They don’t realize that he behaves this way because he has something called Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Sam knows that his brother Eric is different from him because his brain works differently. So, when the other children bully Eric, it makes Sam feel protective of him. But sometimes, when Eric behaves oddly, Sam feels embarrassed too. Sometimes, when Eric gets lots of attention, it makes Sam feel resentful – then, when he considers that Eric needs a lot of help and attention, it makes Sam feel guilty for feeling resentful. There are so many different feelings Sam experiences!

    Brotherly Feelings explores the emotions that siblings of children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) commonly experience. With illustrations throughout, this book will help siblings to understand that their emotional responses – whatever they are – are natural and OK. It is the ideal book for parents and professionals to use with siblings to discuss their emotional experiences, and will also help children with AS to form an understanding of the feelings of other family members.

    Book Details:

    Brotherly Feelings
    Me, My Emotions, and My Brother with Asperger’s Syndrome
    Sam Frender and Robin Schiffmiller
    Illustrations by Dennis Dittrich
    64 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 850 4

  27. Autism, Play and Social Interaction

    Autism, Play and Social Interaction is a fully illustrated guide that explains how to help children with autism spectrum disorders engage in interactive play, which is vital for the acquisition of social skills and attention to shared activities.

    The authors explain how to set up suitably structured play environments, games schedules and play routines, and how to use visual aids and other props to facilitate co-operative play and interaction. Common children’s games have been adapted to accommodate children with autism spectrum disorders and range from simple interaction, such as ‘putting-in’ and ‘give and take’, to more complex games like ‘hide and seek’, ‘sound-lotto’ and ‘spin the bottle’, as well as games that teach social behaviour, such as exchanging toys and engaging with other children for play opportunities.

    This is a practical and accessible book for parents and teachers of children with autism spectrum disorders, as well as professionals working with these children.

    Book Details:

    Autism, Play and Social Interaction
    Lone Gammeltoft and Marianne Sollok Nordenhof
    Translated by Erik van Acker
    ISBN 978 1 84310 520 6
    64 pages

  28. Why we Write: Conversations with African Canadian Poets and Novelists

    In this volume, African Canadian creative writers discuss the complexities of the writing experience. Most of the writers interviewed here are humanists; i.e., they see their work as serious depictions of the human condition, admit that their works are informed by an African Canadian ontology, and adhere to the notion that their books must delight and instruct. These interviews, therefore, are valuable additions to the creative process of the individual writers.

    Apart from identifying how the writers’ geographical and social origins have influenced their work, the questions deliberately avoid autobiography. Instead, these writers respond to the exigencies of craft, the manipulations of publishers, the criticism of readers, and the absence of a clearly identifiable market for their works.

    The writers include Austin Clarke, Bernadette Dyer, Althea Prince, Afua Cooper, M. NourbeSe Philip, Cecil Foster, Lawrence Hill, Nalo Hopkinson, George Elliott Clarke, Wayde Compton, Robert Sandiford, Suzette Mayr, Claire Harris, Pamela Mordecai, and Ayanna Black.

    H Nigel Thomas immigrated to Canada in 1968 and now resides in Montreal. His short stories, poems, and essays have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. He is the author of: From Folklore to Fiction: A Study of Folk Heroes in the Black American Novel; Spirits in the Dark (shortlisted for the Hugh MacLennan Fiction Award); How Loud Can the Village Cock Crow? and Other Stories; Moving through Darkness; Behind the Face of Winter; and Return to Arcadia (forthcoming in 2007).

    Book Details:

    Why we Write
    Conversations with African Canadian Poets and Novelists
    Edited with an introduction by
    H Nigel Thomas
    Price: $24.95

  29. locusbooks says:

    Mini Shots are a new concept literary magazine series.

    One magazine. One story. The perfect size to slip into your pocket for when you need a quick injection of fiction or have five minutes to kill.

    Mini Shots. Collect them all.

    Only $4 each or $24 for a series subscription of ten issues.

    From Vignette Press

  30. Melissa W. says:


    New Multifaceted E-publisher Aims to Create a Community of Writers & Readers While Bringing New Stories to the World

    TAMPA, FL—MARCH 1, 2007— Rachel Lindley and Melissa Wathington are the founders of a new publishing company called Lavender Isis Press/Publishing ( with the motto, “A Potpourri of Great Literature”.

    “Being writers ourselves, we know how taxing it is on the brain to churn out your story to quench that inner storyteller within you and thus begin that long road to showing your baby to the world shortly after typing “The End.” The industry can be pretty cutthroat and most of the time it’s the writers that get the short end of the stick.”

    Lavender Isis Press plans to live up to the motto by handling short stories, novels and novellas in an array of fiction genres; as well as launching an upcoming literary e-zine, THE OASIS, which will be showcasing poetry, short stories, screenplays, artists and more. The company plans to help take strides where no epublishing house has gone before in publishing illustrated epoetry books and illustrated novels.

    Submissions guidelines for each sections can be found at: BOOK SUBMISSIONS and OASIS SUBMISSIONS
    LIP Submissions

    In addition, Lavender Isis Press also offers full editing, promo packages and more to their contracted authors. The company’s community, The Oasis Newsgroup( was created to nurture writers and readers alike who are looking for feedback, industry help, news, contests and writing advice as they begin that long road to publishing and that even longer road to promoting their book once it has been published. A sense of community and a relaxing atmosphere among the writers is highly encouraged.

    “Our goals are to provide quality work for our readers and a positive publishing experience for our authors. We’d love to gain a reputation of integrity, reliability and respect. We look forward to the introduction of our ezine where we hope to give a lot of new writers the opportunity to get their work showcased and exposed. Eventually we’d love to see our work translated through other mediums (tv, radio, movies) and we want to create a support network for authors both beginning and established.”

    Lavender Isis Press officially opens its doors on Saturday, March 17th to sell the ebooks and stories now previewed on their website. A chat will also be hosted in the website chatroom. To kick off the opening celebration, all writers and readers are invited to promote their work in a Lavender Isis Press Free-For-All Promotions event at The Oasis on March 16th. Not only are writers invited to promote their stories, but poets, artists, scriptwriters and many other creative types are welcome to participate in the all day promotional event.

    “We hope you’ll join us on our adventure!”

    Lavender Isis Press opens for business on Saturday March 17, 2007.

    Link to Publisher:


    Melissa Wathington
    Melissa has had over 15 years in the writing industry. A college graduate with an AA and BA in Journalism, she has worked as layout editor and content editors for three college newspapers, as well as two county papers. Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly has featured her articles and she’s done numerous freelance editing jobs. She has been editor in chief for two national magazines, Street and Ultimate Black Hair, been a book reviewer for over 3 years and has had numerous short stories as well as two books published. In her spare time, she also runs a non profit organization for homebound children called Homebound Hugs (
    Contact Melissa @

    Rachel Lindley
    Rachel aka “Rae” is a writer/artist. She has been writing since 10 years old and practicing art since as long as she can remember. She has had numerous articles, short stories and poetry published in addition to working in various editorial positions. She has also won awards for her art and writing including Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. She enjoys designing and creating traditional as well as 3D art and writing various fiction. Her first novel is due out this Summer.
    Contact Rachel @
    # # #

  31. An Integrated Approach to Family Work for Psychosis: A Manual for Family Workers

    An Integrated Approach to Family Work for Psychosis is a manual for using cognitive behavioural approach to working with families of people with severe mental illness.

    The authors, all experienced clinicians, discuss the various core components of family work, including what constitutes family work, when it might be offered, and how and where it might be applied. As well as these core concerns, the authors also look at reframing challenges and overcoming common personal and external barriers to effective family work. Each chapter can be read individually or as part of the integrated manual. The central argument of the book is that family work must be individualised and it offers a clear approach to engaging and working with families to ensure that this happens, including guidance on how to link components of a service user’s plan with their family’s strengths and strategies for reducing stress. The book addressed both theory and practice, and concentrates on the experience of mental illness for the service user and their family, providing a focus for intervention.

    Exploring family work as an integrated psychosocial and educational support strategy, this manual will increase the confidence and competence of new family workers – mental health workers, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists – and broaden the knowledge of those already working in the area.

    Book details:

    An Integrated Approach to Family Work for Psychosis
    A Manual for Family Workers
    Gina Smith, Karl Gregory and Annie Higgs
    Foreword by Catherine Gamble, Consultant Nurse
    March 2007
    208 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 369 1

  32. Bob Trubshaw says:

    How the UFO ‘myth’ was made

    David Clarke and Andy Robert’s new book, Flying Saucerers, will be published on 19th April. In this innovative study these experienced researchers and writers reveal how the notion of ‘flying saucers’ (subsequently termed ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ or ‘UFOs’) were invented in the 1950s and 60s. They focus on the key figures involved – from maverick psychological ‘con men’ to key establishment figures such as Sir Patrick Moore, Lord Mountbatten and HRH Prince Philip. This reveals how the paranoia of the Cold War era generated its own myths and also shows that many aspects of the subsequent ‘New Age’ ideology had their origins in the UFO cults.

    Flying Saucerers is not written for people who believe in UFOs. Readers are not expected to believe in their ‘nuts and bolts’ existence, still less the prospects of a Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Instead it reveals how the notions of a few inspired ‘experts’ evolved into prevailing modern day myths.

    David Clarke is a British university lecturer and has written six previous books. He obtained a PhD in Folklore and Cultural Tradition in 1999, and now teaches Journalism Studies at Sheffield Hallam University.

    Andy Roberts is a veteran writer, researcher and broadcaster. He has written eight books on the subjects of UFOs and folklore and has contributed to many journals including ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Fortean Times’.

    Flying Saucerers: A social history of UFOlogy by David Clarke and Andy Roberts

    Publication date: 19th April 2007

    Published by Alternative Albion, an imprint of Heart of Albion Press

    ISBN 978-1-905646-00-5. 245 x 175 mm, 231 + xii pages, 99 b&w photos, 11 line drawings, paperback. £14.95

    Please visit for details of Heart of Albion’s other titles and contact details.

  33. Cait Myers says:

    BeWrite Books announce the release of Hunter Taylor’s debut novel Insatiate Archer.

    In the mists of time, when the line between fact and fantasy had not been drawn, war raged between the new religion and the old – and Hunter Taylor calls on her own rich heritage to bring to life that era of bloodstained reality and magical legend in her remarkable debut novel, Insatiate Archer.

    Taylor’s family history is steeped in ages old Celtic and Native American tradition and a store of folklore and intimacy with nature helped create the book’s unforgettable heroine, Susanna.

    Susanna, whose startling, differently coloured eyes mark her as a witch, is a high priestess of the secret and sacred druidic groves, struggling to embrace the best of Christianity. But the monstrous Yellow Curate will stop at no evil to rid the world of her and her ancient beliefs.

    Taylor seamlessly joins 14th Century fact, myth and magic to take her reader on a breathtaking odyssey through a land in the birth pangs of change, where Susanna is never more than a footstep ahead of the sadistic cleric obsessed with her destruction.

    Taylor’s immaculate research and magical writing style make for a dazzling novel of harsh truths in the most cruel of times, sometimes hard to bear as you tear through its pages. But the book’s sheer realism is not the result of painstaking academic research alone; much is instinctive and drawn from the author’s inherited feeling for the times and people recreated in Insatiate Archer.

    As a former military journalist, Taylor – who is now a full-time author and lives with her husband in Texas – also weaves into her work personal experience of far flung places, and of her years as a US soldier.

    She said: “I am on every page in my own right, but I am also there in the presence of everyone who nourished or influenced me. My grandmothers are there with their store of homegrown remedies and old family tales. My Celtic father, with his never-ending humor and great creativity, is there. The people with whom I trained in the Army are there. My travels around the country and the globe are there. All the experiences of a lifetime – and the lifetimes of those close to me – come together.

    “My childhood was filled with the kind of history in which the story is set, with a strong oral tradition in tales of adventure. My father was Celtic Scots, and family lineage also includes direct ancestors who were Native American as well as old Germanic and Irish blood lines

    “This heritage of folklore and harmony with nature was a tremendous source of inspiration as I wrote of times shrouded in myth and of people close to the earth, independent in their ancient beliefs and facing a changing world. Although my story is set six hundred years in the past, the circumstances and characters felt very close to home. I could feel part of them.”

    The result is that Insatiate Archer’s mystic heroine, Susanna, is a flesh-and-blood woman of her time, but one who readers can understand and identify with in the materialistic 21st Century.

    “Susanna first came to me in the early 1980s while I was serving with the Army in Germany,” said Taylor. “Through the years, she evolved from a slightly fairy-tale being into a real presence, strong-willed and adventurous.

    “In the early 1990s, while living in New York City, I saw a revival of the musical, Camelot. It occurred to me then that of all the people in the Arthurian legends, the character of Nimue was largely unexplored. She is usually portrayed as conniving, a thief of Merlin’s magic who seals him in a cave and leaves him there. She did not seem so to me. I saw her as a highly intelligent young woman, assertive and independent. She became the ancestor of Susanna.

    “So the character of Susanna is original, although it has been said that all writing, no matter how the author may deny it, is to some degree autobiographical. I confess I did not see this as I was writing the novel. When it was completed and had sat the shelf for a time, I took it down and read it again. And it was there – me and my family ghosts.”

    Taylor’s title is taken from poet Edward Young’s 18th Century Night Thoughts: “Insatiate Archer! could not one suffice? Thy shaft flew thrice, and thrice my peace was slain.”

    She said: “When I saw the quote on an old gravestone in Norfolk, Virginia, marking the resting place of a mother and her two children, it seemed to sum up the losses suffered by Susanna in the book; The harsh impersonal randomness of life itself.”

    But although Taylor’s Insatiate Archer is firmly rooted in reality, she does exercise her right as its creator to introduce occasional touches of magical fantasy.

    She explained: “The intertwining of historical fiction and setting with elements of fantasy came about as a result of my reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the King James Bible, and Playboy magazine. These may appear to be wildly divergent sources, but they all played a role in the conceptualization. Our lives tend to become bogged down in mundane details. I believe that real life is a combination of fact and fancy, of the ordinary and the supernatural. In this way, the touches of fantasy make this a more accurate mirror of life; especially in the medieval times of which I write.

    “I have been interested for some time in the idea and the history of the manner in which women were persecuted as witches. This goes hand-in-glove with the struggle between the old religions and Christianity.

    “The unicorn has a part to play in the book; a creature that’s been associated with Christ and the early Christian church, the older nature-based religions, and belief in gods and goddesses. The image of the unicorn has been found in such widely divergent localities as ancient China and on the royal seal of England.

    “But to ensure historical correctness I researched histories of religions, witchcraft, ancient myths and legends. For instance, one seemingly fantastic episode in my book is based on a legendary event actually documented in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The History of the Kings of Britain.

    “As between forms of religion, there’s often a very blurred line between fact and fantasy in history. I feel that recognizing this in a novel accurately reflects the mindset of those who populated our world in olden days. I’m sure my ancestors would agree.”

    Insatiate Archer is the first in a trilogy of linked novels. Taylor is currently at work on book two, set two centuries later with a descendent of Susanna’s as protagonist. Again deeply researched hard fact and documented myth and magic will be interwoven to recreate a lost age in which reality had a less rigidly defined definition.

    Read an extract from Insatiate Archer and watch the book trailer here

    Book Details:

    Insatiate Archer
    By Hunter Taylor
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-34-8
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-35-5
    Release Date: 15th March 2007
    Page count: 280

    Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    For further information, please contact:
    Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

  34. Developing the Craft of Mediation: Reflections on Theory and Practice

    The modern emergence of mediation represents the new and evolving application of an ancient and universal approach to settling quarrels. Mediation is now an established method of dispute resolution across a wide range of professional, workplace and social situations including the family, community, commercial, organisational, employment, environmental and international arenas. It is increasingly being applied to new legal, care and health sectors such as child abduction, child protection, housing and medical negligence.

    This book draws uniquely on the concrete knowledge and practice experience of leading mediators, working in a variety of fields, to inform contemporary debates and challenges. These practitioners reflect on the excitement, complexity, difficulty and satisfaction of their work as well as on the differences and commonalities within and across diverse fields of mediation practice. The book explores individual qualities and approaches, styles and models of practice, institutional frameworks and personal ideologies.

    Developing the Craft of Mediation is an essential aid for any mediator, and for other professionals wanting to enhance their understanding of the theory and practice of mediation.

    Book Details:

    Developing the Craft of Mediation
    Reflections on Theory and Practice
    Marian Roberts
    March 2007
    256 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 323 3

  35. Different Dads: Fathers’ Stories of Parenting Disabled Children

    ‘It is a great idea to draw together stories of fathers’ experiences in bringing up disabled children. One of the ways parents manage to cope is to know that others have been through the same experiences. Then you learn that it isn’t just about coping – there are positive stories to tell.’
    – Taken from the Foreword by David Cameron, MP

    Fathers of disabled children can feel overlooked when the focus of much parenting support is aimed at mothers. Different Dads is a collection of inspiring personal testimonies written by fathers of children with a disability who reflect on their own experiences and offer advice to other fathers and families on the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

    The fathers featured represent a broad spectrum of experience. Their contributions reflect a wide range of cultures; some are single fathers, others are married adoptive fathers. What they all have in common are the challenges that face them and their families in raising a child with a disability. Issues explored include the reactions of family, friends and colleagues, how to deal with the organisations and professionals that support families with a disabled child, and the difficulty of being open about feelings in a culture that doesn’t always expect men to have a sensitive or nurturing role.

    Offering direct and thoughtful perspectives on being a father of a child with a disability, this book will be a valuable source of support and information for families with disabled children, and also for health and social care professionals who work with these families.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘A down-to-earth guide for the fathers of disabled children based on the experiences of 21 dads from different age groups, cultures and social backgrounds. Forward by David Cameron (yes, that one) who is such a parent himself. All royalties go to Contact a Family’.
    – BILD Current Awareness Service, January 2007

    Book Details:

    Different Dads
    Fathers’ Stories of Parenting Disabled Children
    Edited by Jill Harrison, Matthew Henderson and Rob Leonard
    Foreword by The Right Honourable David Cameron MP
    March 2007
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 454 4

  36. Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs

    Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs gives a fascinating account of individual healing sessions with children with complex special needs and moderate to severe learning difficulties. Drawing on his experience as a qualified spiritual healer and senior co-worker at The Sheiling School, a Camphill Centre, Bob Woodward shows how spiritual healing can help children with special needs to achieve peace and relaxation.

    From his perspective as both spiritual healer and curative educator, the author introduces the key concepts of both subject areas to the reader and explains how the two disciplines can be combined and applied, providing case examples of healing sessions with children with a range of special needs, including autism, epilepsy and emotional and behavioural difficulties. The author demonstrates the benefits of spiritual healing for these children as a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach that restores balance and harmony to body, soul and spirit.

    This unique book will be of interest to parents and professionals involved with special needs children, as well as practitioners of and those interested in spiritual healing.

    Book Details:

    Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs
    Bob Woodward
    Foreword by Dr Hugh Gayer, The Sheiling School Medical Adviser
    March 2007
    160 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 545 9

  37. Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Issues for Case Managers and Other Professionals

    Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities provides comprehensive information for any professional working with people with intellectual disabilities, particularly case managers.

    The authors outline the skills needed and common issues in case management practice across a range of people with different disabilities at different stages of their life. Emphasising the importance of taking a rights-based approach to supporting people with learning disabilities, the authors argue that effective case management needs to be individualised and carried out in partnership with the individual and their family in order to draw up a lifestyle plan that meets their many needs, including employment, education, vocational training, therapy and behaviour support.

    The book includes chapters on inter-agency and cross-sector negotiation and collaboration, balancing rights and protection, listening to individuals and families, communication, optimising health outcomes, approaches to behaviour support, ethical decision-making and reflective supervision, and the text is complemented by case studies throughout.

