May 2007: Top Ten Posts

The following Leicester Review of Books posts recorded the highest number of hits in May 2007:

  1. [Interview] Playwright and Novelist Lucy Caldwell, Author of Where They Were Missed.
  2. Daniel Mandishona: Graphic designer, architect and author.
  3. Call for Submissions: Tripod Magazine.
  4. Letter: Tripod Magazine Launch, March 2, 2007.
  5. Major new playwriting competition, The Yale Drama Series.
  6. [Interview] Patrick Mackeown, Author of The Expendability Doctrine.
  7. Call for Submissions: Yale Drama Series Playwriting Competition.
  8. Call for Submissions: Tale Tales IV: TheGlobal Village.
  9. PublishAmerica Responds.
  10. Jamaican Writers Bust Out and [Interview] Valerie Tagwira, Author of The Uncertainty of Hope.

Related Books:

Where They Were Missed, The House of Hunger,Writing Now,The Expendability Doctrine,Vol. III,The Uncertainty of Hope,Iron Ballon,

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  2. […] 2007: Top Ten Searches, Leicester Review of Books, June, […]

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