    An essential reference for practitioners, the book is also an invaluable guide for policy makers, researchers and students, nurses, carers, and people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

    Book Details:

    Planning and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities
    Issues for Case Managers and Other Professionals
    Edited by Christine Bigby, Chris Fyffe and Elizabeth Ozanne
    March 2007
    312 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 354 7

  38. Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery

    Women who leave an abusive relationship often experience feelings of fear, bewilderment, anger and confusion. The trauma caused by domestic violence leaves a legacy that stays with the survivor, and it is not uncommon for women to experience feelings of loss and grief similar to those following bereavement, but made more complex by the effect that abuse has had on their emotional health and well-being.

    Supporting Women after Domestic Violence offers accessible advice on how to enable women who have experienced domestic violence to embark on a journey of recovery. The book draws on theory, original research and the personal experiences of women who have encountered domestic violence to explore the complex practical and emotional support they need when engaging in the process of recovery. It highlights the difficulties a victim of domestic violence may encounter following an abusive relationship, offers action points to improve service provision, and covers important issues in recovery, such as the value of mutual support and how women can regain a sense of normality and self-esteem.

    This book will be a key resource for those working within women’s refuges, as well as social workers, counsellors, mental health professionals and many others whose work may bring them into situations where domestic violence is an issue.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘…compelling reading for anyone working with women and children living with and leaving domestic violence.’ – From the Foreword by Cathy Humphreys

    Book Details:

    Supporting Women after Domestic Violence
    Loss, Trauma and Recovery
    Hilary Abrahams
    Foreword by Cathy Humphreys
    March 2007
    160 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 431 5

  39. Cait Myers says:

    BeWrite Books announce the release of Howard Waldman’s latest novel The Seventh Candidate.

    In an age of plummeting morals and urban chaos verging on civil war, businessman Edmond Lorz makes a precarious living by removing obscene graffiti from underground railway advertising hoardings.

    It’s during a recruitment aptitude test for extra porn-purging staff that a terrorist bomb rips through Ideal Poster’s grubby headquarters, leaving Lorz and one candidate – the seventh – fighting for life in hospital.

    Lorz recovers completely, but the strikingly handsome young job-seeker wakens from his coma a blank-faced, unspeaking automaton with total amnesia and a blind obsession with his new employer’s clean-up campaign.

    Adopted by Lorz and his wildly unpredictable secretary, Dorothea – each driven by pity, love and stark fear – the mysterious 7th Candidate wages a private and manic war on disorder in a subterranean maze of tunnels beneath a city gone mad.

    Howard Waldman’s latest novel, set against a backdrop of social disintegration that’s almost too close for comfort, swings from lunatic hilarity to heartrending tragedy … and often the reader may struggle to tell the difference in a story with more twists and turns than a subway map.

    ‘Too close for comfort’ because Waldman – a New Yorker now living in Paris – has based the fiction on fact he’s already come face to face with.

    Although the period and country remain unspecified in The Seventh Candidate, he said: “I’m personally and closely acquainted with two societies — the America of half a century ago and, since then, France. The book reflects experience of both.

    “Lorz’s society is closer to Paris than to my faded memories of New York. The events at the beginning of the novel were loosely inspired by the Paris student revolt of May-June 1968. (I even participated in the movement). The ‘Central Mountains’ where the final chapter of the novel is set is the Massif Central, where we have a house. Some of the subway station names, even, come directly from the Paris network; National Library, for example. Finally, it was in the Paris subway (the Montparnasse station) that I once saw an immensely tall, thin man with the face of a fanatic, effacing obscenities from a poster. The memory stuck and inspired the plot of the novel.

    “But I couldn’t set the action in France, first because my potential readers are English-speaking and would have felt estranged having to identify with a French protagonist. I couldn’t set the action in the United States because I have nothing valid to say about a contemporary American society I’ve lost contact with. Moreover, unlike France, American history doesn’t yet offer parallels with the society I describe.

    “This last point is fundamental, I think. I didn’t want to be constricted by obliged fidelity to historical fact. The society described in a novel set in a specific time and place can’t be at variance with the society the reader is familiar with. Wells had to place The War of the Worlds implicitly in a near future for the simple reason that the reader knew that no such Martian invasion had taken place. Similarly, although on a less spectacular scale than the destruction of civilisation, no one has ever seen or heard of a company devoted to the effacement of obscene graffiti from subway posters. So for all those reasons the novel had to take place in an unspecified time and place.

    “Still, elements of the social crisis of contemporary countries will, I hope be familiar, to my readers: the obsessive presence of advertising and sexuality, urban blight, violence, the decay of the countryside, the undermining of traditional values, the isolation of the individual, the portrait I attempt of an authoritarian personality, symbolically driven underground, at odds with the hedonistic values of his society.”

    Waldman adds: “7th Candidate was the hardest of the novels to do, a source of no end of sweat and discouragement. I revamped it three times and the final version bears little resemblance to the initial one.

    “I had to create an imaginary society on the brink of chaos, invent the techniques of grafitti removal, etc. The seventh candidate character was as delicate to handle as Frankenstein’s monster because, unconsciously, Lorz programs the boy for eradication of disorder, including eradication of the individuals who embody that disorder, and all this complexity had to be conveyed indirectly instead of baldly stated.”

    Now a full-time author of novels and short fiction, Waldman taught American Literature at a Paris university and European Literature at a US University.

    His previous novels are Back There (2005) and Time Travail (2006). The newly released 7th Candidate is to be followed later this year by release of his Good Americans Go To Paris When They Die. They are published by BeWrite Books and can be bought from all major online bookstores or ordered from local high street retailers. Each of his novels is covered by an eBook version for those who prefer their reading on screen.

    Read an extract from The Seventh Candidate here

    Book Details:

    The Seventh Candidate
    By Howard Waldman
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-50-8
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-51-5
    Page count: 324
    Release Date: 29th March 2007


    Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    For further information and review copies, please contact:
    Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

  40. Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem: A Photocopiable Activities Book, Second Edition

    This second edition of the highly successful Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem is packed with fun and effective activities to help children develop and maintain healthy self-esteem.

    New and updated material has been added including a section on running parent groups alongside children’s groups, as well as a brand new layout, fresh illustrations, an expanded theoretical section and extra activities.

    Based on the author’s extensive clinical experience, this activities book will equip and support teaching staff, therapists and carers in encouraging feelings of competence and self-worth in children and their families. It is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11, but the ideas can easily be adapted for both older and younger children and children with learning difficulties.

    This fully photocopiable resource is invaluable for anyone looking for creative, practical ways of nurturing self-esteem in children.

    Praise for the first edition:

    ‘This practical guide has a fund of ideas describing how teachers can harness powerful young imaginations and help build self-esteem.’ – The Teacher

    ‘…a rich resource in its own right, or to “pick and mix”, incorporating activities into other ways of working, according to the needs of the children and one’s own personal and professional preferences.’ – YoungMinds

    ‘The book will be of genuine interest and use for Special Educational Needs coordinators and class teachers alike.’ – Education 3-13

    ‘This publication should find its way into resource libraries in schools and speech and language therapy departments as well as being generally available to parents and carers.’ – Afasic News

    Book details:

    Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem
    A Photocopiable Activities Book
    Second Edition
    Deborah M. Plummer
    Illustrations by Alice Harper
    March 2007
    288 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 488 9

  41. Kids in the Syndrome Mix: Now available in Paperback

    Kids in the Syndrome Mix is a concise, scientifically up-to-date, all-in-one guide to the whole range of often co-existing neuro-behavioral disorders in children-from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder, to autistic spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, sensory integration problems, and executive dysfunction.

    Dr. Kutscher provides accessible information on causes, symptoms, interactions with other conditions, and treatments. He presents effective behavioral strategies for responding to children who display traits of these disorders-whether at home, at school, or in other settings-along with case vignettes and practical tips.

    The author’s sympathetic yet upbeat approach and skillful explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix make this an invaluable companion for parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone else who needs fast and to-the-point advice on children with special needs.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘This is a book that sets out to fulfil all that is promised in its subtitle ‘The one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals’, covering a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. It is a concise, credibly structured and admirably tailored to suit its audience. A single ‘stress busting’ book which is not a tome is likely to appeal to any parent, teacher or professional whose time is at a premium… The book deftly acknowledges the strengths without glamourizing or minimizing disabilities.’ – Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

    ‘A sparkling, granite-strong steppingstone from which to launch further investigations into the conditions Kutscher covers, though, given its myriad hands-on recommendations, this guide may be an end in itself.’ – Kirkus Reports

    ‘The writing style is pitched to be humorous, informative and explanatory at the same time. There is a perfect mix of medical background knowledge combined with real-life practical advice and situations. The reader is left with no doubt that Mr Kutscher MD knows from first hand what he is talking about. Anybody would benefit from reading this book whether they were a lay person or medically trained.’ – The National Childminding Association (

    ‘Aimed primarily at parents and teachers, I particularly liked the structure of this book, with two introductory chapters that explain the basics of diagnosis and treatment, followed by chapters on separate diagnostic categories…There is a helpful emphasis on real-world presentation of problems experienced by children and young people, which rarely occur as clear-cut’. — Community Care

    ‘As the first book to cover such a wide range of disorders for lay readers, this is highly recommended for public libraries with special- needs parenting sections’. — Library Journal

    ‘his is a groundbreaking, terrific, thoroughly researched and brilliantly written, interpretive treatise of oft misunderstood, frequently diagnosed disorders with numerous interventions provided by a literary genius.’-Gayle M. Bell, EdS, Educational Specialist, Coeur d’Alene, ID, USA

    Book Details:

    Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, Bipolar, and More!
    The one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals
    Martin L. Kutscher MD, with contributions from Tony Attwood PhD and Robert R. Wolff MD
    March 2007
    244 pages
    ISBN 9781843108115

  42. From Isolation to Intimacy: Making Friends without Words

    If you have no language, how can you make yourself understood, let alone make friends? Phoebe Caldwell has worked for many years with people with severe intellectual disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorder who are non-verbal, and whose inability to communicate has led to unhappy and often violent behaviour. In this new book she explores the nature of close relationships, and shows how these are based not so much on words as on the ability to listen, pay attention, and respond in terms that are familiar to the other person.

    This is the key to Intensive Interaction, which she shows is a straightforward and uncomplicated way, through attending to body language and other non-verbal means of communication, of establishing contact and building a relationship with people who are non-verbal, even those in a state of considerable distress. This simple method is accessible to anyone who lives or works with such people, and is shown to transform lives and to introduce a sense of fun, of participation and of intimacy, as trust and familiarity are established.

    Book Details:

    From Isolation to Intimacy
    Making Friends without Words
    Phoebe Caldwell with Jane Horwood
    March 2007
    192 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 500 8

  43. Nurture Groups in School and at Home: Connecting with Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

    This book explores the ways in which pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties can be effectively engaged in schooling — either in school or at home. It explains the social and emotional underpinnings of learning and presents practical strategies for aiding engagement.

    Nurture groups, originally devised and implemented in the 1970s, are specially designed classes that cater for pupils having difficulties in adjusting to the requirements of mainstream classrooms. Paul Cooper and Yonca Tiknaz present evidence of the success of nurture groups from the perspectives of the children participating in them, their parents and school staff members who manage nurture groups in schools, and examine what factors affect the success of the group. From this they draw key messages for effective practice, including the fundamental importance of recognising a child’s emotional needs and meeting them, and the pivotal role of the relationship between the teaching staff co-ordinating the group.

    Nurture Groups in School and at Home will provide essential information and accessible advice for teaching professionals running nurture groups in schools and for parents and carers running them at home.

    Book details:

    Nurture Groups in School and at Home
    Connecting with Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
    Paul Cooper and Yonca Tiknaz
    Innovative Learning for All Series
    April 2007
    160 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 528 2

  44. Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide

    Silent Grief is a book for and about “suicide survivors” — those who have been left behind by the suicide of a friend or loved one.

    Author Christopher Lukas is a suicide survivor himself — several members of his family have taken their own lives – and the book draws on his own experiences, as well as those of numerous other suicide survivors. These inspiring personal testimonies are combined with the professional expertise of Dr. Henry M. Seiden, a psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

    The authors present information on common experiences of bereavement, grief reactions and various ways of coping. Their message is that it is important to share one’s experience of “survival” with others and they encourage survivors to overcome the perceived stigma or shame associated with suicide and to seek support from self-help groups, psychotherapy, family therapy, Internet support forums or simply a friend or family member who will listen.

    This revised edition has been fully updated and describes new forms of support including Internet forums, as well as addressing changing societal attitudes to suicide and an increased willingness to discuss suicide publicly.

    Silent Grief gives valuable insights into living in the wake of suicide and provides useful strategies and support for those affected by a suicide, as well as professionals in the field of psychology, social work, and medicine.

    Book Details:

    Silent Grief
    Living in the Wake of Suicide
    Revised Edition
    Christopher Lukas and Henry M. Seiden
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 847 4


    RATTLE magazine devotes new issue to the wildly popular art of competitive performance poetry

    To those for whom the notion of poetry brings back unpleasant memories of hunching over The Canterbury Tales in freshman English, take note: This is not your grandmother’s poetry.

    Slam poetry is by nature difficult to define, borrowing from a variety of cultures and styles, and refusing to fit neatly into any one category. In essence, slam is what happens when writing and performance are combined in front of an audience.

    But attending a slam is not like attending a poetry reading. Slam is competitive, and poets are judged by randomly picked members of the audience, the winners often awarded cash prizes. Most importantly, audiences are urged to get excited about what they hear. What results is an exciting, rowdy and often emotionally explosive experience for all involved.

    To recognize the genre that is changing the face of poetry, RATTLE is stepping up. The poetry magazine will feature a “Tribute to Slam” in its summer issue.

    In addition to the usual 80 pages of regular poetry, the issue will include 20 slam poems and an audio CD of the authors—which range from rising to stars to such slam legends as Patricia Smith and Buddy Wakefield—performing their work.

    The magazine hopes to bring more appreciation to the art which is becoming a worldwide sensation.

    Says Editor Tim Green, “Part of RATTLE’s mission is to be inclusive, to let people know that great poetry is something anyone can take part in, and that’s what slam is about. At this point in time, slam has established itself, yet is still evolving and growing, and we wanted to capture that.”

    Also included in the magazine’s summer issue will be interviews with poetry founder Marc Kelly Smith and four-time slam champion Patricia Smith, as well as an in-depth introduction by Susan B.A. Somers-Willett for those unfamiliar with the slam genre.

    The issue will hit bookstores June 1, and can also be preordered at the magazine’s website,


  46. Cait Myers says:

    BeWrite Books announce the release of Silenced Cry by Marta Stephens.

    Detective Sam Harper is left guilt-ridden after his partner is shot and killed during what should have been a routine pick-up for questioning. The discovery of an infant’s body during the demolition of an abandoned building leads Harper to unearth murky secrets involving those he respects most. His former partner, his revered boss, and even his police-hero father are all under suspicion of drug-dealing, corruption, rape, and murder.

    For the first time in his life, Sam Harper must stand alone in a fog of lies where dangerous truths loom forth and the boundaries between pursuer and prey blur. He is left to decide how far to go to hunt down the answers – and what action to take when he traps them.

    Marta Stephens expertly turns up the heat to unveil a tale of suspense with as many twists as a thumbscrew.

    Read an extract from Silenced Cry here

    Book Details:

    Silenced Cry – A Sam Harper Crime Mystery
    Marta Stephens
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-72-0
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-73-7
    Page count: 284
    Release Date: 23rd April 2007


    Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    For further information please contact:

    Cait Myers at BeWrite Booksvailable on request.

  47. Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease: One Family’s Story

    Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a hereditary illness passed on via a defective gene. There is a fifty per cent chance of inheriting it from a parent and there is yet no cure. Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease is one family’s poignant story of coping with the symptoms, the diagnosis and the effects of HD.

    This book presents the struggles and strengths of the whole family when one member loses their future to a terminal illness. Told by the sufferer and other significant family members, the individuals describe the burden of watching yourself and others for symptoms of HD, including involuntary movements, depression, clumsiness, weight loss, slurred speech and sometimes violent tendencies. The family recounts the challenge to remain united and describes how they approached issues such as whether or not to be tested for HD, how much information to disclose to relatives, whether to have children or not and guilt if one sibling inherits the illness and one does not.

    Both honest and positive, the author stresses the importance of re-inventing yourself and your present, prioritising relationships and retaining a sense of humour.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘This is a moving true story of how people can find the inner strength to rise above it when their world is turned upside down.’
    – Richard Branson

    ‘Remarkable! These “stories from the heart” are able to penetrate even the thickest of fogs that accumulate during the dark times in life. Profound personal insight is shared in a way that challenges all of us to work through the pain and isolation that accompanies stress to build a life worth living. I recommend this work of hope to everyone…HD families, health care workers, scientists, as well as the parents, siblings, spouses, and friends of all who face a health challenge…I can’t thank you all enough for the uplifting read I have had today-my week, and perhaps my year of work in HD, will certainly be better for it.’- Jane Paulsen, Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, Psychology and Neurosciences, The Carver College of Medicine, The University of Iowa

    Book Details:

    Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease
    One Family’s Story
    Sandy Sulaiman
    April 2007
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 487 2

  48. Mothering Special Needs: A Different Maternal Journey

    This book explores the lived experience of mothers raising a child with a learning disability, through interviews with mothers of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Down syndrome.

    With frequent personal accounts from mothers themselves, Mothering Special Needs encourages other women who have children with special needs to recognize and express their own aspirations and needs for self-fulfillment. It addresses the social construction of motherhood, discussing issues such as mother-blame and society’s images of the self-sacrificing mother, in the context of raising a child with a learning disability. It also looks at real-life experiences of working with professionals, giving examples of both good and bad practice.

    This is an invaluable book for mothers as well as for professionals working with families that include children with disabilities.

    Book Details:

    Mothering Special Needs
    A Different Maternal Journey
    Anna Karin Kingston
    April 2007
    208 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 543 5

  49. Tales from the Table: Lovaas/ABA Intervention with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

    Tales from the Table is a practitioner’s account of the successes and limitations of using Lovaas/ABA home education with five young boys on the autistic spectrum.

    The abilities and skills of these children before, during and after intervention are documented with a focus on the realities of undertaking Lovaas/ABA home education: the impact of a 35-hour learning week on both child and parents, changing tutors and issues of commitment to the approach. Each chapter includes a commentary on the programme from a different perspective, with the voices of parents, siblings and teachers providing the context to the individual children’s learning processes.

    This book will help parents to make an informed decision about using Lovaas/ABA interventions and will give professionals and students practical insights and useful information on the approach.

    Book details:

    Tales from the Table
    Lovaas/ABA Intervention with Children on the Autistic Spectrum
    Margaret Anderson
    April 2007
    128 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 306 6

  50. Making Babies the Hard Way: Living with Infertility and Treatment

    How far would you go to have a baby? Making Babies the Hard Way is a frank account of one couple’s discovery that they cannot have children of their own, and their ensuing struggle through four years of fertility treatment.

    One in six couples worldwide seek assistance to conceive and 80 per cent of couples undergoing fertility treatment are currently unsuccessful.

    Writing with humour and honesty, Caroline Gallup describes the social, emotional, spiritual and physical impact of infertility on her and her husband, Bruce, including feelings of bereavement for the absent child, the unavoidable sense of inadequacy and the day-to-day difficulties of financial pressure. As well as telling her own moving story, she also offers information and guidance for others who are infertile, or who are considering or undergoing treatment.

    This courageous and poignant book will be of interest to couples who cannot conceive and those who are undergoing treatment, as well as their families and friends.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘If you read this book you will discover what to expect if you learn that you cannot have babies the easy way. You will also be helped to face what is often the hardest decision for couples struggling to make babies with medical help: how and when to stop trying. Few books on infertility will have so much impact because few authors have Caroline and Bruce’s courage to allow the emotional pain of infertility to transform them and their relationship. Much more than an infertility survival guide, Making Babies the Hard Way tracks a journey which starts and ends with love. It is at once a witness statement and an inspiration.’ – Dame Suzi Leather, Chair, The Charity Commission, UK, and former Chair, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, UK

    Book details:

    Making Babies the Hard Way
    Living with Infertility and Treatment
    Caroline Gallup
    April 2007
    240 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 463 6

  51. Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

    When you continuously cannot find the bathroom in your best friend’s house, or you cannot print the letter ‘t’ when all your friends are writing volumes, you notice, and you ask questions. So it was for Marilyn Martin’s daughter, Sara, who was diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD).

    This book skillfully combines a comprehensive guide to NLD with the inspiring story of how Sara transformed herself from that young girl whose existence seemed darkened by learning difficulties into the capable young woman she is today.

    In Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish, Marilyn Martin presents a comprehensive developmental profile of children with NLD. She explores the controversies surrounding the disorder so parents and professionals can identify learners with NLD and insure
    they receive early intervention. Offering practical advice on NLD at home and at school, she describes step-by-step interventions for improving a range of skills from penmanship to social acumen.

    This book is essential reading for parents and professionals working with children with NLD.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘Marilyn Martin’s book Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disorder to Flourish is an exciting and essential new addition to the literature. … Martin shines in her ability to match interventions to a broad range of problems and examples abound in every chapter. Clear, concise, and detailed explanations are given so that the interventions can be applied skillfully. … Each intervention is presented in a terrifically useful and usable format that includes the problem, strengths available, proposed solution, how the solution can be generalized, the goal of the intervention, and a very up-to-date and helpful listing of relevant resources.’ – from the Foreword by Michele Berg, Director, Center for Learning Disorders, Family Service and Guidance

    Book Details:

    Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish
    A Guide for Parents and Professionals
    Marilyn Martin
    Foreword by Michele Berg
    240 pages
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 858 0

  52. Nearing Death Awareness: A Guide to the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying

    Dying is a complex experience for the dying person and their family, friends, and carers, that involves all aspects of what it means to be human: physical, mental, and spiritual. The author describes different types of Nearing Death Awareness (NDA), including visions, dreams, and symbolic language, and offers practical guidance for family and carers of the dying about how to respond appropriately and supportively to NDA behavior.

    This sensitive and informative book will make fascinating reading not only for anyone who is likely to accompany a dying person, but for anyone with an interest in spirituality.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘In Nearing Death Awareness, Mary Anne Sanders has provided a well thought out anthology covering the different aspects of, and sometimes names given to, the concept of Nearing Death Awareness. This book should provide clear, concise information and comfort to those who read it.’ — Maggie Callanan, co-author of Final Gifts

    Book Details:

    Nearing Death Awareness:
    A Guide to the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying
    Mary Anne Sanders
    128 Pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 857 3

  53. Living with Emetophobia: Coping with Extreme Fear of Vomiting

    Emetophobia, the extreme fear of vomiting, can affect just about every aspect of sufferer’s life, from everyday considerations (‘what food will be “safe” for me to eat?’) to matters that involve making huge, potentially devastating decisions (‘I can’t have this baby, I can’t face morning sickness’).

    Nicolette Heaton-Harris has first-hand experience of the phobia and its effects. She suggests strategies for coping with the high levels of anxiety that are intrinsic to the phobia, as well as pre-empting and avoiding anxiety attacks. The experiences of fellow sufferers of all ages, male and female, are shared throughout the book and a list of useful organisations providing further information and support services is also included.

    Living with Emetophobia is a must-have for anyone suffering from emetophobia, anyone living with an emetophobic as well as professionals treating or supporting people with emetophobia.

    Book Details:

    Living with Emetophobia
    Coping with Extreme Fear of Vomiting
    Nicolette Heaton-Harris
    Foreword by Linda Dean
    April 2007
    160 pages
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 536 7

  54. Restorative Justice: How It Works

    This comprehensive guide provides an accessible introduction to the philosophy of restorative justice and its practical application in a wide range of settings, showing how it can help both victims and offenders when harm has been done.

    Drawing on many years’ experience of working in victim support, probation, mediation and restorative practices, Marian Liebmann uses pertinent case examples to illustrate how restorative justice can be used effectively to work with crime and its effects. Also included are sections on confronting bullying in schools, dealing with sexual and racial violence, tackling antisocial behaviour and community reconciliation after war. Whether in the context of families, schools, communities, criminal justice or prisons, the author argues that restorative justice is a ‘seamless philosophy’ which can be applied flexibly to meet diverse needs. Liebmann provides an international outlook, examining how restorative justice is practised around the world, including traditional Maori and Aboriginal approaches.

    Restorative Justice: How It Works is a key reference for magistrates, social workers, probation officers, Youth Offending Team workers, police, teachers and health professionals, as well as the lay reader.

    Book Details:

    Restorative Justice
    How It Works
    Marian Liebmann
    April 2007
    472 pages
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 074 4

  55. The Man who Lost his Language: A Case of Aphasia

    The Man who Lost His Language is a compelling exploration of aphasia – losing the ability to use or comprehend words – as well as of the resilience of love.

    When Sir John Hale suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk, write or speak, his wife, Shelia, followed every available medical trail seeking knowledge of his condition and how he might be restored to health. This revised edition of a classic book includes an additional chapter detailing the latest developments in science and medicine since the first edition was published.

    This personal account of one couple’s experience will be of interest to all those who want to know more about aphasia and related conditions.

    Praise for the first edition:

    ‘The Man Who Lost his Language belongs on the same shelf as Jean-Dominique Bauby describing the stroke that left him paralysed except for one eyelid, Robert McCrum on the one from which he recovered, and John Bayley’s account of Iris Murdoch’s dementia. But it outstrips them all.’
    – Jonathan Rée, The Independent

    ‘A triumph … a classic in the same way that Oliver Sacks’s Awakenings is.’
    – Michael Frayn

    ‘Sheila Hale’s book enlarges the language of love.’
    – Brenda Maddox

    ‘One of the most remarkable additions to the literature of illness in our time.’
    – Robert McCrum, The Times

    ‘A luminous biographical memoir and an enthralling testament of love… No one can help wondering what surprises the next heartbeat may bring. Sheila Hale’s acute and compassionate book makes the unknown country seem a little less desolate.’
    – The Independent

    ‘A moving insight into the redemption of a great man… provocative – and uplifting.’
    – Robin McKie, The Observer

    ‘I was left moved by this subtle, engaging and devoted memoir.’
    – Richard Horton, The Times Literary Supplement

    Heartfelt, passionate… a beautifully written and extremely interesting book’
    – Jessica Mann, Literary Review

    ‘An intimate account of what happens when the person you love and lived a lifetime with is struck by a stroke. It weaves the emotional, the practical and the technical into a highly readable book.’
    – Jon Snow

    ‘A moving and frightening book, with implications that go well beyond the personal trauma that gave rise to it.’
    – Economist

    ‘A lucid and fascinating account of Sheila Hale’s search to understand the causes and nature of loss of speech… instructive and moving.’
    – Nicholas Mosley, Daily Telegraph

    ‘When Sheila Hale’s husband John suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk, write or speak normally she embarked on a battle to restore him to normal life. This book shows how she followed every medical trail seeking knowledge of his condition, and at the same time maintained an extraordinary loving intimacy with him. She tells their joint story with rare intelligence and feeling.’
    – Claire Tomalin

    ‘An extraordinary and touching achievement.’
    – Jonathan Miller

    ‘Moving and sometimes angry… Anger, however, does not dominate this moving book: love, devotion and sadness do.’
    – Theodore Dalrymple, Sunday Telegraph

    Book Details:

    The Man who Lost his Language
    A Case of Aphasia
    Revised Edition
    Sheila Hale
    272 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 564 0

    • Deborah Brown says:

      I’m a US classmate of Sheila Hale’s (1948-1950) and just discovered her book which I am reading with great interest and adoration (inadequate word). I haven’t been in touch with her for a long time. I started trying to find her because of a memoir I am writing and wanted to hear her take on New York during those years. It was while trying to find her through the Internet that I discovered her book. Is it possible to have an address for her? Or can she send me her address and/or email.

      My ADDRESS, ETC IS [Contact details withheld]

  56. Alone Together: Making an Asperger Marriage Work

    Communication is one of the biggest challenges faced by people with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), yet an Asperger marriage requires communication more than any other relationship. Thousands of people live in Asperger marriages without knowing the answers to important questions such as ‘What behaviours indicate that my spouse has AS?’ ‘Is it worthwhile to get a diagnosis?’ ‘Is there hope for improvement?’

    Katrin Bentley has been married for 18 years. Since receiving her husband’s diagnosis of AS, their marriage has improved substantially. They learnt to accept each other’s different approaches to life and found ways to overcome problems and misunderstandings. Today they are happily married and able to communicate effectively.

    Alone Together shares the struggle of one couple to rescue their marriage. It is uplifting and humorous, and includes plenty of tips to making an Asperger marriage succeed. This book offers couples hope, encouragement and strategies for their own marriages.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘A really honest and accurate account of what it is like living in a relationship with a man who is affected by Asperger syndrome. There will be something in this book for any one living in such a relationship and it will provide an invaluable guide to professionals who wish to develop their understanding of Asperger relationships. Katrin describes very honestly both the ups and downs of living with her husband Gavin and shows the difference that awareness, understanding and commitment can make towards the success of living with this complex syndrome.’ – Maxine Aston, author of Aspergers in Love and The other half of Asperger Syndrome

    ‘This book could change your relationship and your life.’
    – Tony Attwood, author of The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

    Book details:

    Alone Together
    Making an Asperger Marriage Work
    Katrin Bentley
    Foreword by Tony Attwood
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 537 4

  57. Counselling People on the Autism Spectrum: A Practical Manual

    The characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) present unique challenges, not only to people themselves affected, but also to counselling professionals. This manual provides counselling techniques that work not only for professionals, but also for individuals either coping with being on the spectrum themselves, or living with someone who has an ASD.

    Regardless of intellectual and linguistic ability, people on the autism spectrum often have significant impairments in emotional expression, regulation, and recognition, and they are known to have higher rates of depression and anxiety than the general population. This comprehensive book shows how to develop the tools necessary to help people on the spectrum cope with their emotions, anxieties, and confusion about the often overwhelming world that surrounds them. Illustrated with useful case studies, it covers a range situations where counselling may be helpful for individuals with ASD, both children and adults, families where a member is on the spectrum, and couples where a partner has ASD. It also addresses specific issues, including depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, social skills, and stress, with effective strategies for dealing with each issue.

    As well as being indispensable for counsellors, this book provides valuable information and advice for anyone working with people and families affected by ASDs.

    Book Details:

    Counselling People on the Autism Spectrum
    A Practical Manual
    Katherine Paxton and Irene A. Estay
    208 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 552 7

  58. Sociodrama and Collective Trauma

    ‘Sociodrama has an important role to play in bringing creativity and spontaneity back to all the citizens of our much threatened globe.’
    – Zerka Moreno

    Time does not heal all wounds: decades after a disaster, entire communities may still experience the long-term effects of trauma.

    Sociodrama and Collective Trauma examines the psychological and social damage of trauma to society as a whole. Kellermann argues that collective trauma has been insufficiently considered; his timely book suggests practical ways of facilitating the rehabilitation of survivors of collective trauma through, for example, sociodrama and related group work. The author develops methods for understanding the past and preparing for the future and provides a wealth of case studies based on 30 years’ experience of treating survivors of war trauma and other forms of disaster.

    Combining a systematic theoretical approach with a practical methodology, this insightful book is invaluable for drama therapists, group therapists, mental health professionals and counsellors.

    Book Details:

    Sociodrama and Collective Trauma
    Peter Felix Kellermann
    May 2007
    192 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 446 9

  59. Understanding 4–5-Year-Olds

    Understanding 4–5-year-olds gives a thoughtful overview of the challenges that children face as they gradually move away from a strong attachment to their families and turn towards the wider world of school and life outside the family.

    Lesley Maroni discusses the critical social and emotional developments at this age, including identity, independence and sibling rivalry, the transition to school and friendships with peers, coping with illness and loss, and gender differences. The author also shows how 4-5-year-olds explore real issues using the protective safety of pretend play and their imagination.

    This accessible book provides valuable insights and a wealth of case examples that will help parents, educators and carers better understand and relate to children at this demanding, yet exciting, stage of development.

    Praise for the series:

    ‘They are a rich resource of balanced, sensitive and non-judgemental advice to help parents and professionals looking after children…The central subject is the mental and emotional development of children and their parents. And the style is intelligent and friendly… The books form a cohesive and continuous guide to almost everything I have ever wondered about bringing up my children.’ — 0-19 Magazine

    Book Details:

    Understanding 4–5-Year-Olds
    Lesley Maroni
    ‘Understanding Your Child’ series
    May 2007
    80 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 534 3

  60. Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care: Knowledge and Theory

    This substantially revised, expanded and updated edition of the popular Handbook of Theory for Practice Teachers is a comprehensive summary of the theory, knowledge, research and evidence relating to practice learning in social care.

    Focussing on knowledge-based practice with a focus on improving outcomes, the five sections of the book cover: the reasons and circumstances in which people may become social work service users; a holistic consideration of assessment in general and specific contexts, including risk assessment and management; methods of intervention, including cognitive behavioural social work, task centred practice, advocacy, crisis intervention, family therapy and group care; the legal, policy, research and evidence context in which assessment and intervention occur, as well as interdisciplinary work and organisational aspects of social work practice; reflective practice, evaluation and evidence based practice as integral parts of social workers’ engagement with the complex needs of individuals outside the existing parameters of policy or research findings.

    This key text is essential reading for students, practitioners and teachers in social work.

    Book Details:

    Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care
    Knowledge and Theory
    Second Edition
    Edited by Joyce Lishman
    May 2007
    408 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 186 4

  61. Healing the Inner City Child: Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth

    Healing the Inner City Child presents a diverse collection of creative arts therapies approaches to meeting the specific mental health needs of inner city children, who are disproportionately likely to experience violence, crime and family pressures and are at risk of depression and behavioural disorders as a result.

    The contributors draw on their professional experience in school and community settings to describe a wide variety of suitable therapeutic interventions, including music, play and art therapy as well as psychodrama and dance/movement approaches, that enable children to deal with experiences of trauma, loss, abuse, and other risk factors that may affect their ability to reach their full academic and personal potentials. The contributors examine current research and psychoeducational trends and build a compelling case for the use of creative arts therapies with inner city populations.

    A must-read for creative arts therapists, psychologists, social workers and educators, this book offers a comprehensive overview of arts-based interventions for anyone working to improve the lives of children growing up in inner city areas.

    Book Details:

    Healing the Inner City Child
    Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth
    Edited by Vanessa A. Camilleri
    May 2007
    320 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 824 5

  62. See You in Court: A Social Worker’s Guide to Presenting Evidence in Care Proceedings

    Are you looking forward to giving evidence? What do you have concerns about? Do you know how to prepare written evidence that will be taken seriously in court?

    See You in Court is an accessible guide for social workers on being a witness in care proceedings. With little training and few resources available, social workers can find preparing for court a daunting part of their role. This book answers questions frequently asked by social workers in real cases, and gives information on court structures, basic rules of evidence, the roles of those involved in the proceedings, and court etiquette. It also discusses the process of giving evidence, including how to deal with cross-examination. The material is supported by case studies and checklists.

    This practical book is essential reading for social workers, particularly those working with children and families.

    Book Details:

    See You in Court
    A Social Worker’s Guide to Presenting Evidence in Care Proceedings
    Lynn Davis
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 547 3

  63. Autistic Planet

    Autistic Planet is a magical world where all trains run exactly to time, where people working in offices have rocking chairs, and where all kids dream of winning the chess World Cup. Join us on a journey to this alternative reality, where being different is ordinary, and being “typical” is unheard of!

    Full of colour illustrations and written in child-friendly rhyme, this book will be much loved by children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, their parents, teachers, carers and siblings.

    Book Details:

    Autistic Planet
    Jennifer Elder
    Illustrated by Marc Thomas and Jennifer Elder
    48 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 842 9

  64. The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders

    The Verbal Behavior (VB) approach is a form of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), that is based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior and works particularly well with children with minimal or no speech abilities. In this book Mary Lynch Barbera draws on her own experiences as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and also as a parent of a child with autism to explain VB and how to use it.

    This step-by-step guide provides an abundance of information about how to help children develop better language and speaking skills, and also explains how to teach non-vocal children to use sign language. An entire chapter focuses on ways to reduce problem behavior, and there is also useful information on teaching toileting and other important self-help skills, that would benefit any child.

    This book will enable parents and professionals unfamiliar with the principles of ABA and VB to get started immediately using the Verbal Behavior approach to teach children with autism and related disorders.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘This book is an important one. Parents will be delighted with its easy and practical approach. It fills a void that currently exists for families trying to figure out how to do a VB approach. Furthermore, it explains a great deal about how ABA approaches behavior and teaching. The sections on rapport building, the importance of motivation, errorless teaching, and reinforcement are well-written, accurate, and perfectly suited to the needs of parents and professionals new to this approach. Her words of advice to families are spoken from the heart and are very wise.’
    – Mary Jane Weiss, Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention

    ‘An easy to follow guide that works. The Verbal Behavior approach is motivation driven, creating the desire to learn.’
    – Kathleen Ricca, M.Ed., parent of a three-year-old boy with autism

    ‘One of the most valuable books for parents of children with autism since Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice.’
    – Mark Sundberg, Ph.D.,BCBA

    ‘Barbera is not only accurate, but easy to understand…her personal experience in this area makes her explanations and instructions entertaining and easy to apply.’
    – Dr. Jack Michael, Editor of The Analysis of Verbal Behavior

    ‘A succinct, intelligible tour of an effective intervention for autistic children through both speech and non-verbal communication…Autistic children frequently experience language delays and disorders. Behavioral analyst Barbera, whose first son has autism, explores the Verbal Behavior (VB) approach, in conjunction with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to aid his communication skills, as well as providing abundant other examples of its successful application. VB is a refinement of B.F. Skinner’s pioneering work on language and operates under the conviction that expressive language is behavioral, rather than purely cognitive. Barbera takes Skinner’s arcane language and renders it not only clear but convincing. VB assesses “what your child likes and then uses those items and activities…to motivate the child to do the work necessary to begin to learn,” with the central theme being to teach your child to make specific requests. Positive reinforcement is vital, and teachers must be the locus of enjoyable experience. Barbera walks readers through the process, from identifying things that reinforce desired behaviors to teaching operants…Persuasive arguments for a treatment addressing one of autism’s most profoundly hindering conditions.’
    -Kirkus Reviews

    Book details:

    The Verbal Behavior Approach
    How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders
    Mary Lynch Barbera with Tracy Rasmussen
    Foreword by Mark L. Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA
    200 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 852 8

  65. Asperger Syndrome – A Love Story

    Open, honest and upbeat, this book gives personal insight into both the ups and downs of an Asperger relationship. Seeking to challenge the bad press that people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) get as partners, Sarah and Keith tell their story of how they are making it
    work – and also how they got it wrong – with disarming frankness and humour.

    When Sarah and Keith met in 2003 neither knew much about Asperger Syndrome. Sarah thought Keith was ‘weird’ and couldn’t work out why; and Keith thought Sarah was obsessed with diagnosing him with something-or-other. Difficulties ensued that brought the relationship to an end. Slowly, however, they each built up their knowledge of AS and in the meantime developed a mutual understanding, mutual acceptance and a desire to be together again.

    This personal account is supplemented with professional knowledge and anecdotes gained from Sarah’s work with adults with AS – a career which started as a result of her experiences with Keith. She swears that she didn’t take her work home with her! It is inspiring reading for couples in Asperger relationships as well as for counselling professionals.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘Asperger Syndrome: A Love Story was written to provide both insight into the thinking of each partner in an unconventional relationship, and constructive strategies to lead to a more satisfying relationship for both parties…The reader very quickly appreciates the difficulties faced by Sarah and Keith and their biography of their relationship is engaging, informative and encouraging.’
    – From the Foreword by Tony Attwood, author of The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

    ‘I have worked with couples where one is affected by Asperger syndrome for over ten years; reading this book was like being an observer of a world I am very familiar with. Any woman who has loved a man with Asperger syndrome will relate to this book and find her own experiences totally validated. This book offers hope and encouragement to both partners in an Asperger relationship; it is realistic, unbiased and heart-warming. I recommend this book to all who wish to develop an understanding of the effect that both having and living with Asperger syndrome can have upon a relationship.’
    – Maxine Aston, author of Aspergers in Love and The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome

    Book Details:

    Asperger Syndrome – A Love Story
    Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Newton
    Foreword by Tony Attwood
    June 2007
    144 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 540 4

  66. Empowering Children through Art and Expression: Culturally Sensitive Ways of Healing Trauma and Grief

    Empowering Children through Art and Expression examines the successful use of arts and expressive therapies with children, and in particular those whose lives have been disrupted by forced relocation with their families to a different culture or community.

    The book explores how children express and resolve unspoken feelings about traumatic experiences in play and other creative activities, based on their observations of peer support groups, outreach programs and through individuals’ own accounts. The authors argue that such activities in a safe context can be both a means of expressing trauma and a coping strategy for children to overcome it. This book combines personal and professional perspectives, using case examples as well as the authors’ own childhood experiences, to demonstrate practical strategies for use with children, from drama and storytelling to sculpting with clay. It also equips the reader with knowledge of the theory behind these intervention techniques.

    This book will be a valuable resource for professionals working with traumatized children who have experienced loss, grief, relocation and other kinds of trauma.

    Book Details:

    Empowering Children through Art and Expression
    Culturally Sensitive Ways of Healing Trauma and Grief
    Bruce St Thomas and Paul Johnson
    June 2007
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 789 7

  67. A Guide to Psychological Debriefing: Managing Emotional Decompression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Traumatic events strike unexpectedly and turn everyday experiences upside down. Frequently, people suffering such trauma cannot shake the experience and develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Psychological debriefing (PD) is a widely practised process used as an intervention for treating people who have been exposed to trauma. It allows people who have been exposed to trauma to re-examine the traumatic event in a safe and controlled environment, and reduces the risks of developing PTSD.

    This book is a practical introduction to PTSD and psychological debriefing, and offers an enhanced model of PD which the author terms ‘Emotional Decompression’. Structured like a deep-sea dive, which has to include carefully planned safety stops on the way back to the surface to avoid getting ‘the bends’, this model provides time frames for how long to spend at various stages of the PD process, and when to stop for discussions and explanations. The focus is on aiding recovery from this ‘invisible injury’ over carefully structured time. The book presents a range of recovery models, from the ‘simple’ models developed by Williams and Horowitz to the more complex ‘Snakes and Ladders’ model developed by the author. Appendices include an essay by one of the world’s leading exponents of psychological debriefing, Atle Dyregrov, as well as case studies of debriefs completed by the author, including that of a survivor of the July 7th bombings in London.

    A Guide to Psychological Debriefing is an essential book for health practitioners, counsellors, psychologists and professionals working with clients suffering from PTSD, as well as students.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘David Kinchin pays special attention to setting up optimal conditions to facilitate emotional decompression. He takes into account that trauma reactions, primarily concerned with survival, are whole-system reactions, affecting both the body and mind. He also reminds us that the initial impact of the trauma is on physical structures in the brain, disrupting memory-processing capacity, which is designed to create space and time to heal … We should all pay a great deal of attention to what he says.’ – Professor Gordon Turnbull, Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Chester, Capio Nightingale Hospital, London and Ridgeway Hospital, Swindon, UK

    Book Details:

    A Guide to Psychological Debriefing
    Managing Emotional Decompression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    David Kinchin
    Foreword by Professor Gordon Turnbull
    June 2007
    136 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 492 6

  68. Supporting the Child and the Family in Paediatric Palliative Care

    Supporting the Child and the Family in Paediatric Palliative Care provides a comprehensive overview of good practice in caring for terminally-ill children, young people and their families.

    Drawing from extensive personal experiences of working in paediatric palliative care, the author provides guidance on issues including symptom management and pain relief; cultural, religious and spiritual aspects of care; and the role of education for life-limited children. Addressing the importance of individual needs, the book looks at emotional, social and cognitive support at different stages of the illness, how parents and professionals can respond to children’s own questions about death, and the impact of life-limiting illness on the whole family – including grandparents and siblings. The material offers helpful suggestions on how to support families in making informed choices during distressing periods, such as where their child will die and how to prepare for the funeral.

    This book is a practical and invaluable tool for nurses, paediatricians, hospice care staff, bereavement counsellors and all those caring for life-limited children.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘This book is very timely in contributing to the future of this essential aspect of care for increasing numbers of our nation’s children… [It] contains a wealth of useful information and reflects innovative research findings from Acorn Children’s Hospices that raise key issues for future consideration.’
    – from the Foreword by Sheila Shribman

    Book Details:

    Supporting the Child and the Family in Paediatric Palliative Care
    Erica Brown with Brian Warr
    Foreword by Dr. Sheila Shribman, National Clinical Director for Children, Young People and Maternity Services, Department of Health
    June 2007
    304 pages
    ISBN 9781843101819

  69. Asperger Syndrome and Bullying: Strategies and Solutions

    Bullying is a serious problem for people with Asperger Syndrome (AS), both at school and in the workplace, and displaying “different” behavior, such as not understanding social rules or hand-flapping, exacerbates the risk of being victimized.

    Writing in an accessible, informal style, the author describes the bullying behavior he and other individuals have experienced, and the effect this has had on their lives. He outlines the reasons for bullying behavior and the danger of persistent recurrence if it remains unchecked, as well as the critical importance of “involving the bystander”. Nick Dubin goes on to provide a range of effective strategies to address bullies and bullying that can be applied by parents, professionals, schools, and individuals being bullied. He stresses the importance of peer intervention, empathetic teachers, and verbal self-defense, and shows how lack of support, condemning of “tale telling,” or even blaming the victim reinforces bullying.

    This book offers individuals with AS who are being bullied the opportunity to see that they are not alone, and it is an invaluable source of advice for parents, teachers, professionals and personnel managers.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘Combining personal life experiences and those of others along with the acumen of a researcher, Nick Dubin introduces the reader to how the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome interplay with the social environment that makes these children and adults targets of bullying. In addition to clearly depicting the extent of the irreparable harm caused by bullying, he tells us how easily to recognize and stop this destructive behavior at the individual, in the classroom, and at school wide levels.’
    – Stephen M. Shore, Board of Directors of the Autism Society of America, the Asperger’s Association of New England, and other related organizations

    ‘Not only will Asperger Syndrome and Bullying help former victims piece together the “why”s and “how”s of prior trauma, but educational professionals also are served well to read this book. For giving them much to choose from, Dubin meticulously outlines (and provides commentary on) every available community-based strategy and school program designed to combat those atmospheres that condone bullying. … His book is a wonderful addition to the growing literature currently investigating the environment of bullying, the culture of bullying, and the myths we once believed about it. … Asperger Syndrome and Bullying serves as a great sociological analysis, yes, but readers are provided an added layer – hearing a writer heal before our eyes.’
    – from the Foreword by Michael John Carley, executive director of GRASP, The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership

    Book Details:

    Asperger Syndrome and Bullying
    Strategies and Solutions
    Nick Dubin
    Foreword by Michael John Carley
    176 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 846 7

  70. Supportive Parenting: Becoming an Advocate for Your Child with Special Needs

    When Jan Campito first entered the world of special needs, she trusted the experts to tell her what was wrong, and how to proceed to help her children. Here she was, an articulate, well-educated person, usually confident in navigating whatever situations were required, and yet she became passive and trusting when it came to assuming people would tell her what was wrong with her children’s development and what to do to help them. As she realized more and more that no one else was stepping into the lead position to obtain appropriate help for her children, she realized that she needed to take on that responsibility.

    Since then, she has learnt to take an active role in advocating for her children, and helping meet their needs. From procuring evaluations, to understanding what the diagnoses mean, to selecting therapies and therapists, to following through on therapies at home and targeting needs to be addressed, to helping formulate IEPs, and to monitoring and intervening in their school settings, she has become a comprehensive advocate for her children with special needs, and in this book Jan shares with other parents some of her experiences and some of what she has learnt in the process.

    Praise for the book:

    “Supportive Parenting is a wonderfully comprehensive and down-to-earth, practical resource that will help parents to traverse the rocky SD ‘terrain’. Jan Campito is to be commended for writing an even-handed and very helpful book.”
    – Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Ph.D., CC-SLP, Editor-in-Chief, Autism Spectrum Quarterly

    “Parents of children with special needs often feel like they have been dropped in the middle of a dark and deep forest with no knowledge of how to find their way to a clearing. Supportive Parenting: Becoming an Advocate for Your Child With Special Needs is the GPS system that will lead them through the woods, around the pitfalls, over the obstacles, and beyond the fear and confusion. Jan Campito serves as an exceptionally competent guide, leading readers to a complete understanding of the intricacies and nuances surrounding the concerns and challenges society presents to our special needs kids. I wish I had had this book 15 years ago!”
    – Liane Holliday Willey EdD, author of Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome

    Book Details:

    Supportive Parenting
    Becoming an Advocate for Your Child with Special Needs
    Jan Starr Campito
    256 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 851 1
    £ 14.99/US$ 24.95

  71. Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment

    The fully revised and updated second edition of this well-established reference provides over 400 new or improved terms, and is an exhaustive guide to the key terms used in psychological testing, assessment and measurement.

    Over 3000 definitions offer clear explanations of statistical procedures commonly used in psychology; major psychometric and other psychological tests; categories of mental illness, mental disability, and brain damage; frequently used medical terms; basic neuroanatomy; and types of psychological therapies.

    This book is suitable for all levels of understanding, from undergraduate and postgraduate students to practitioners of psychology and associated fields, with particular attention to statistical terms used in typical university syllabuses, as well as tests commonly available in computer packages and cited in psychological journals and similar publications.

    Book Details:

    Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment
    Second Edition
    Ian Stuart-Hamilton
    288 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 494 0

  72. bewritebooks says:

    A novel of the redemptive power of art and music, love, loss, ugliness and beauty.

    BeWrite Books announce the release of Magdalena Ball’s debut novel Sleep Before Evening.

    Release Date:
    Tuesday 24th July 2007

    Marianne is the apple of Grandpa’s eye – but her life’s rotten to the core.

    When her parents suddenly disconnect her grandfather-mentor’s respirator, it’s as though her own life support has been unplugged. And the gifted teenager from a manicured, middle-class suburb hits the city back-streets, and the skids.

    Magdalena Ball’s heart-wrenching novel – released on 24th July 2007 by BeWrite Books – tells the story of the teenager’s struggle against a self-centred artist mother, a succession of drive-by stepfathers, her desperate escape into a nightmare of drugs and sexual degradation … and her struggle not to Sleep Before Evening.

    Critically acclaimed non-fiction author, poet and reviewer Magdalena – born and raised in New York and now living in the Australian outback, via a British Oxford college – draws on her own rich life experience as a daughter and a mother to bring Marianne startlingly to life in her debut novel.

    Set in and about New York, the gritty, relentless tale unfolds with the same cool detachment that motivates the central character to peel back the layers of her life and expose the painful scalding within. There are lonely vigils in city parks and subway journeys to oblivion. In the city she meets Miles, a hip musician busking the streets and playing seedy venues with a rock band.

    Her new, exciting, dissolute world challenges Marianne’s preconceptions about art and life. Here, in contrast to her prescribed upbringing, she finds anarchic squalor, home grown music and poetry, substance abuse, sex and crushing disappointment and fear; but above all, exhilarating personal freedom.

    Addictions – of all kinds – and the redemptive power of art and music, love, loss and beauty are all explored in a young girl’s difficult journey from sleep to awakening.

    Early Reviews:

    “The dialogue is solid and believable, and the characters live and breathe and scratch themselves. The drug scenes and the horrors of dependence are especially well-rendered.” Chad Hautmann, author of Billie’s Ghost

    “There is so much beautiful writing here, soaring passages.” Ruhama Veltfort, author of The Promised Land

    “Sleep Before Evening is music. Magdalena Ball weaves the sounds of poetry with an important story, compassionately sung.” Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of This is the Place, and Tracings

    “The writing is exquisite, without ever calling attention to itself, which is a real feat. It is a pleasure to read. The pitch is perfect, and the characters are so beautifully developed and very intriguing.” Joan Schweighardt, author of Virtual Silence, Island, Homebodies and Gudrun’s Tapestry

    Read an extract from Sleep Before Evening here.

    Listen to author Magdalena Ball reading an extract from Sleep Before Evening here.

    Watch the Sleep Before Evening book trailer here.

    Book Details:

    Sleep Before Evening
    Magdalena Ball
    Print ISBN: 978-1-904492-96-2
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-97-9
    Page count: 296
    Release Date: 24th July 2007
    Recommended Retail Price: UK £8.99, USA $17.99, Ca $20.50, Eu €13.50, AU$21.00

    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops


    Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    For further information, please contact:

    Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

  73. The Post-Qualifying Handbook for Social Workers

    This handbook provides guidance for all practising social work professionals, and the staff who support them, on the post-qualifying (PQ) framework for social workers. The book introduces the framework and outlines how post-qualification accreditation and professional registration affect social workers.

    Covering the theory and practice of social work, the Handbook provides a set of tools and resources that enable social workers to develop their practice while coping with the demands of operational duties. The book looks at working with a range of service user groups such as children, people with learning disabilities and young offenders, as well as examining common issues that social workers may encounter, such as inter-agency work, and issues such as loss and participation. Tackling the increased post-qualification training necessitated by the new framework, this handbook contains resources and materials to help practitioners continue their own professional development.

    This definitive guide is an invaluable resource for all practising qualified social workers, students and trainers, and educators.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘… [An] excellent and timely publication. It is clearly written despite the difference in authors and is consistent in style and presentation…very comprehensive covering areas that would normally be missed with PQ such as loss and the strategic approach to PQ.’
    – Graham Ixer, Head of Social Work Education, the General Social Care Council (GSCC)

    ‘This is a much-needed book on this increasingly important area of social work education and practice. It provides essential material for those studying on post-qualifying programmes, highlighting a wide range of practice areas, [and is] written in an engaging and accessible format by leading academics and experienced practitioners. The critically reflective approach is an important feature of the book, supporting the development of understanding and skills for transforming practice.’
    – Anne Quinney, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University; Academic Adviser, The Social Policy and Social Work centre of the Higher Education Academy (SWAP), and co-editor of Practice Journal

    ‘[This handbook contains] authoritative chapters that take the reader into informative, thought-provoking and challenging territory… this book will give plenty of material for the reader to engage with.’
    – Professor David Stanley, PhD AcSS, Chair in Social Care, School of Health, Community and Education Studies, Northumbria University

    Book Details:

    The Post-Qualifying Handbook for Social Workers
    Edited by Wade Tovey
    July 2007, 296 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 428 5

  74. The Nearest Relative Handbook

    The role of nearest relative is complex and often misunderstood. This handbook offers an expert legal analysis of the role, the powers it carries and the limits of those powers.

    When a person is subject to the Mental Health Act 1983, many of his or her principal rights are taken away. It is the function of the nearest relative to compensate for that loss. This very accessible book explains how the nearest relative is identified and what the role can involve, and it contains a wealth of case examples and illustrative scenarios. The book provides a succinct discussion of each significant case, and it incorporates all the very latest changes to the Mental Health Act and looks at areas where further changes might be made.

    The Nearest Relative Handbook is the first full-length reference work to tackle this subject systematically and comprehensively. It will be an invaluable aid to those who find themselves in a professional relationship with a nearest relative, to those who are or wish to be a nearest relative, and to anyone needing to make sense of the relevant statutory provisions.

    Book Details:

    The Nearest Relative Handbook
    David Hewitt
    July 2007, 192 pages, Paperback,
    ISBN 978 1 84310 522 0

  75. Competence in Social Work Practice: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals

    Since the publication of the first edition of this classic text, the major reforms in social work education resulted in the National Occupational Standards Framework (NOSF), which requires all social workers to demonstrate competence in a number of key areas.

    This practical text book covers all areas of the NOSF including social work ethics, residential care practice, child protection, risk analysis and protecting adults with learning difficulties. Numerous case studies effectively convey competent practice in social work practice, and relate core areas of competence explicitly to the relevant section of the framework.

    Professionals and students involved in social work training, as well as new practitioners will value this book as an indispensable resource.

    Book Details:

    Competence in Social Work Practice: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals
    Second edition
    Edited by Kieran O’Hagan
    July 2007, 256 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 485 8

  76. Planning to Learn: Creating and Using a Personal Planner with Young People on the Autism Spectrum

    Late intervention often means that young people on the autism spectrum appear to act on impulse, seem disorganized, or fail to learn from past experiences.

    In this practical, effective resource, the authors share tried and tested techniques for creating and using a personal planner to help individuals on the autism spectrum to develop independence.

    Planning to Learn is split into three parts. The first part guides adults in helping young people to make sense of the world and to develop and practise coping strategies for any given situation. The authors also explain how simple visual and verbal cues can help people to cope successfully in stressful situations. The second part provides worksheets for the young person to complete to learn how to use plans in different situations, for example staying calm when waiting for a doctor, or coping with a change in the school timetable. Each individual makes a unique planner with procedures to refer to, such as responding to pressure, calming down, being organised, and being around people. The third part includes useful cards, schedules and plans for photocopying and including in the planner.

    This illustrated photocopiable workbook is packed with guidance, support and helpful notes for those new to, or experienced in, working with children and young people with ASD. It can be used within educational and community settings or at home.

    Book Details:

    Planning to Learn
    Creating and Using a Personal Planner with Young People on the Autism Spectrum
    Keely Harper-Hill and Stephanie Lord
    July 2007, 144 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 561 9

  77. Intervention and Support for Parents and Carers of Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum: A Resource for Trainers

    The needs of parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum are not met by conventional parenting strategies. This resource for trainers and facilitators offers the best available knowledge and theories to help them develop an understanding of how their child perceives the world and ultimately improve their family life.

    The manual is divided into ten sessions that introduce a topic related to autism and Asperger Syndrome, for example, ‘mindblindness’ and the social world, and strategies to manage individual behaviour. During each session parents are introduced to a new topic and are invited to participate in exercises and group discussions that serve to reinforce the key messages discussed earlier. Each session closes with recommended reading and ‘homework’.

    This manual is a valuable resource for professionals working with parents of children and young people with autism and Asperger Syndrome and is an effective complement to How to Live with Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professionals published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, which is referenced throughout the resource.

    Book details:

    Intervention and Support for Parents and Carers of Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum
    A Resource for Trainers
    Barry Wright and Chris Williams
    July 2007, 256 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 548 0

  78. Advance Directives in Mental Health: Theory, Practice and Ethics

    An advance directive is a way of making a person’s views known if he or she should become mentally incapable of giving consent to treatment, or making informed choices about treatment, at some future time. Advance Directives in Mental Health is a comprehensive and accessible guide for mental health professionals advising service users on their choices about treatment in the event of future episodes of mental illness, covering all ideological, legal and medical aspects of advance directives.

    Jacqueline Atkinson explains their origins and significance in the context of mental health legislation and compares advance directives in mental health with those in other areas of medicine like dementia or terminal illness, offering a general overview of the differences in the laws of various English-speaking countries. She explores issues of autonomy and responsibility in mental health and gives practical advice on how to set up, implement and change advance directives.

    The book offers a useful overview of advance directives and is a key reference for all mental health professionals as well as postgraduate students, lawyers who work with mentally ill people, service users and their families and carers.

    Book details:

    Advance Directives in Mental Health: Theory, Practice and Ethics
    Jacqueline M. Atkinson
    2007, 216pp, Paperback,
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 4834

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  80. Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia: Developing Effective Interventions

    Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia covers all the essential issues in supporting a person with a learning disability when they develop dementia.

    Like the population at large, people with learning disabilities are living longer, and therefore an increasing number are developing dementia. Service providers, planners, doctors, social workers, carers and direct support staff need to be equipped with relevant knowledge prior to the onset of dementia, so that they can devise appropriate therapeutic interventions and coping strategies, including health and medication management and palliative care.

    This book will provide essential knowledge for anyone involved in the provision of services, assessment of need and direct care and support for dementia sufferers who also have a learning disability.

    Book details:

    Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia
    Developing Effective Interventions
    Diana Kerr
    2007, 200 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 442 1

  81. Residential Child Care: Prospects and Challenges

    Residential Child Care: Prospects and Challenges draws on the latest research to offer guidance for developing best practice, policy and improved outcomes for children and young people.

    Contributors examine important aspects of residential care work, and address the concerns about the poor outcomes for young people leaving care and the role of residential child care as a positive choice within the range of care services. Key issues addressed include promoting well-being and development for young people; tackling potential discrimination in residential policy and practice; responding to areas of discord in residential child care; and underpinning themes relating to residential child care, such as staff development and support.

    This book will provide essential reading for policy makers, managers and practitioners in residential care and the social services, and students in the field.

    Book details:

    Residential Child Care
    Prospects and Challenges
    Edited by Andrew Kendrick
    Research Highlights in Social Work 47
    September 2007, 248 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 526 8

  82. Involving Families in Care Homes: A Relationship-Centred Approach to Dementia Care

    Families often wrestle with the decision to move a person with dementia into a care home. The decision can be highly charged and emotional, involving feelings of loss, sadness and guilt. Moreover, developing a good relationship between the family and the care home is not an easy matter.

    In this accessible guide the authors take person-centred dementia care a step forward by outlining ways in which care homes can help families to become partners in the caring process. Using case examples, quotations and research-based evidence, the authors offer practical advice and good practice guidelines for supporting relatives who choose to be involved in the care of people with dementia living in a care home, as well as highlighting the value of this involvement. The book is written in an easy-to-read style and incorporates useful features such as checklists for reviewing current practices and summaries of key points for each chapter.

    An invaluable resource for care home managers and staff, this book will also be helpful for families of people with dementia, as well as for students and researchers interested in dementia care practice.

    Book details:

    Involving Families in Care Homes
    A Relationship-Centred Approach to Dementia Care
    By Bob Woods, John Keady and Diane Seddon
    Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides
    September 2007, 144 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 229 8
    £14.99/US $27.95

  83. A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome

    A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome presents an empowering, practical approach to helping people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) to succeed at college, at work, at home and in life.

    The authors highlight how treating AS as a ‘problem’ is unproductive, and advocate a solution focused approach which recognizes and uses the strengths of people with AS to foster mutual respect and understanding.

    Drawing on both their personal experience and knowledge of counselling, the authors use anecdotes and stories to show how people with AS cope in day-to-day situations. They also illustrate how effective communication and understanding of a person’s needs and goals are key to improving daily life for people with AS. The final section of the book comprises practical worksheets and resources to help people with AS to recognize their achievements and work towards their goals.

    This book will be of interest to people who are affected by AS, their families, and the people who work with them.

    Book details:

    A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome: Solution Focused Approaches
    E. Veronica Bliss and Genevieve Edmonds
    Foreword by Bill O’Connell, Director of Training, Focus on Solutions
    September 2007, 160 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 513 8

  84. Aesthetica Magazine is rising steady and fast

    Aesthetica Magazine is the UK’s cultural arts publication. The magazine provides a current up-to-date 21st century perspective on British arts and culture. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine is the only British arts magazine to cover literature, visual arts, music, film and theatre in one single issue.

    Aesthetica Magazine has an expanded readership of 45,000, a new bi-monthly publishing schedule, and national distribution through WH Smith and Borders. The magazine hailing from Yorkshire extends far and wide. Aesthetica Magazine can also be found in select national galleries such as TATE, ICA, and BALTIC.

    Providing readers with current information from the arts world, Aesthetica Magazine is here to stay. Issue 19 (out 1 October 2007) features: Caryl Phillips, John Pilger, Thurston Moore, Jackie Kay, The Future Can Wait: The New School London, The Turner Prize preview, and much more including new artwork and writing.

    Editor, Cherie Federico, says “Aesthetica Magazine has come a long way, in a short space of time. The magazine looks at the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, and brings together some of the best creative talents in the UK. I started this publication nearly five years ago, and it’s wonderful to see what it has become. Aesthetica is making its debut at Miami art fair, NADA, this autumn highlighting that our scope is expanding further. I am excited about the future.”

    In May 2007, the Guardian, said, “Aesthetica is going from strength to strength”. With an ethos of creativity and diversity, Aesthetica Magazine demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, and embodies that very concept within its pages.

    At £4.50 an issue, it’s easy to get involved. Check out a copy of Aesthetica Magazine today.

    Contact Details:

    Aesthetica Magazine Ltd
    Rowntree Wharf, Navigation Road, York, YO1 9WE
    T: (+44) 01904 527 560

  85. Developments in Social Work with Offenders

    Developments in Social Work with Offenders explains the organisational and legislative changes that have occurred in social work and probation across the UK in the past 10 years, in the context of the accumulating body of knowledge about what constitutes effective practice in the assessment, supervision and management of offenders in the community.

    Three different aspects of working with offenders are covered: developments in policy; assessment, supervision and intervention; and issues and needs. Contributions from experts in the field discuss issues such as community ‘punishment’, case management, accreditation and resettlement. The continuing concern with promoting evidence-based solutions to crime is addressed, and this book will assist professionals working with offenders with making focused interventions supported by research.

    This book will be essential reading for students of social work and probation and criminology, probation officers and social workers.

    Book details:

    Developments in Social Work with Offenders
    Edited by Gill McIvor and Peter Raynor
    Research Highlights in Social Work Series 48
    Sept 2007, 360 Pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 538 1

  86. The Secret of Letting Go

    Have you ever wanted to enjoy less stress, greater creativity, increased productivity, more love, and lots of fresh, new life energy?

    Then this is your chance!

    While most people struggle and sacrifice to make ends meet and create happiness for themselves, “The Secret of Letting Go” reveals a whole new effortless way to find true success and abiding love.

    It will show you how to let go of everything inside you that is holding you back, which automatically unlocks positive powers that will propel your life to a bold, bright, exciting new level.

    Dr. William Colson, Past President of the Church of Religious Science says:

    “If there was a Nobel Peace Prize awarded for outstanding work in the field of self-freedom, Guy Finley would head the short list of nominees.”

    When you buy one copy of “The Secret of Letting Go” today, you’ll receive OVER 50 FREE BONUS GIFTS from all of the best-selling authors and success experts listed on this page:

    All you need to do is visit the link above and read about how to take advantage of this special offer. (Obviously, because of the nature of the offer, it is only available for a few days.)

    If you want to experience new possibilities, renewed faith, better relationships, profound wisdom, and a better, brighter life — then now is the time to act!

    Source of Message
    Llewellyn Worldwide

  87. Design for Nature in Dementia Care

    Maintaining a connection to nature is increasingly recognised as an important component of caring for a person with dementia. Design for Nature in Dementia Care provides comprehensive examples of ways to connect to nature through indoor and outdoor activities.

    The author describes a wide range of activities that offer a connection to nature, such as caring for house plants and pets, gardening and cooking, practising handicrafts and domestic chores. He suggests practical ways to incorporate nature into indoor and outdoor environments and also into the design of buildings and landscapes. These suggestions are drawn from interdisciplinary research in environmental psychology, neurology, architecture, nursing and dementia care practice.

    This book is a practical resource for care providers and design professionals who want to use nature to improve the lives of people with dementia.

    Book details:

    Design for Nature in Dementia Care
    Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides
    Garuth Chalfont
    2007, 176 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 571 8

  88. A New Line of Infant Books

    HarperCollins Children’s Books and Fisher-Price®, the largest infant and preschool toy manufacturer and a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. (NYSE: MAT), announced today that they will publish a new line of books for infants and toddlers. Debuting in January 2008, this five-year deal will include 50 books based on well-established Laugh, Smile &LearnTM and Animals of the RainforestTM Fisher-Price brands in a wide variety of formats, such as board books, sturdy lift the flap books, wheel reveal books, stroller books, touch and feel books, and photo insert books.

    Susan Katz, President and Publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, says, “HarperCollins Children’s Books and Fisher-Price have been encouraging creativity and imagination for generations. This partnership is a perfect pairing of educational toys and books that will continue to foster learning for children in the earliest stages of life.”

    Drawing from the popular Fisher-Price® brands for content, HarperCollins Children’s Books will combine learning and play in quality, infant-friendly books. The Laugh, Smile &Learn collection teaches baby through everyday experiences, while the Animals of the Rainforest collection engages children with playful sights and sounds of the rainforest. The early stages of a child’s life are an important time for the development of language, sensory, and cognitive skills, and no one understands that better than HarperCollins Children’s Books and Fisher-Price.

    “Books are at the core of a child’s development. They promote early language skills, enhance imagination, and provide ongoing benefits throughout a child’s life,” said Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D., Director of Child Research, Fisher-Price. “We are proud to partner with HarperCollins Children’s Books to offer parents fun and colorful new ways to interact with and teach their children from their very first days.”

    About Fisher-Price:
    Fisher-Price, Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT) and located in East Aurora, New York, is the leading brand of infant and preschool toys in the world. The Company has a 75-year legacy of high quality toys that enhance early childhood development. Its often-emulated Play Laboratory was the first child research center of its kind in the toy industry, allowing researchers to observe the way children play and how play benefits their development. Some of the Company’s best-known “classic” brands include Little People®, Power Wheels® and View-Master®. Fisher-Price is also a leading developer of baby gear products (nursery monitors, infant swings, high chairs) as well as a wide array of character-based toys inspired by high quality children’s programming such as Sesame Street®, Dora the Explorer™ and Winnie the Pooh. The Company’s web site, at http://www.fisher-price. com, provides valuable information and resources to parents.

    HarperCollins Children’s Books is one of the leading publishers of children’s books. Respected worldwide for its tradition of publishing quality, award-winning books for young readers, HarperCollins is home to many children’s classics, including Charlotte’s Web, The Chronicles of Narnia, Goodnight Moon, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Where the Wild Things Are; and popular series, including A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Princess Diaries.

    HarperCollins Children’s Books is a division of HarperCollins Publishers, one of the leading English language publishers in the world and a subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS, NWS.A; ASX: NCP, NCPDP). Headquartered in New York, HarperCollins has publishing groups in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. You can visit HarperCollins Children’s Books on the internet at

    Elyse Marshall
    Associate Publicist
    HarperCollins Publishers
    1350 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY10019-4703
    T: 212-261-6793

    Source of Message: Digest Number 6518

  89. Child Protection, Domestic Violence and Parental Substance Misuse

    This book draws on a wide range of evidence to explore the facts about the relationship between substance misuse and domestic violence and their effect on children, and examines the response of children’s services when there are concerns about the safety and welfare of children.

    It reveals the vulnerability of these children and the extent to which domestic violence, parental alcohol or parental drug misuse impact on children’s health and development, affect the adults’ capacity to undertake key parenting tasks, and influence the response of wider family and the community. It includes parents’ own voices and allows them to explain what help they feel would best support families in similar situations. The authors explore the extent to which current local authority plans, procedures, joint protocols and training support information sharing and collaborative working. Emphasising the importance of an holistic inter-agency approach to assessment, planning and service provision, the authors draw from the findings implications for policy and practice in both children and adult services.

    This book is essential reading for all professionals working to promote the welfare and wellbeing of children and those working with vulnerable adults, many of whom are parents.

    Book details:

    Child Protection, Domestic Violence and Parental Substance Misuse
    Family Experiences and Effective Practice
    Quality Matters in Children’s Services Series
    Hedy Cleaver, Don Nicholson, Sukey Tarr and Deborah Cleaver
    2007, 232 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 582 4

  90. Integrated Yoga: Yoga with a Sensory Integrative Approach

    Practising yoga creates a sense of calm and focus and heightens awareness of the body’s functions and movements. For children with sensory processing difficulties – because they either have low sensory thresholds and are overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, or because they have high thresholds and do not register stimulation – yoga can be hugely beneficial.

    This book presents easy-to-follow basic postures and sequences for children and young people which can be easily adapted for adults. Nicole Cuomo gives practical advice for how to choose appropriate sequences according to the child’s particular needs and mood, knowing that yoga will be most beneficial when it is fun! Photographs of each posture supplement the descriptions.

    This practical book provides a wide range of ideas for therapists, educators and parents to help their children with sensory processing needs.

    Book details:

    Integrated Yoga
    Yoga with a Sensory Integrative Approach
    Nicole Cuomo
    October 2007, 104 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 862 7

  91. Understanding Looked After Children: An Introduction to Psychology for Foster Care

    Understanding Looked After Children is an accessible guide to understanding the mental health needs of children in foster care and the role of foster carers and support networks in helping these children.

    The authors provide foster carers with an insight into the psychological issues experienced by children in the care system, and the impact of these issues on the foster family. Chapters cover cultural, social and legal structures associated with foster care and both the relevant child psychology theory and examples drawn from real-life situations. The authors give advice on how to address common psychological issues in collaboration with multi-agency professionals, as well as how to access to statutory services. They also explain the possible impact of assessments on foster children and the causes and management of foster carers’ own feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment with social and mental health services or the placement itself. Chapters are complemented by case studies, and the book includes a helpful glossary to common terminology.

    Understanding Looked After Children is essential reading for registered foster carers and those considering fostering, as well as adoptive parents, and a useful reference for trainee and experienced practitioners in the care system, including social workers, psychologists, counsellors, teachers and others looking after vulnerable children.

    Book details:

    Understanding Looked After Children
    An Introduction to Psychology for Foster Care
    Jeune Guishard-Pine, Suzanne McCall and Lloyd Hamilton
    Foreword by Andrew Wiener
    2007, 176 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 184310 370 7

  92. Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

    This easy-to-read guide offers a complete overview of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLDs) and the wide variety of symptoms that different types of NLD present.

    Maggie Mamen enables readers to select the most relevant strategies for coping with and managing their particular symptoms. She provides a wealth of practical advice on key skills such as developing written and verbal communication, understanding social clues, managing behaviour, self-regulation and improving organization. She also covers relevant teaching methods for the classroom.

    This practical and accessible introduction is an essential guide for those families and professionals working with children and adults with NLDs.

    Book details:

    Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Common-Sense Guide for Parents and Professionals
    JKP Essentials
    Maggie Mamen
    2007, 176 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 593 0

  93. Understanding Motor Skills in Children with Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities

    Coordination problems often make everyday activities a challenge for children with learning disabilities. This accessible manual offers practical strategies and advice for helping children with coordination difficulties.

    The author explains how to recognize normal and abnormal motor development, when and how to seek help, and includes specific teaching strategies to help children with coordination difficulties succeed in the classroom, playground, and home. She describes a wide range of therapeutic methods and provides a comprehensive list of resources.

    Full of practical help, this is essential reading for anyone caring for, or working with, children with developmental motor concerns.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘The book is user-friendly and includes clear diagrams in each section, along with tables to outline key points. I found these very useful and they are an easy reference/ reminder, for example, they include a normal development chart, what assessments are available and their main aims.’
    – National Association of Paediatric Occupational Therapists

    Book details:

    Understanding Motor Skills in Children with Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities
    A Guide to Improving Coordination
    Lisa A. Kurtz
    October 2007, 160 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 865 8

  94. Megan O'Reilly says:


    RATTLE magazine dedicates new issue to unique literary community

    To most, the words “nurse” and “poetry” are not usually synonymous. Yet, if poetry is “a deal of joy and pain and wonder,” as Kahlil Gibran once said, then aren’t nurses—as witnesses to innumerable human struggles and triumphs—the most highly qualified poets of us all?

    RATTLE thinks so. That’s why the poetry journal’s winter issue will pay homage to nurse poets by featuring, along with the magazine’s usual 80 pages of regular poetry, a selection of poems by nurse authors around the world. Funny, heartbreaking, and poignant, these poems offer extraordinary insight into the remarkable lives of people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

    Nurse poets are not new to literary acknowledgement. Book anthologies like Between the Heartbeats: Poetry and Prose by Nurses (edited by RATTLE contributors Cortney Davis and Judy Schaefer) and The Poetry of Nursing: Poems and Commentaries of Leading Nurse-Poets have devoted their pages to the poetic voices of nurses. RATTLE’s forthcoming issue will exhibit poems by both established nurse poets—several of whom have appeared in anthologies like those above—and nurses new to publication.

    Says editor Tim Green, “At RATTLE, we’re most interested in the human experience, what I means to be alive; the joy, sorrow, fear, courage, triumph, failure. Nurses are right in the thick of all of that on a daily basis. So, you would expect that the poems would be very interesting, but I wasn’t prepared for just how sharp and perceptive and well-crafted they are. It’s going to be a great issue.”

    Also included in this issue will be essays by nurse-poets Cortney Davis, Madeleine Mysko, T.S.Davis, and Anne Webster. Blending personal experience and literary insight, these essays elaborate on the connection between nursing and poetry and will enlighten readers who may be new to the concept of nurse-poets.

    The issue will appear in bookstores December 1st, and can also be preordered at the magazine’s website,


    For more information:, or


  95. Spirits in the Garden: The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us

    Gardeners, nature lovers, and health and wellness devotees will delight in the uncommon images revealed in artist Joan Solomon’s unique book of nature photography, “Spirits in the Garden: The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us.”

    The artist edition of “Spirits in the Garden” will be offered at a special holiday gift-giving price of $48.75 and is available for purchase online at and in select gift stores. The 144-page, 11″ x 11″ hardbound volume contains un-retouched full-color photographs of the subtle, yet obviously present “spirits” that populate gardens and forests. And while the photographs speak volumes by themselves, the text describes the natural healing remedies, wisdom and nutrition that these plants provide.

    Five years after photographing flowers, plants and trees throughout the United States with high intensity macro lenses, Solomon’s book was published. The photographer’s images reveal the unmistakable presence of life-like countenances imbedded in the plants. At once amazing and magical, the spirit-images are a profound reminder of the healing life that exists in nature.

    “Gnomes, elves, sprites, fairies-they’ve been known by many names-have been present in folklore for centuries,” said Solomon. “But the way in which they reveal themselves in these photographs is a wake-up call to become aware and sensitive to what nature provides,” the Minnesota-based artist continued. Readers agree, summed up in this comment Solomon received:

    “‘Spirits in the Garden’ is absolutely awe-inspiring. When I show it to people, it takes their breath away. After seeing the photographs in the book, you will never look at a flower or spend time in nature in the same way again.”

    Interrupting a more traditional career path, Solomon has devoted herself to making art for the past 20 years, creating a body of work that includes photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and other mixed media creations. Almost immediately, she learned that her meditative work about the natural world had a profound effect on people, attracting corporate and private collectors all over the world, in addition to New York gallery representation.

    To purchase “Spirits in the Garden: The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us,” ( ISBN: 978-0-9786166-0-1) visit , or call 1-888-310-0064 to learn more about Joan Solomon’s artistry, visit


    Linda Strommer,
    Publicist ,
    T: 651-208-5574

  96. A Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss

    Memory loss can create problems in every aspect of a person’s life. The challenge of communicating thoughts and feelings can be made even harder by other people’s negative perceptions of dementia.

    This book provides practical guidance for coping with progressive memory loss, and includes examples of real people who have faced similar challenges. These stories highlight both good and bad ways to deal with the problems that arise, and are also useful for describing the experiences of memory loss to friends and family. The authors suggest ways of maintaining physical and mental health by staying active and engaged in society. They also offer techniques for improving communication, preserving self-esteem and overcoming the stigma associated with memory loss.

    A Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss offers inspiration and advice for anyone in the early stages of dementia. It also provides useful insight for family and friends who wish to offer support for a loved one affected by progressive memory loss.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘A Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss serves as a commitment to inclusive education and is a landmark self-help book that focuses on the needs of the person with the diagnosis. It expands what is currently offered to people with memory loss in a sensitive and contemporary way. A must have for every memory clinic and health and human service agency.’
    – Linda L. Buettner, Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Task Force

    ‘Expert gerontological nurses Burgener and Twigg have collaborated to produce a uniquely-focused, incredibly informative and thoughtful book to assist persons primarily in the early stages of dementia better adjust to and manage their disease. Although the contents are clinically and empirically based, the book is highly readable and practical, and provides broad-based treatment options and hope to newly diagnosed persons with dementia and those who love and care for them.’
    – Kathleen C. Buckwalter, PhD, RN, FAAN, Sally Mathis Hartwig Professor of Gerontological Nursing and Research Director of The University of Iowa John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence

    Book details:

    A Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss
    Sandy Burgener and Prudence Twigg
    October 2007, 160 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 863 4

  97. The Pocket Parent Coach: Your Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life with Your Intense Child

    Nationally noted parent coach and trainer Tina Feigal, M.S., Edu., believes that the best treatment for child behavior issues comes from the child’s own parents. In her new book, The Pocket Parent Coach: Your Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life with Your Intense Child, Ms Feigal walks parents of kids of all ages with ADHD, ODD, autism, anxiety, giftedness, or no label at all, through the process of improving challenging behavior.

    The Pocket Parent Coach is short, to the point, and in journal format: just what harried parents need to learn about “present moment parenting.” It is a step-by-step guide, not a theory book, for improving child behaviors. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it empowers parents to bring out the best in their intense children, rather than relying on professionals to fulfill that role. It also includes a CD, “60 Minutes with Parent Coach Tina Feigal,” that serves the needs of parents who want to review the information in the book.

    By learning specific methods for turning child behaviors around, parents gain new skills, new self-esteem, and often unimagined success. Feigal, founder of The Center for the Challenging Child, taps her experience as a school psychologist, a parent of three sons, and a parent coach to bring a wealth of knowledge and intuition to her work.

    In her book, Ms Feigal illustrates these keys to addressing the needs of children with challenging behaviors:
    · See the child as an organism, reacting for its own protective reasons. Once those reasons are understood, the problems can be resolved without undue emotion.
    · Hold regular family meetings to discuss the issues that need attention. Plan ahead with the children’s input, so there are no surprises in the parents’ response to unwanted behavior.
    · Rehearse infractions and consequences in advance, so the child has a map in his or her brain for what’s expected and what to expect.
    · Avoid triggering opposition by learning the language to use that prevents setting the child off.
    · Understand the physiological “energy matching” mechanism in the child’s brain.

    The intense brain is seeking an intensity match, which is highly rewarding.
    · Give substantial emotional energy to desired behaviors, and scrupulously deprive unwanted behaviors of emotional energy. (This is a simple concept, but also where the coaching is needed, as it’s not automatic, by any means.)

    “It’s rewarding to see the light bulbs go off in parents’ heads when they realize that they have the power to bring about remarkable change in their children’s behavior,” says Feigal. “And it often happens the very first week of coaching. The results are frequently so stunning, I find I have to put two and two together for parents, as it slowly dawns on them that their actions are causing the improvements. When I act as their objective observer, pointing out the cause and effect, they say, ‘Oooohhhh, yeah.’ It’s just wonderful to watch their faces. Parents get ‘hooked’ by their own success, and a new habit of positivity with the children is established. Everybody wins.”

    Tina Feigal is the resident parent coach for KARE 11 TV, the Minneapolis/St. Paul NBC affiliate. She has been featured on their KARE 11 Extra segment as “the Twin Cities’ own Supernanny” ( Her work has been featured in Adoption Today Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and The Phoenix, a recovery newspaper. Ms Feigal also trains parents and professionals on her own “Present Moment Parenting and Teaching” in seminars, workshops, and at conferences. In addition, she trains parent coaches at the Adler Graduate School in Richfield, MN, and privately.

    The Pocket Parent Coach, Your Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life with Your Intense Child
    by Tina Feigal, M.S., Ed. ,
    ISBN 13: 978-1-59298-171-7
    112 pages
    Published by Beaver’s Pond Press,Inc., Edina, MN 55439
    T: (952) 829-8818

    To Order:
    T: 800-901-3480.

    Linda Strommer
    T: 651-208-5574

  98. Spirituality, Ethics and Care

    Spirituality, Ethics and Care provides guidance on how to integrate spirituality and ethics in professional and voluntary care.

    The author argues that the strong connections between moral meaning and spirituality are often not reflected in the health and social care literature. Using case studies and examples from everyday situations, such as end of life decisions, conjoined twins, heart conditions, social work, mental health and emergency care practice, the author provides a practical framework for incorporating spirituality into ethical decision-making and care.

    This book will encourage and inspire social workers, healthcare professionals and church pastoral practitioners.

    Book Details:

    Spirituality, Ethics and Care
    Simon Robinson
    October 2007, 208 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 498 8

  99. The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Profiling

    The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument has become generally used as the framework for activity-based care systems in a variety of health and social care settings for people with cognitive impairments. The Instrument is recommended for daily living skills training and activity planning in the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Clinical Guideline for Dementia (NICE, 2006). The PAL checklist has also been proved valid and reliable by a recent research study.

    This third edition includes valuable new material together with the Instrument itself and the photocopiable activity checklists and plans that help to match users’ abilities with activities. A new section provides a selection of potential activities together with information on obtaining the necessary resources. The author includes guidance for carrying out these activities with individuals of different ability levels as revealed by the PAL Instrument Checklist.

    An essential resource for any practitioner or carer wanting to provide fulfilling occupation for clients with cognitive impairments.

    Praise for previous edition:

    ‘An extremely practical resource with photocopiable activity checklists, personal profile records and outcome sheets…the resource is well presented and easy to read and it flows. The inclusion of short case studies provides the reader with workable illustrations so that at no point is he or she left unsure as to how ideas might be translated into practice.’ -– The British Journal of Occupational Therapy.

    Book Details:

    The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Profiling
    A Practical Resource for Carers of People with Cognitive Impairment
    Third Edition
    Jackie Pool
    Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides
    October 2007 176 pages Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 594 7

  100. Morals, Rights and Practice in the Human Services

    Work within the human services is increasingly influenced by rights-based thinking, and this book offers advice for the practitioner on how to translate abstract rights theory into their everyday practice.

    The book outlines the theory that underpins human rights and outlines the ethical debates and dilemmas that frequently surround them. It also provides a practical model that outlines how to embed human rights theory within practice and the professional decision-making process. Drawing extensively on real-life case examples, the book includes chapters on rights-based work with different client groups including offenders, people with intellectual disabilities, immigrants and refugees, and children and families.

    This important book will be a useful source of guidance and advice for professionals working across the human services, including those in social care, health and justice settings.

    Book Details:

    Morals, Rights and Practice in the Human Services
    Effective and Fair Decision-Making in Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice
    Marie Connolly and Tony Ward
    October 2007 200 pages Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 486 5

  101. Cait Myers says:

    Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball

    Talented author, Magdalena Ball, has produced a set of reading group notes for her debut novel.

    The reading group notes can be downloaded here:

    Visit the Sleep Before Evening media room:

  102. Relating to Clients: The Therapeutic Relationship for Complementary Therapists

    Complementary therapists are seldom trained in the ‘people skills’ necessary for working with their clients. This practical guide provides the key elements of the psychotherapeutic relationship for people working in non-verbal modalities.

    The book provides information and exercises to help practitioners improve their style of interacting with clients by setting clear boundaries, having a defined contract with them, communicating effectively and being a good listener, among other things. Drawn from experience both as a practitioner and as a client in a range of therapeutic contexts, Su Fox also uses illustrative case studies to offer strategies for managing ‘difficult’ clients and for working through the difficult feelings one may experience with other clients.

    The guidance in this book is indispensable for complementary therapy practitioners and students in the field, and is also of interest to anyone working with others in a ‘helping’ capacity.

    Book Details:

    Relating to Clients: The Therapeutic Relationship for Complementary Therapists
    Su Fox
    2007, 176pp, Paperback
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 615 9

  103. Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses

    How do you feel when you bite into a pear… wear a feather boa… stand in a noisy auditorium… or look for a friend in a crowd?

    Living Sensationally explains how people’s individual sensory patterns affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day. Some people will adore the grainy texture of a pear, while others will shudder at the idea of this texture in their mouths. Touching a feather boa will be fun and luxurious to some, and others will bristle at the idea of all those feathers brushing on the skin. Noisy, busy environments will energize some people, and will overwhelm others.

    The author identifies four major sensory types: Seekers; Bystanders; Avoiders and Sensors. Readers can use the questionnaire to find their own patterns and the patterns of those around them, and can benefit from practical sensory ideas for individuals, families and businesses.

    Armed with the information in Living Sensationally, people will be able to pick just the right kind of clothing, job and home and know why they are making such choices.

    Praise for the book:

    “Dr. Winnie Dunn has solved one of the great mysteries of life — the sensory puzzle! This amazing book helps everyone understand their sensory system and thereby improves quality of life. This book is essential for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their family, friends, and community.”
    Brenda Smith Myles, University of Kansas, USA

    Book Details:

    Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses
    Winnie Dunn
    2007, 216pp, Hardback
    ISBN: 978 1 84310 871 9

  104. Special Offer for Sable LitMag Readers and Supporters

    3 books for the price of 2!

    Nawal El Saadawi’s 3 classic Books, Hidden Face of Eve, Woman at Point Zero and God Dies By The Nile

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    Get a subscription with SABLE LitMag and receive a free copy of a fascinating new book, of translated Francophone African women’s poetry, published by Heaventree Press The Other Half of History

    The Other Half of History: A groundbreaking anthology of francophone African women’s poetry which has been sidelined, up to now, in favour of that of their male counterparts. Previously untranslated, the poems deal with colonial domination, the African lifestyle and gender, demonstrating the changing role and identity of the African woman. Dating from the 1930s to the present day, some poems are reminiscent of traditional African orature while others have been heavily influenced by the French colonisers.

    29 poets from 13 African nations are represented, including iconic cultural figures of the late twentieth century such as Wéréwéré Liking, Véronique Tadjo and Assia Djebar.

    Offer ends 10 December 2007

  105. Book competitions and special offers in SABLE LitMag

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    Win a copy of the magnificent – WHEN WE RULED by Robin Walker


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    A new anthology of poetry in translation from Africa and the African diaspora includes translated poetry from eight languages, from ancient Egypt to contemporary times.


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    Win a copy of Women Writing Africa

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  106. Lori James says:

    All Romance eBooks

    All Romance eBooks (ARe), one of the largest on-line booksellers of genre and cross-genre romance, announced today they’ve opened a suite of virtual conference rooms where, among other things, they’ll be hosting their monthly book club meetings.

    “Romance readers are avid fans and they love having the opportunity to get together with other readers to talk about books. And having a chance to meet the author? That’s a real thrill. Readers don’t normally find best selling authors traveling to attend book club meetings. But they’re coming to ours. We’re doing this on-line, so it’s convenient and easy for authors to attend from anywhere in the world and personally interact with the readers,” said San Diego based Lori James, co-owner of All Romance eBooks, LLC.

    Cat Johnson, who moderates the meetings from her home office in the Hudson Valley in New York State added, “We’re expecting a high turn-out this week because Vivien Dean will be attending to talk about her best-selling novel A Sentry’s Touch. And, during the meeting well be releasing a free download code for USA Today best selling author Kimberly Raye’s newest book, Dead Sexy. The first fifty members to use the code to purchase the book from the All Romance eBooks store will get if for free. Otherwise they can purchase it at a 25% discount until November 29th.”

    ARe-The eBookclub meets the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 pm EST. The next meeting is being held on November 15th in the All Romance eBooks chat room, which

    can be accessed at

    All Romance eBooks ( distributes the romance eBooks of over one hundred publishers and their imprints. The All Romance eBooks site offers sorting by a variety of romance sub-genres, titles, authors, or publishers. Secondary sorts are available by best-selling, length, highest-rated, and most recently added. Readers have the ability to rate books that they purchase with regards to their “heat level” and overall enjoyment and are rewarded with a free novel for every ten titles purchased. All Romance eBooks was founded in 2006, is privately held in partnership, and is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida.

    Media Contact:

    Lori James
    Chief Operating Officer
    All Romance eBooks
    T: 619-920-4977

  107. Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is based on the premise that behavior can be influenced by changes in environment and by the reinforcing consequences of that behavior. This introductory guide to ABA demystifies the basic terminology, the underlying principles, and commonly-used procedures of ABA using accessible, everyday language.

    Albert J. Kearney explains the kinds of learning and reinforcement processes that form the basis of ABA programs. Having covered these essential principles, he describes how the science of behavior analysis can be effectively applied to real life behavior problems. He looks at how behavior is assessed and various intervention techniques that are often employed with children who have autism and other special needs. Having laid these essential foundations, Kearney touches on more advanced topics: the applications of ABA in behavioral education, such as precision teaching and programmed instruction.

    Clear, accessible, and with a structure that is easy-to-follow, this book is an essential introduction to the discipline of ABA and its applications for parents and professionals.

    Book details:

    Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis: An Introduction to ABA for Parents, Teachers and other Professionals
    Albert J. Kearney
    JKP Essentials
    November 2007 120 pages Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 860 3

  108. Help your Child or Teen Get Back On Track

    Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track offers specific self-help interventions and a wide-ranging, practical discussion of the types of professional help available for a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems.

    The book covers topics that would be discussed during a consultation with a child psychiatrist. The first section offers practical guidance and ideas to help parents understand their child’s problems and learn to distinguish between normal disruption and that which warrants professional treatment. The second section of the book includes useful information for those parents who are considering, seeking, or already involved with professional help for their child.

    Essential reading for parents who are worried about a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems, this book is also a useful resource for social workers, psychologists, school counselors, pediatricians, and adult psychiatrists.

    Book Details:

    Help your Child or Teen Get Back On Track
    What Parents and Professionals Can Do for Childhood Emotional and Behavioral Problems
    Kenneth H. Talan, M.D.
    2007 288 pages Hardback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 870 2

  109. Co-Production and Personalisation in Social Care

    This book explores the theory and practice of the developing innovative practice of ‘co-production’ – a model of service in which users of a service will play an active and participatory role in the service provided to them, adopting a working partnership.

    Examples of methods and services designed on co-production principles are given by the experienced contributors, including housing initiatives in which the users, rather than professionals, provide support to each other and criminal justice settings in which offenders participate in active restorative justice programmes.

    Drawing together key figures in the field of social care, this book is important reading for social care practitioners and service providers wanting to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field , as well as academics, researchers and students.

    Book Details:

    Co-Production and Personalisation in Social Care
    Changing Relationships in the Provision of Social Care
    Edited by Susan Hunter and Pete Ritchie
    Research Highlights in Social Work series
    Nov 2007 168 pages Paperback
    ISBN 978 1 84310 558 9

  110. The Expressive Arts Activity Book

    This resource comprises a collection of accessible, flexible, tried-and-tested activities for use with people in a range of care settings, to help them explore their knowledge of themselves and to make sense of their experiences.

    Among the issues addressed by the activities are exploring physical changes, emotional trauma, interpersonal problems and spiritual dilemmas. Featuring individual and group activities of varying difficulty, including card making, painting to music, meditation, and body mapping, it also includes real-life anecdotes that bring the techniques to life.

    The Expressive Arts Activity Book is full of fun, easy, creative ideas for workers in hospitals, clinics, schools, hospices, spiritual and religious settings, and in private practice.

    Praise for the book:

    “A state-of-the-art book, filled with creative practical techniques, thoughtful advice and lessons from excellent case examples that all healthcare practitioners—physicians and allied healthcare professionals alike—can apply for the therapeutic and health-promoting benefits for their patients and clients.” -– from the Foreword by Gene D. Cohen MD PhD, Director of the Center on Aging, Health and Humanities, Professor of Health Care Sciences and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences and The George Washington Society

    Book Details:

    The Expressive Arts Activity Book: A Resource for Professionals
    Suzanne Darley and Wende Heath: Foreword by Gene D. Cohen, M.D., PhD. Photographs by Mark Darley
    November 2007, Paperback 216 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 861 0

  111. Incredible Journey Books

    The Incredible Journey Books will be a sure hit for teachers, parents, and kids alike with its adventurous plots and geography facts, making the series both educational and fun to read. The series, for children ages seven through ten, will soon be releasing its third and fourth books, Adventure in Africa and Pirates in Paradise.

    The first two Incredible Journey Books, The Criminal in the Caymans and Treasure in Tahiti, were released in April. The books in the series are distributed nationally by Independent Publishers Group and widely available online or at Borders bookstores.

    Miss Berry will be launching an extensive school and library tour beginning December 11 in Miami. For more information about the series, go to the Incredible Journey Books website at


    Matthew Simon,
    Kids Fun Press,

  112. Ed Brodow says:


    In Fixer, author Ed Brodow produces a spellbinding tale of a fearless politician with a limp and a thirty eight who protects the city’s immigrants from a political system that favors the rich and the powerful.

    Power broker Harry Leonnoff takes on Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in this thrilling novel of New York City politics. From the degrading slums of the Lower East Side to the bloody battle of Belleau Wood, Leonnoff becomes the champion of New York’s underclass. Uneducated son of Russian Jewish immigrants, Leonnoff confronts gangsters and bigots, saves nine innocent black men from the electric chair, and becomes the admired Robin Hood of Depression-Era New York. But a vindictive Mayor Fiorello La Guardia forces Harry to make an impossible choice between his career and his integrity.

    Ed Brodow introduces us to one of the most compelling antiheroes in contemporary American fiction.

    “A passionate, tough and colorful story…fascinating!” — Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches.

    “Breathtaking! A powerful story and a real page-turner. Harry Leonnoff is an unforgettable character.” — Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room.

    About the book:

    by Ed Brodow
    ISBN: 9781432717032
    Publisher: Outskirts Press
    Publish date: Nov 2007
    Pages: 228
    S.R.P.: $14.95

    About the author:

    Ed Brodow is the author of Negotiation Boot Camp and Beating the Success Trap. A graduate of Brooklyn College and a member of Screen Actors Guild, he lives in Monterey, California. Ed is an acclaimed motivational speaker, and in previous careers was a Fortune 500 sales executive, Marine Corps officer and Hollywood actor with roles opposite Jessica Lange, Ron Howard and Christopher Reeve.


    Ed Brodow,
    T: 831-372-7270,

  113. Mental Health Interventions and Services for Vulnerable Children and Young People

    This book provides a model which offers guidance on effective and appropriate therapeutic interventions and services for vulnerable children and young people (commonly children who have experienced trauma, abuse, domestic violence or neglect).

    By addressing practice, theory and policy, the book enables professionals working with vulnerable children to choose the right intervention for each individual child. Contributors examine best practice across the UK, the US and Europe and compile the findings in a way that can be incorporated into everyday practice.

    Mental Health Interventions and Services for Vulnerable Children and Young People will be an invaluable tool for those working with vulnerable children and young people including child mental health and welfare professionals and agencies, as well as social workers, policy makers and academics teaching or studying child mental health.

    Book details:

    Mental Health Interventions and Services for Vulnerable Children and Young People
    Edited by Panos Vostanis
    Foreword by Richard Williams
    November 2007 Paperback 296 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 489 6

  114. 20 Issues marks 5 years of Aesthetica Magazine

    Aesthetica Magazine is the UK’s cultural arts publication. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine is the only British arts magazine to cover literature, visual arts, music, film and theatre in one single issue. Aesthetica Magazine has a readership of 45,000 and national distribution through WH Smith and Borders, as well as galleries such as TATE, ICA, BALTIC and GOMA.

    Issue 20 of Aesthetica, already? Really?

    Inside we’ve developed a new clean and fresh design along with some of the great features and reviews. In literature you’ll find Jack Mapanje, Mary Gaitskill and Carol Birch, all the authors are discussing their new books. In art we have the Adam Neate on Street Art, Video Art – is it art? fantastic photographer Diana Scheunemann, Will Tuck, and Philippe Anthonioz on being a furniture sculptor. In film Nick Broomfield on his new film Battle for Haditha and Phil Grabsky on his new film Escape From Luanda, while in music Gravenhurst tells us about his new album, The Pigeon Detectives, and Alabama 3. Also a great opportunity to work with Olympus cameras!

    Issue 20 marks 5 years of publishing with some major milestones along the way such as, Editor, Cherie Federico winning Young Business Entrepreneur of the year in 2006, securing editorial with the likes of Ken Loach, John Pilger, Rankin, Tony Harrison, and Benjamin Zephaniah, Aesthetica’s approach is fresh, accessible and up-to-date. It is the only British arts publication that views the arts as interdisciplinary.

    Editor, Cherie Federico, says, “The past five years have been incredible. Aesthetica has gone from strength to strength. It’s one thing to have an idea, and five years later have a national arts magazine. It’s great feeling. We consistently gather innovative ideas and bring them together every two months to the arts world. We’re not afraid to experiment and to support new and fresh talent.” Aesthetica Magazine has made its mark in the creative industries and is here to stay. At £4.50 per issue, get involved.

    Subscribe to Aesthetica Magazine today.
    By Telephone: call 0844 568 2001.


    Cherie Federico
    Managing Director/Editor
    Aesthetica Magazine Ltd
    Rowntree Wharf, Navigation Road, York, YO1 9WE
    (+44) 01904 527 560

  115. KJ Cypret says:


    In 2005 Carol Emshwiller won the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, after more than fifty years of writing beautiful, jewel-like stories and witty novels. Previously, she had won Nebula, Philip K. Dick, Gallun, and Icon awards. In the words of Ursula K. Le Guin, “[Carol] Emshwiller’s readers know her to be a major fabulist, a marvelous magical realist, one of the strongest, most complex, most consistently feminist voices in fiction.”

    Her husband, Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller, was one of the premiere artists working in the science fiction field (winning five Hugo awards). He used his unique multi-faceted vision of the future to also become an award winning avant-garde filmmaker and computer animation pioneer. Together Ed and Carol formed a unique creative pair, inspiring each other on good days, and
    giving meaning to the adage “marriage and art don’t mix” on bad days.

    EMSHWILLER: INFINITY X TWO is the first biography to tell their story. Luis Ortiz has done a remarkable, and authoritative, job in this full-length, heavily illustrated bio of the Emshwillers. The book includes never-before-published art by Ed and Carol, who was also an accomplished artist before she turned to writing.

    Besides being a definitive biography of Ed & Carol, EMSHWILLER: INFINITY X TWO also presents a concise social history of science fiction’s subculture, and shows the nascent avant-garde film & video culture in New York City during the second half of the 20th Century. The book includes an introduction by Carol and a foreword by Alex Eisenstein. This is volume two of the Library of American Artists from Nonstop Press.

    For more information contact: K.J. Cypret


    The Art & Life of Ed & Carol Emshwiller
    by Luis Ortiz

    “… fascinating …. a must have for anyone interested in SF art, writing, and history.”
    — LOCUS

    “Inspirational to aspiring artists and awesome for sf/fantasy fans.”

    “[Ortiz] writes with the grace and skill that makes you want to go out and track down Emshwiller’s films and the art that isn’t reproduced in the book.”
    — Charles de Lint, Magazine of FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION

    “…meticulously researched…hits the high points of his subject’s career, commenting knowledgeably on such topics as the influence of the surreal artists Dali and Tanguy on Emsh’s work.”

    “…a book whose excellent production values mirror its overall ambition…. those of us who care deeply for science fiction will find much here to give pause and thought.”
    — James Sallis, F&SF

    “…a superb job. You need this book if you’re at all interested in the history of SF illustration oravant-garde film-making or the fiction of Carol Emshwiller….”
    — Paul Di Filippo, TheInFerior4+1 – (blog)

    “…a volume rich in both reminiscence and visual splendor.”
    — Adam Troy-Castro, SCI FI Magazine

    “The year’s best choice for a beautiful Christmas present …. Ortiz has written a loving story of a couple successfully living for their art.”
    —The Denver Post

    “Luis Ortiz has put together a stunning book …. Packed with a lifetime of Emsh’s art and personal photos of the Emshwillers, it’s a riveting bio of their lives and times. I highly, highly recommend it.”
    — John Picacio, ON THE FRONT (blog)

    Book Details:

    The Art & Life of Ed & Carol Emshwiller
    Author: Luis Ortiz
    isbn-13: 978-1-933065-08-3

    Hardcover, 9.25”x9.25”; 176 pgs;
    300+ illustrations, color; bibliography/


  116. Prayer in Counselling and Psychotherapy

    Within mainstream counselling and psychotherapy there is growing interest in the spiritual dimension of counselling. Prayer is at the centre of most spirituality and prayer is important to many people’s psychological well-being.

    Peter Madsen Gubi argues that philosophically, all counselling can be regarded as prayer, particularly when working at relational depth; that prayer plays an important part in maintaining many mainstream counsellors’ well-being and, with caution and considered ethical awareness, prayer can be integrated ethically into counselling when working with people of faith. The use of prayer in counselling is not the antithesis of counselling as some have argued, but can be identified with many accepted therapeutic practices.

    Grounded in his doctoral research among mainstream counsellors whose work includes prayer, this book encourages counselling and psychotherapy practitioners, and those with an interest in the welfare of others, to consider carefully the ethical place of prayer in counselling.

    Praise for the book:

    ‘…[A] challenge to all therapists to examine their own presuppositions and prejudices and to discover, in so doing, an enhanced flexibility without losing their integrity. It is not recommended reading for those settled in their ways or unwilling to acknowledge their own spiritual yearnings or their lack of courage in the face of another’s spirituality. Prayer can be a tough discipline and Peter Gubi demonstrates that its incorporation into the work of the therapist requires no little courage and a willingness to explore afresh what constitutes ethical behaviour as opposed to following the rule book.’
    – from the foreword by Brian Thorne, Professor Emeritus, University of East Anglia, and Honorary Lay Canon, Norwich Cathedral

    Book details:

    Prayer in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
    Exploring a Hidden Meaningful Dimension.
    Peter Madsen Gubi.
    Practical Theology Series.
    Foreword by Brian Thorne, Professor Emeritus, University of East Anglia, and Honorary Lay Canon, Norwich Cathedral.
    Dec 2007 Paperback 224 pages
    ISBN 978 1 84310 519 0

  117. Desert Medicine

    She wouldn’t wear her teeth and she cackled, so the neighborhood children called her a witch. But when this nicotine-addicted old lady crosses paths with a young mother struggling to raise twins on her own, she finds an audience for her gritty life story, which forms the heart of a new novel, Desert Medicine.

    A real-life journey through divorce, spiritual crisis, and an attempt to help a tragedy-prone older woman became the inspiration for Judy Alexander’s novel, Desert Medicine. This is Alexander’s first published book, after nearly two decades of rising early in the mornings
    to write fiction. After six years of writing and another six years of searching for a publisher, Alexander met with Kregel Publications of Grand Rapids, MI, who purchased the novel.

    Desert Medicine is now available in bookstores.

    “Judy Alexander has written a beautifully woven story of an unexpected friendship that provides enough grace and enough hope to heal a wounded heart,” says Lynne Hinton, author of The Arms of God. “This is a lovely novel.”

    In Desert Medicine, when a young mother of twins who runs a plant nursery refuses to feel sorry for herself despite facing an unwanted divorce, she ends up offering to help a colorful older woman from her new church. The older woman relates her own feisty search for family, beginning as an abused girl in 1930s Panhandle Texas, sent to live in border town Calexico, California, with a maiden aunt who runs a home hospital. But is this natural storyteller revealing the truth about her troubled life? If not, she may be putting the young mother in danger, both physically and spiritually.

    “Desert Medicine is a lovely and touching novel, rich with authentic characters whose stories will warm your heart,” says Earlene Fowler, national bestselling author of The Saddlemaker’s Wife and Tumbling Blocks “Laurelle’s uneasy spiritual journey is both real and tender, one I enjoyed sharing. A wonderful debut.”

    About the book:

    Desert Medicine by Judy Alexander
    ISBN: 978-0-8254-2008-5
    Publisher: Kregel Publications
    Publish date: Nov 2007
    Pages: 424
    S.R.P.: $14.99

    Desert Medicine is available wherever books are sold.

    About the author:

    Judy Alexander works as a freelance writer, photographer, and adjunct professor in Orange
    County, California. She holds an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Management at the University of California in Irvine. The mother of two sons, she lives with her husband in Santa Ana, CA.


    Judy Alexander,
    T: 714-972-8884 ,

  118. bewritebooks says:

    Two Days in Tehran — book launch

    Two Days in Tehran is based on a real life journey and a bloody revolution that changed the face of Islam, sending out shockwaves that still affect the world three decades later.

    Release date: 4th April 2008

    Greg Alexander sets up the ultimate adventure vacation company… and accidentally treks into the bloody revolution to overthrow the Shah of Iran.

    Not only does Greg face treachery on either side of the bitter struggle for power and survival, he soon finds that he can’t even trust the seemingly innocent western travellers in his own party.

    His life and those of his passengers swing in a precarious balance as Greg tries to make sense of the murky and muddled politics, alliances and feuds of the Middle East and navigate the twisting road to safety.


    As part of the Words 2008 festival author, Michael J Hunt, will be launching his new novel, Two Days in Tehran and signing copies of the book.

    Location: Santos Coffee Shop in Mesnes street in Wigan, Lancashire, UK.

    When: 10.00 until 2.30

    All invited to this free event.

    More information

    Two Days in Tehran at Amazon

  119. Matador author Allen Makepeace is to have his novel turned into an audio book. And Such Great Names as These, which was first published in February 2007, is due for release as an audiobook in June by Oakhill Publishing. The book will be read by Shaun Prendergast, who plays Greg Doland in Emmerdale.

    About the Book:
    In this moving novel, set in a north eastern coastal town against a background of war, four very different people must face up to conflicting problems of duty, loyalty and love. And Such Great Names as These tells the story of an army officer recuperating from his wounds; his lover Dolly Weston, whose husband has been reported missing in action; a deserter, previously decorated for bravery, who is finally sickened after taking part in a military execution and 10-year-old Joshua who, faced suddenly with the loss of his mother, must now begin a new life with a total stranger.

    Praise for And Such Great Names as These:

    “ … engrossing … the various threads of the story are skilfully woven together … highly recommended …” – Readers Review Magazine

    “… you just lap it up…” – St Albans Observer

    “… a truly accomplished and well judged novel … written with an almost poetic edge …” – Sophie Lambert, Fiction Buyer at Foyles

    “… an absorbing account … a gift for the language and landscape of the north east and the ability to bring the period alive …” – Newcastle Journal

    “… Allen Makpeace evokes the time and place so convincingly … carried off with enviable subtlety …”
    – Martyn Bedford, novelist and reviewer

    “… steeped in feeling for the period … packed with incident …” – Northern Echo

    “… intelligent, uncluttered prose … a little gem … it manages to be both touching and inspiring … Don’t miss out on it …” – Deborah Fisher, Tregolwyn Book Reviews

    About the Author:
    Allen Makepeace spent his childhood in South Shields and his adolescence and early adult years in Hexham, Northumberland. After leaving University he became a schoolmaster. He was a comprehensive school head for 12 years and a schools inspector for eight years. Since his retirement he has devoted much of his time to writing and lecturing and has written over 20 non-fiction books in the name of WH Johnson. He has won awards and prizes for his writing from several bodies including South East Arts and the National Association of Writers’ Groups. He was a finalist for the Fenner Brockway Peace Prize for Literature and came second in the Alpha to Omega Competition in 2000. He now lives in Eastbourne.

    Matador is the self publishing imprint of Leicester-based Troubador Publishing Ltd

  120. Losing It
    By Simon Lipson

    Sarah Francis is thirty-four, a modern, independent woman – cool, funny, cynical. She has never craved the permanence of a long term relationship, never sought a man for something ‘meaningful.’ Instead, she has taken her pick, followed her moods and whims, never exposing herself to the risk of becoming emotionally involved. Until, that is, Matt Coltman enters her life. Now the rules by which Sarah has always lived her life have fundamentally changed. What was unimportant to her before is now the very thing that dominates her.

    Matt’s not just another man, another fling, another conquest. He’s essential. But why did he need all those women before Sarah met him? Why couldn’t he have remained chaste, untainted…pure? Why didn’t he save himself for her? Sarah can never really have him, never properly possess him, until he stops spoiling her paradigm of the perfect relationship. Those other women in his life, past or present, will always stand in the way.

    Obsession and retrospective jealousy impel Sarah into an inexorable spiral of violence and destruction. Can she stop herself before she learns the appalling truth?

    “Smart, chilling, moving and darkly humorous…a dazzling debut.” – Ivor Baddiel, Author

    About the Author: Simon Lipson worked as a solicitor before setting up a legal recruitment company in 1987. He started performing stand up comedy in 1993 and has since appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including his own sketch comedy series, Fordham & Lipson, on BBC Radio 4.

    PUBLICATION DATE 21 April 2008
    ISBN: 978-1906221-973 Price: £7.99


  121. edoy86 says:

    Show Me The Sky by Nicholas Hogg
    Publication Date: 5th June 2008
    £12.99 Trade Paperback

    A bold and compelling debut novel that takes the reader on a dazzling journey across the globe and centuries

    missing adj. 1. not present; absent or lost. 2. not able to be traced and not known to be dead. 3. go missing. to become lost or disappear

    Time is running out for James Dent. On the trail of missing singer Billy K, his team has exhausted every lead. The investigation has cost Dent his marriage, his home and possibly his job. All he has left is his instinct, and a copy of ‘Show Me the Sky’ – the book Billy was reading when he vanished.

    With only the clothes on his back and £5000 in his wallet, Dent himself disappears. He believes he can solve this case alone. He can have little idea where this journey will take him.

    Mystery, adventure, historical voyage, coming of age – Show Me the Sky is all this and more. It is a dazzling novel about the power of books to change lives, which will keep you guessing until the final page.

    About The Author

    Nicholas Hogg was born in Leicester in 1974. After studying psychology, he travelled widely, living in Japan, Fiji and America and he taught literacy skills to refugees in london. In 2005 he won the New Writing Ventures prize for fiction. Show Me The Sky is his first novel.

  122. Cait Myers says:

    We are offering an exclusive opportunity for people to get their hands on one of 25 pre-publication eBook copies of Harry Hughes’ debut novel The Bait Shack.

    The book itself isn’t out until late October, so this is a chance to read this book before anyone else. All we ask is that you promise us a review of 25 words. Why 25 words? Well 25 copies for 25 words! We’ll then chose a winner at random from those we receive and the winner will get a signed copy of the paperback at the end of October.

    We’ll use the reviews in promotion and publicity with your name on prominent display, including
    posting it on Blippr, the new site for reviews of 160 characters or less.

    So for your chance to receive this pre-publication eBook (pdf) before everyone else, send us an
    email and we’ll send the eBook to the first 25 people who email us here. And then you send us your review before October 10th 2008 to the same email address.

    Here’s the book’s info:

    Unemployed whiz kid Dale Cooles struggles to save his marriage and his sanity when his previously charmed life’s turned topsy turvy by a cadre of killers and clowns.

    Dale and wife Lacy – daughter of an eccentric but filthy rich Tennessee lumber magnate – unwittingly adopt into their domestic wrangle Twist, the brain-damaged orphan, and Lieutenant Revels, the beat-weary yet determined conservation officer seeking revenge for Lacy’s unscrupulous boss’s part in the mysterious extinction of rare birds on a prime piece of real estate.

    And then there are the other extinctions … the human ones.

    In the parade of offbeat characters in Hughes’ ingenious and ’90s-set street smart black comedy of crime, we meet cutthroat businessman Henry Meredith, out for what he can get, psycho hitman Connie Jablonski, out for what he can hurt, mobster Johnny Avalino, greedy to enhance the value of his beach-front property by any means, Nancy Littlecrow, the shameless and cagey Native American attorney who gives new meaning to the term ‘Indian Affairs’, Seymour L. Bram, the retired and retiring Air Force Major suffering from chronic depression and delusions of easy money, Duncan Slochbauer, the slovenly and obsessed amateur producer of grisly news videos …

    And we don’t quite meet poor Karen Kern and the faceless others who might have crossed the path of a crazed and kinky serial killer nobody seems to have noticed lurking somewhere in Hughes’ uniquely colourful dramatis personae.

    ISBN: 978-1-905202-92-8 (paperback) 978-1-905202-93-5 (eBook)
    Price: £7.99. $15.99 (US), $16.99 (Ca), €10.99
    Page count: 264
    Author’s blog
    BeWrite Books Blog

  123. Cait Myers says:

    Free eBook download

    To celebrate the release of Anne Morgellyn’s latest Louise Moon novel, Pincushion. BeWrite Books are giving away free eBook copies of Disremembering Eddie. Disremembering Eddie is the first in the Louise Moon series.

    Download your FREE pdf copy here. Or it can also be dowloaded from our shop here.

    Pincushion will be released on September 6th 2008.

    The free download of Disremembering Eddie will be available until 12th September 2008.

    Outrageous artist August Stockyard – attention-seeking heir to a media and property empire – dies in typically theatrical fashion … and the mischief that drove his life’s work culminates in the bequest of adjoining houses to his pregnant girlfriend, Cressida, and to his former comrade-in-arms, Louise Moon.

    But was August’s demise simple suicide or was it the result of a kinky sex game that went wrong? Had he cleverly planned to shame his distant father and take revenge on his ruthless uncle, the obese and grasping millionaire who now had his sights set on Louise?

    Or was it a game from the grave to throw the two women with whom August had been obsessed into a fight to the death as reluctant and mismatched neighbours?

    Pincushion is the third and latest in a series of psychological thrillers that chart the adventures of Louise Moon and her precarious love affair with brilliant but unconventional pathologist and former boss Chas Androssov.

    Removing Edith Mary
    Louise Moon is in the removal business … removing bodies.

    But when old Edith Mary is unceremoniously hurried to a pauper’s grave, Louise finds herself haunted by the living and the dead.

    Dogged by a psychotic stalker and ridiculed by her colleagues, Louise risks her career, her love and even her life to discover if unmourned Edith Mary – as anonymous and insignificant in death as she was in life – died of a simple stroke or was murdered.

    In an absorbing sequel to her psychological chiller, Disremembering Eddie, Anne Morgellyn explores the meaning of death as seen through the eyes of those in the trade – disillusioned Louise, her cynical and ghoulish, sometime boyfriend, Chas the pathologist, the publicity-seeking show biz psychiatrist, the cost-obsessed corpse disposal boss, the time-serving coroner’s officer, the shrewd undertaker.

    Morgellyn lifts the shrouds from a fact of life we seldom have the courage to confront and lets us peer into the methods and minds of a shadowy cast of characters whose all-but secret business is death. Disturbingly entertaining. Uncomfortably honest. Unforgettably compelling.

    | eBook

    Disremembering Eddie
    Mortuary technician, Louise, blows the whistle on former lover, Eddie – a colourful and corrupt government minister.
    Then his body is wheeled into her morgue.
    She is torn between the new man in her life, the cool pathologist who performs the autopsy, and her obsession to bury all of Eddie, emotionally and physically … even his stolen heart, hidden in a jar behind her washing machine.

    In a psychological chiller of suspicion, betrayal, paranoia and guilt, Morgellyn dissects the raging debate surrounding disposal and ownership of corpses and organs. But, more than anything, her book is a post mortem examination of relationships … relationships between the living and the dead.

    | eBook

    Free eBook offer ends: 12th September 2008

    All BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops.

  124. Cait Myers says:

    Death dogs Louise Moon’s steps like a relentless stalker.
    And she meets the Grim Reaper again in Anne Morgellyn’s Pincushion, released
    by BeWrite Books on September 6 2008.

    Pincushion is the third in Morgellyn’s series of psychological thrillers following the adventures of vivacious Louise and her precarious love affair with brilliant but unconventional pathologist Chas Androssov.

    In this latest macabre rendezvous, outrageous artist August Stockyard – attention-seeking heir to a media and property empire – dies in typically theatrical fashion … and the mischief that drove his life’s work culminates in the bequest of adjoining houses to his pregnant girlfriend, Cressida, and to his former comrade-in-arms, Louise.

    But was August’s demise simple suicide or was it the result of a kinky sex game that went wrong? Had he cleverly planned to shame his distant father and take revenge on his ruthless uncle, the obese and grasping millionaire who now had his sights set on Louise?

    Or was it a game from the grave to throw the two women with whom August had been obsessed into a tooth-and-nail battle as reluctant and mismatched neighbours?

    Louise has now become a bereavement counsellor after a colourful career in the Death Industry that saw her as a mortuary assistant on Chas’ team in Disremembering Eddie and an official disposer of bodies and goods from houses of the recently dead in Removing Edith Mary.

    Each novel stands alone as a complete story in its own right, but fans are drawn, book-by-book, into the developing on-off romance between fiercely independent Louise and the equally fiercely independent Chas.

    In Disremembering Eddie, the first of the series – all published exclusively by BeWrite Books and available at all major online bookstores and on order from all high street book shops – Mortuary technician, Louise, blows the whistle on former lover, Eddie – a colourful and corrupt government minister.
    Then his body is wheeled into her morgue.

    She is torn between the new man in her life, cool pathologist Chas who performs the autopsy, and her obsession to bury all of Eddie, emotionally and physically … even his stolen heart, hidden in a jar behind her washing machine.

    In a psychological chiller of suspicion, betrayal, paranoia and guilt, Morgellyn dissects the raging debate surrounding disposal and ownership of corpses and organs. But, more than anything, her book is a post mortem examination of relationships … relationships between the living and the dead.
    Next came Removing Edith Mary where we find Louise Moon in the removal business … removing bodies.

    But when old Edith Mary is unceremoniously hurried to a pauper’s grave, Louise finds herself haunted by the living and the dead.

    Trailed by a psychopath and ridiculed by her colleagues, Louise risks her career, her love for Chas and even her life to discover if unmourned Edith Mary – as anonymous and insignificant in death as she was in life – died of a simple stroke or was murdered.

    In this absorbing book, Morgellyn explores the meaning of death as seen through the eyes of those in the trade – disillusioned Louise, her cynical and ghoulish, sometime boyfriend, Chas the pathologist, the publicity-seeking show biz psychiatrist, the cost-obsessed corpse disposal boss, the time-serving coroner’s officer, the shrewd undertaker.

    The author lifts the shrouds from a fact of life we seldom have the courage to confront and lets us peer into the methods and minds of a shadowy cast of characters whose all-but secret business is death.

    Like her earlier works the new release, Pincushion, is disturbingly entertaining, uncomfortably honest, unforgettably compelling and utterly unique in its courageous – often humorous – treatment of the subject at hand … death!

    Educated at London University and at Universite de Paris-Sorbonne, Anne Morgellyn worked as a teacher and journalist in Egypt, Finland, Yugoslavia, France and Dominica and in the former Soviet Union. She has also worked for Amnesty International, the Stranglers rock group, Investment USA magazine, Encounter magazine, and in educational outreach projects for English National Opera.

    In 1994, she settled in the South West of England to raise daughter, Cara, and taught on BA degree programmes for Falmouth College of Arts and as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University. She heads Intertalea in Cornwall, a consultancy developing and delivering distance-learning programmes in creative writing for Exeter University, The Open College Network, and the Workers’ Educational Association, which offers some of these courses through British prisons.

    Full member of The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and South West regional correspondent for ‘The New Writer’ magazine. Anne is also a full member of the prestigious and exclusive Crime Writers’ Association.

    Title: Pincushion
    Author: Anne Morgellyn
    Print ISBN: 978-1-904492-82-9
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-83-6
    Page count: 188
    Release Date: 6th September 2008
    Recommended Retail Price: UK £6.99, USA $13.99, Ca $13.99, Eu €8.99
    Also by Anne Morgellyn: Disremembering Eddie, Removing Edith Mary.
    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops
    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams
    For further information and review copies, please contact: Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

  125. Sheila Taylor says:

    Whelkstall Publishing has just released ‘Morag’ by Roger Amadis. This is a children’s book which pulls together a lot of topical themes – animal rights, cloning – into a story accessible to children and useful for generating discussion. A cross between Frankinstein and Animal Farm.

    Format: Paperback 112 pages
    Date of publication: 21/05/2008
    Publisher: Whelkstall
    ISBN: 9780955670923

  126. Cait Myers says:

    25 for 25 – More Free Books!

    The Devil Can Wait by Marta Stephens

    We are offering an exclusive opportunity for people to get their hands on 25 pre-publication eBook copies of Marta Stephen’s’ latest novel The Devil Can Wait.

    The book itself isn’t out until November 2008, so this is a chance to read this book before anyone else. All we ask is that you promise us a review of 25 words. Why 25 words? Well 25 copies for 25 words! We’ll then chose a winner at random from those we receive and the winner will get a signed copy of the paperback upon publication.

    We’ll use the reviews in promotion and publicity with your name on prominent display, including posting it on Blippr, the new site for reviews of 160 characters or less.

    So for your chance to receive this pre-publication eBook (pdf) before everyone else, send us an email and we’ll send the eBook to the first 25 people who email us here. And then you send us your review before November 1st 2008.

    Here’s the book’s info:

    The city of Chandler, Massachusetts is plunged into terror when the bodies of three local teenagers wash ashore. While homicide detective Sam Harper hunts down the guilty, a sinister plot emerges overseas. From the Vatican to the jungles of South America, a cursed black pearl ring, the demonic prophecy it represents, and the men who pursue its powers find their unfortunate way onto Harper’s turf.

    Enthralled by the ring’s story and a front-page spread, newspaper reporter Jennifer Blake agrees to pick up the ring at a local pawnshop for her former college professor. When she does, unforeseen events shoot Blake to the top of Harper’s prime suspect list. Soon, the seemingly unrelated cases converge and the heat is on for Harper to expose the truth behind a Vatican secret and stop the self-righteous man who does the unthinkable in the name of God.

    ISBN: 978-1-905202-86-7 (paperback) 978-1-905202-87-4 (eBook)
    Price: £8.99. $15.99 (US), $16.99 (Ca), €11.99
    Page count: 316
    Release date: 3rd November 2008
    Author’s blog

  127. Cait Myers says:


    The Jealousies by Benjamin Stainton

    “Ben Stainton’s incisive poems take us back to what we think are familiar places … There seem to be no barriers. Life, death, location, the inner workings of the body, blood and skin are all seamlessly accessed, sometimes all at once … These tasty, gourmet poems satisfy our less familiar appetites.” Greg Cox

    “Inspirational … a truly great poetic read.” Lisa Stewart

    “Brilliant, original, evocative, vivid … wonderfully sinister and often very beautiful.” Jane Darwin

    ISBN: 978-1-905202-96-6

    Win a free copy of The Jealousies signed by Benjamin Stainton by simply adding a comment to the topic on Facebook here:

    We will chose a winner at random from those who post a comment by Thursday 16th October 2008.

    Read an extract from The Jealousies here
    Title: The Jealousies
    Author: Benjamin Stainton
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-96-2
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-904492-97-3
    Page count:152
    Release Date: 9th October 2008

    Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams
    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops
    For further information, please contact:
    Cait Myers at BeWrite Books Email:

  128. Cait Myers says:

    Unemployed whiz kid Dale Cooles struggles to save his marriage and his sanity when his previously charmed life’s turned topsy turvy by a cadre of killers and clowns.

    Dale and wife Lacy – daughter of an eccentric but filthy rich Tennessee lumber magnate – unwittingly adopt into their domestic wrangle Twist, the brain-damaged orphan, and Lieutenant Revels, the beat-weary yet determined conservation officer seeking revenge for Lacy’s unscrupulous boss’s part in the mysterious extinction of rare birds on a prime piece of real estate.

    And then there are the other extinctions … the human ones.

    In the parade of offbeat characters in Hughes’ ingenious and ’90s-set street smart black comedy of crime, we meet cutthroat businessman Henry Meredith, out for what he can get, psycho hitman Connie Jablonski, out for what he can hurt, mobster Johnny Avalino, greedy to enhance the value of his beach-front property by any means, Nancy Littlecrow, the shameless and cagey Native American attorney who gives new meaning to the term ‘Indian Affairs’, Seymour L. Bram, the retired and retiring Air Force Major suffering from chronic depression and delusions of easy money, Duncan Slochbauer, the slovenly and obsessed amateur producer of grisly news videos …

    And we don’t quite meet poor Karen Kern and the faceless others who might have crossed the path of a crazed and kinky serial killer nobody seems to have noticed lurking somewhere in Hughes’ uniquely colourful dramatis personae.

    Harry Hughes takes noir to a new level. Wry, classy, compelling, and utterly hysterical. Think Iain Pears crossed with Martin Amis. Dale and Lacy make an endearing team of anti-heroes in a world showing its true colours. Magdalena Ball. The Compulsive Reader

    A stunning first novel. An up-to-date take on the classic American murder mystery. Harry Hughes tells his suspenseful story in quick-paced and colorful prose and creates dozens of sharply drawn characters, including Dale Cooles, an unforgettable anti-hero in the Philip Marlowe tradition. Michael Lydon. Author. Co-founder of Rolling Stone Magazine

    Read an extract from The Bait Shack
    About the Author
    Purchase: paperback
    | eBook
    Title: The Bait Shack
    Author: Harry Hughes
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-92-8
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-904492-93-5
    Page count: 264
    Release Date: 28th October 2008
    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams
    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite
    , Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers
    and to order from high street bookshops.

  129. Cait Myers says:

    A Sam Harper Crime Mystery

    The city of Chandler, Massachusetts is plunged into terror when the bodies of three local teenagers wash ashore. While homicide detective Sam Harper hunts down the guilty, a sinister plot emerges overseas. From the Vatican to the jungles of South America, a cursed black pearl ring, the demonic prophecy it represents, and the men who pursue its powers find their unfortunate way onto Harper’s turf.

    Enthralled by the ring’s story and a front-page spread, newspaper reporter Jennifer Blake agrees to pick up the ring at a local pawnshop for her former college professor. When she does, unforeseen events shoot Blake to the top of Harper’s prime suspect list. Soon, the seemingly unrelated cases converge and the heat is on for Harper to expose the truth behind a Vatican secret and stop the self-righteous man who does the unthinkable in the name of God.

    Sam Harper is back in the blistering followup to 2007’S SILENCED CRY. Serial murders, small-time crooks, an ancient prophecy tied to a cursed ring, and a beautiful reporter who’s as dogged in her pursuit of the truth as Harper himself – Marta Stephens fits the pieces of the intricate plot together with the assured skill of a master craftsman. It’s a pure joy to watch it all come together. Shamus Nominee J.D. Rhoades, author of BREAKNG COVER

    The Devil Can Wait interlaces a complex plot that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go … Sam Harper is thrust into a world that leads to a cursed papal ring tied to biblical prophecies in the book of Daniel. Sam’s not a religious man, but it raises the question of whether a series of unrelated murders are the result of a sick mind or are they actually connected to the beasts in Daniel chapter 7? Harper’s investigation leads him on an unpredictable trail making him more of a believer with each turn. This one is a must read. Donna Sundblad

    Stephens’ compelling characters, razor-sharp dialogue, fascinating forensic detail, and complex plot twists make this second book even more entertaining than the first. Stephens introduces the element of the supernatural into the cutting world of Sam Harper, giving the reader something new to savor, and undoubtedly hooking her fans with longing for the next release in the series. THE DEVIL CAN WAIT more than lives up to the expectation set by Stephens’ first book! Jennifer Luzadder, Muncie Public Library

    Looking for a deliciously convoluted tale that will twist its way through your brain and keep you up late into the night? Look no further, for Marta Stephens has just released the second book in the Sam Harper crime mystery series, The Devil Can Wait. Stephens has skillfully detailed police procedures in a realistic fashion and has woven intriguing subplots with a love entanglement that thrusts the story forward to its climatic end. The sexual tension between Harper and reporter Jennie Blake is natural and sublime – adding icing to this already delectable confection of supernatural elements, grisly murders, and the stoic talent and courage of one very likeable cop. Don’t take my word for it – buy it and read it today. Aaron Paul Lazar

    The Second Coming of Sam Harper was not a disappointment. Three times I just knew I had the plot figured out only to have Sam Harper, prove that candidate innocent. Twists and turns take us from a Voodoo Priestess in Columbia, to the bowels of the Catholic Church, to astral projections. A wicked good story by Marta Stephens. Jake George

    Read an extract from The Devil Can Wait

    About the Author

    Purchase: paperback | eBook

    Title: The Devil Can Wait
    Author: Marta Stephens
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-86-7
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-904492-87-4
    Page count: 316
    Release Date: 3rd November 2008
    Also by Marta Stephens: Silenced Cry – A Sam Harper Crime Mystery

    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops.

  130. Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel has just been translated and published in German. It is title Meister der Jinn, and is available from the German Amazon website.

    Also, the Indonesian translation of Master of the Jinn, entitled Sang Raja Jin, is in its third printing, and is a bestseller there.

    Thank you all.

    Irving Karchmar

  131. Cait Myers says:

    Free books up for grabs

    Win a free, signed copy of Silenced Cry by Marta Stephens along with other cool stuff to enhance your next reading experience, in a Christmas Murder Scavenger Hunt – see contest details here


    Brian Kavanagh is giving away a paperback copy of Bloody Ham, the third the Belinda Lawrence mystery series, to the lucky winner.

    But that’s not all!

    He’s also giving away an eBook (PDF) copy of the first book in the series, Capable of Murder.

    To enter, please sign the Guest Book on Brian’s web site, and specify which book you want, the paperback or the eBook. Names will be placed in separate hats and the first name drawn will be the winner in each case. Winners will be notified by email.

    Brian Kavanagh’s website:

  132. Cait Myers says:

    Please Vote

    The Devil Can Wait has been nominated for Book Cover of the Year 2008 at Erin Aisliin’s site.

    All votes will be entered in a draw for a copy of the winning title.

    Please cast your vote for this great cover before April 15 2009.

  133. Cait Myers says:

    Until the Skies Fall by Liza Granville – Out Now

    Laz is a young man in a post-apocalyptic England where the disastrous results of genetic engineering are evident everywhere. He is persuaded his destiny is to save the world from a threatening Death Star. Along with his companions he sets out on an epic and perilous journey. They encounter strange remnants of previous societies; each one convinced it represents the only true and proper form of humanity. Can Laz and his friends survive the dangers en route and the hostility of those they meet? Can Laz reach his destination before it is too late?

    Until the Skies Fall is a thought provoking and intriguing tale narrated with humour and great compassion. It is a truly different view and account of a very possible future that questions what it is to be human.

    Motley companions undertake a quest across the hostile terrain of a far-future world in the hope of averting a planet-wide disaster, and along the way discover the real meaning of what it is to be human. Liza Granville takes classic ingredients for high adventure and mixes them together with a generous dash of humour to cook up a tale that is all her own. John Grant

    Read an extract from Until the Skies Fall

    About the Author


    Title: Until the Skies Fall
    Author: Liza Granville
    Print ISBN: 978-1-906609-00-9
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-906609-01-6
    Page count: 324
    Release Date: 19th February 2009

    Cover art © Vincent Chong

    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops.

  134. Cait Myers says:

    Screenwriter and playwright Mark Adam Kaplan has turned his pen to the novel – and makes his print debut with a tale of rocky romance that’s anything but the story book kind.

    A Thousand Beauties stars unlikely leading man Rupert Ruskin – overweight, underemployed, rich and jaded – who clings to an obsessive belief that if he can witness a thousand beautiful sights in a single day, his sordid existence will turn to bliss … just as family legend promises.

    But his quest for Beauty is stalled when beloved and eccentric ex-wife, Elaine, bursts back into his life with news of her cancer. Ruskin now has to make room for a more immediate and secret plan … but should it be for a wedding or a funeral?

    Kaplan navigates with poetic urgency the peaks and troughs of co-dependency and the mutual punishment of an affair grounded in both love and loathing.

    Born in Staten Island, NY, the California-based writer, formerly Assistant Editor with Penguin Books, earned his B.A. in English from the University of Michigan and has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute’s Centre for Film & Television Studies.

    He has written, produced and directed plays Off-Broadway and in LA and Seattle, including Marriage in Venice, The Hellfire Cafe and The Meateater’s Comedy.

    His screen credits include award-winning A Time to Remember and Echoes of the East: Tibet. He also worked on the script of the Erika Eleniak movie, Second to Die.

    In the pipeline are several new scripts and Kaplan is currently polishing his second novel, Dangerous, set in East LA.

    He lives with his wife and two daughters in LA where Kaplan also teaches.

    A Thousand Beauties was written in a garage in Pasadena after the death of his paternal grandmother.

    “Both she and her brother died of pancreatic cancer, and as I researched the disease, I grew appalled at my ignorance of how pervasive and common this form of cancer is. I felt I had to weave it into a work of fiction.

    “But – although the cancer is a key element in my story – it doesn’t haunt it. The story is focused on the obsessive love of a desperate romantic, Rupert Ruskin, who just can’t seem, no matter how hard he tries, to get it right.

    “As the two main characters – Rupert and Elaine – struggle against a tragic inevitability, they also struggle against one another. It’s a roller-coaster of the co-dependency and mutual punishment that underscores many hopeful but dysfunctional relationships.

    “At times they’re more appalled by their love of each other than their hatred of the disease.

    “But against failure and resignation stands hope. Ruskin’s family has a history of dementia. They also have a legend that promises enlightenment to anyone who can count a 1000 beautiful things in a day. This is where Rupert’s hopes for Elaine lie. He wants her to witness a 1000 beauties before she dies. His obsession for her happiness is desperate – and stifling.”

    A Thousand Beauties is published in paperback by BeWrite Books, UK. It is also available in an eBook version.

    For further information, interviews, pictures, etc, Mark Adam Kaplan can be contacted by email


    Author bio

    Title: A Thousand Beauties
    Author: Mark Adam Kaplan
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-94-2
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-95-9
    Release Date: 14th April 2009
    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams
    For further information please contact: Cait Myers at BeWrite Books

    Review copies available on request

  135. Cait Myers says:

    A young university student from Boston takes on the summer job, in a small rural town, of clearing the accumulated rubbish from the house and garden of an elderly man, George O’Brien, and his granddaughter, Candice. The task is not as straightforward as he at first thought and Mitchell finds himself drawn into the mystery surrounding the Black Garden and the lives of his employers.

    Can he solve the secret behind the animosity of the townspeople? Can he do so without endangering George’s freedom and leaving Candice even more isolated?

    Read an extract from The Black Garden

    About the Author


    Title: The Black Garden
    Author: Joe Bright
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-98-0
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-99-7
    Page count: 232
    Release Date: 17th April 2009

    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops

  136. Cait Myers says:

    Prestwick by David Hough – Out Now

    Three pilots, three crippled aircraft but only one can land.

    A freak mid-air collision cripples a trans-Atlantic 747 and a US Air Force jet.

    What’s left of the planes’ crews struggle against the clock and overwhelming odds to save their on board survivors.

    But no airport will allow them to even attempt a landing because of a secret international emergency that overshadows their own problems, condemning more than four hundred people to almost sure and horrible death over icy, blizzard-swept seas.

    Meanwhile, an obsessed narcotics detective aboard the shattered Jumbo tries to pin drug smuggling and murder on its injured captain and crew.

    Could things get any worse?

    They could. And they do. Much, much worse!

    David Hough whips his reader along in a roaring jet stream of action and high tension that buckles the reader to his seat. Prestwick is a breathtaking, whirlwind of a thriller.

    Read an extract from Prestwick
    About the Author
    Title: Prestwick
    Author: David Hough
    Print ISBN: 978-1-905202-84-3
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-905202-85-0
    Page count: 266
    Release Date: 23rd July 2009
    Distributors: Bertram Books, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, Ingrams

    BeWrite Books are available from: BeWrite Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online booksellers and to order from high street bookshops

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